Top 10 Decoration Mods for Minecraft (All Free)

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With all the craziness of modded swords and armor, we can sometimes forget about the sweet little things that make us happy – like décor!

Well I’m here to remind you.

These are our picks for the best décor-themed mods in Minecraft.

If your builds look terrible, just slap some items from these mods into your virtual world and it’ll look a lot better – probably.


10. Macaw’s Roofs

Macaw’s Roofs / Minecraft Mod

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Supported versions: 1.12, 1.14-1.19

This mod focuses on making one part of your home look better: the roof.

Those clunky full blocks that you use to make your roofs?

Stop doing that.

And if you use stairs to make your roof, that’s better, but not better enough to stop me from saying what I’m about to say.

Stop doing that.

Macaw’s Roofs will make your roofs look much less clunky. It allows you to create smooth, diagonal roofs that actually look like roofs instead of very wide staircases.


9. Colored Bricks Mod

Colored Bricks / Minecraft Mod

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Supported versions: 1.16-1.18

Do you like bricks? Do you like rainbows?

If you said yes to both of those questions, then I’ve got just the mod for you.

Colored Bricks Mod contains bricks of many colors. These new bricks actually come in even more colors than rainbows.

With this installed, you can make houses so colorful that people will pick looking at it over an actual rainbow!

If you’re not good at building though, you might just end up with a piece of poop that happens to be colorful. Just call it avant-garde.


8. Decorative Blocks

Decorative Blocks / Minecraft Mod

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Supported versions: 1.14-1.18

Decorative Blocks is exactly what it sounds like – it adds a ton of new decoration blocks to the game.

These include blocks like bonfires and braziers, in case you want to have s’mores or a barbeque with your friends.

There are also chairs now, because let’s be honest: not being able to sit really kills a barbeque party. Plus if your friends are Minecraft players, they probably prefer activities that involve sitting down.

Some of the blocks in this mod have functional purposes too, such as big chains, which are climbable. It’s way cooler than a ladder because everyone has climbed a ladder. Not everyone’s climbed a big chain though.


7. Paintings++

Paintings++ / Minecraft Mod

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Supported versions: 1.12, 1.14-1.19

As much as I love the vanilla paintings in Minecraft, having a mod that allows for new paintings is nice.

The burning skull was cool and all but, after a decade of looking at it, it’s getting old.

In fact, it’s getting so old that I’m worried that a skull is going to die of old age.

Paintings++ adds some more color to your home by giving you access to more paintings. These paintings are original works. Not by the modder, but by you!

The mod creator gives you templates which you can create your own paintings with. Then you can see your masterpiece while playing! Just don’t let it get stolen or blown up – it has sentimental value now.


6. Ferdinand’s Flowers

Ferdinand’s Flowers / Minecraft Mod

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Supported versions: 1.12

Ferdinand’s Flower is the ultimate flower mod.

It adds so many flowers that even your local greenhouse will be envious. That greenhouse is about to get even greener!

Your world will be decorated with over 110 new flowers, which you can collect to decorate your own builds!

Some of these flowers can even be used to make new dyes. Not only will your garden expand – so will your color palette.


5. FramedBlocks

FramedBlocks / Minecraft Mod

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Supported versions: 1.12, 1.16-1.19

Playing Minecraft means you’re going to see a lot of cubes.

Cube, after cube, after cube, after cube.

Maybe it’s time to switch things up?

FramedBlocks will let you make blocks that don’t look blocky. You can make them into little ramps, little pillars, or some other weird shape.

These shapes can be a great way to create decor for your house.


4. Engineer’s Decor

Engineer’s Decor / Minecraft Mod

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Supported versions: 1.12, 1.14-1.19

Engineer’s Decor is great for people that love using redstone and building contraptions.

The items in this mod look great, and a lot of them have functional benefits too. For example, rebar (steel) reinforced concrete is creeper-proof so you won’t need to worry about them blowing a fuse on your circuitry.

The appearance of the blocks in Engineer’s Decor is a fittingly industrial one. It’ll definitely get you in the zone to build your next crazy contraption!


3. MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod

MrCrayfish’s Furniture / Minecraft Mod

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Supported versions: 1.7-1.12, 1.14-1.19

Your house could look stunning from the outside.

But it’s what’s on the inside that really matters.

MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod will turn your house into your home by giving you access to highly cozy furniture. This includes chairs, benches, tables, plants, and lots more!

If you’ve got an eye for design, you can use this mod to make your home look truly magnificent. Anyone who visits your home will be seriously impressed. Even the creeper that snuck in through the open back door won’t want to blow something so beautiful up.

Just in case though, please close your doors.


2. Bricks N’ Blocks

Bricks N’ Blocks / Minecraft Mod

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Supported versions: 1.15-1.18

There are already a ton of blocks in Minecraft.

After all, the entire world is made of blocks, so this makes sense. Maybe you love building enough to crave more though.

How does about 1700 new blocks sound?

All of these blocks are obtainable in survival mode. I’ve got a challenge for you: try getting all of them!


1. Chisel & Bits

Chisel & Bits / Minecraft Mod

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Supported versions: 1.8-1.12, 1.16-1.18

Chisel & Bits lets you chisel your favorite block into whatever shape you desire. You can pick this chiseled version of your block up and place it back down again.

You can mix and match the little bits of different blocks to create hybrid-blocks!

If you’re fine with getting your virtual hands dirty, this is a great way to create decoration blocks.

It takes some work but you can make highly detailed & beautiful stuff with this!

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