Best Minecraft Derp Face Skins: The Ultimate Collection

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Minecraft is a beautiful game. It’s a product of the Internet age, brimming with infinite worlds, adventure, and exploration.

The beauty of Minecraft skins is that talented creators have infinite potential to create anything.

So what’s the best that the Internet could create, you ask?

The derp face.

This iconic meme is all over the Internet, Minecraft being no exception, but these are some of the best and most creative skins the Minecraft community has come up with.

And they’re hilarious, because derp.


1. Derp Steve

Derp Steve Face Design / Minecraft Skin

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Few skins capture the beauty and grace that old reliable Steve can.

However, Derp Steve manages to pull it off even better.

With the simple act of pulling Steve’s pants high up his torso and applying a derp look to his face, creator Geomajesus has managed to make Minecraft skin perfection.

Derp Steve is just hilarious and goofy – a skin sure to bring you and your friends a hearty chuckle in your next Realm or server.

Plus, think about how intimidating it would be to be slain in a PvP battle to the death by this goofy face.


2. Derp Mask

Guy Wearing Derp Mask / Minecraft Skin

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I adore this goofy skin by Beta_Alpha.

It depicts a nondescript person in regular clothing, a white t-shirt and jeans, but instead of a typical face, they’re wearing a mask with a derp face on it.


It’s simple. It’s funny. It’s the perfect skin for trolling.

And it has small details that really stick out – like the fact the mask is lifted off of the level of the skin’s head.


3. Plain White Derp

Plain White Derp Face Guy / Minecraft Skin

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As shown in our previous skin, a “derp” skin is defined by the signature face. But it’s typically shown on a plain custom design, like this one by creator _peixoto.

The skin is the platonic ideal.

The baseline for all derp skins.

But why are all derp skins based on this all-white model with only about 12 pixels colored to make a dumb smile?

I do not know. And somehow, not knowing makes it all the funnier.


4. Derp Slime

Green Derp Slime / Minecraft Skin

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The humble, blocky slime was once relegated to singular chunks in open spaces deep underground.

Creator CodyMC has freed them not only from their chunks, but also their placid blocky forms.

This Derp Slime skin is hilarious for several reasons.

Obviously, the fact that the slime is now human-shaped and smiling tickles me. But the real humor is that the slime is wearing a cool, edgy outfit, complete with headphones and jean chains.

There’s nothing not to love.


5. Derp World

Our Earth with Derp Face / Minecraft Skin

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The thing I love most about derp face skins is the unbridled creativity that folks like Doggofier bring to the table.

When you think of derp face designs, you probably don’t think about the entire world – but that’s what you get with this one.

A humanoid version of the Minecraft world from sky to bedrock is already an ingenious idea for a skin.

Slap a derp face on that earthly manifestation?

That’s perfection in my books.


6. The Hidden Derp

Big Derp Face Stickman Skin / Minecraft Skin

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Creator SweGame takes a subtler approach to crafting a derp face skin than most of the others in this list.

The white derp skin is too easily identifiable.

You could spot it from a mile away on any server.

But with this skin’s crafty disguise, a crudely drawn outline of Steve’s outfit, complete with a mask, I’d wager no one will be able to devise your true identity.

Although some folks might question why Steve’s face looks a shade too derp…


7. The Red Derp

Red-faced Derp Puking Rainbow / Minecraft Skin

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Quirky faces have been a long-time fixture of the Internet: one of the founding fathers of memedom, some might say.

What could pair better with the aesthetic of early memes than the “puking rainbows” meme itself?

Creator lolekman combined the two together in a symphonic blend of the early 2010s, complete with an all-red body and basic boy clothes: a hoodie and jeans.


8. Rainbow Derp

Full Rainbow Character with Derp Face / Minecraft Skin

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I love when designers use in-game textures in their skin.

And this Rainbow Derp skin pulls it off with immaculate precision.

The skin’s head-to-toe rainbow gradient looks incredible, almost iridescent at a glance, but where it truly shines is in the details.

Each body chunk is framed with the glass panel texture, giving the skin a finished, glossy polish.

Beyond all that, it can’t be emphasized enough how the derp face elevates this skin from rainbow glass to Rainbow Derp.

A true work of artistry.


9. Derp Pokémon Trainer

Derp Face Pokémon Trainer / Minecraft Skin

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Here’s a skin I wish I’d found years ago.

This Pokémon trainer’s figure fits so perfectly in Minecraft since it’s originally from all the way back in the pixelated glory days of the Game Boy.

The red shirt, the red hat, and the backpack are instantly recognizable.

Just the sight brings back swelling nostalgia for Saturday cartoons and weeknight binging in Kanto.

And this skin’s derp face perfectly demonstrates the joy I had on my face when I discovered this little treasure.


10. Chocolate Derp

Chocolate Bar Derp Face / Minecraft Skin

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Standing still, this skin may be hard to read. Since it, well, looks like a bar of chocolate.

Yet it’s remarkable how well the square blocks of chocolate work with the Minecraft textures.

The real treat though is seeing this red foil-wrapped skin get hustling in what is essentially an off-shoulder dress.

But let’s be honest:

If you were a sentient bar of chocolate in the world of Minecraft, wouldn’t you be wearing a derp face and skipping through biomes to your heart’s content?

I know I would.


11. Agent Derp

Secret Agent Derp / Minecraft Skin

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Despite what you may think and what this list reflects, derp faces can’t be all fun and games.

Some derp faces do serious business, handle sensitive information, and hold important positions.

Enter Agent Derp.

With this skin, all the suave nature of James Bond gets thrown in a jar and rattled around with all the Internet humor the 2010s could muster.

The result: the best Minecraft agent you can get with a $0 price tag.


12. Derp Vacation Perry the Platypus

Derp Vacation Perry the Platypus / Minecraft Skin

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While we’re on the topic of secret agents, I’ve got to steer the conversation away from that poser 007 towards the original, the one, the only secret agent:

Perry the Platypus.

Phineas and Ferb brought a beloved agent/pet/platypus hybrid into the world. And now, creator AlphaMer has brought this beautiful creature into Minecraft.

This Perry alt sees the platypus in his relaxed vacation garb donning the most extreme derp face this list has to offer.

If you first lay eyes on this skin and don’t at least chuckle, you’re a more mature fellow than I.


13. Endgame Farmer Derp

Endgame Farmer with Derp Face / Minecraft Skin

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He spent years searching for the stones. It cost him everything, but he accomplished his goal.

Now, he can rest on his farm and watch the sunset.

I’m kidding. Thanos may have done that, but this derp skin probably couldn’t have managed a feat.

That doesn’t mean the all-white derp icon can’t don the farming attire of a purple alien in their sunset years and look darn good doing it too.


14. Watermelon Derp

Watermelon Character with Derp Face / Minecraft Skin

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I’ve come to find I love skins that take inanimate things and squeeze them into player-shaped forms.

How can you not love a fresh, glistening slice of watermelon?

And how could you not think it’s made better with a derp face, arms, and legs?

In all seriousness, creator Luapd did a fantastic job on this Watermelon skin, somehow balancing the watermelon theme while making it look natural and human-clothing-like.


15. Derp Pig

Pink Pig with Derp Face / Minecraft Skin

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Oh, to be an animal living the good life in a Minecraft world.

Grazing pixelated meadows with your friends without a care in the world…

Well, I can’t give you that life.

But I can get you to look like one of these animals with this Derp pig skin.

And the pink textures on this skin made by ryan2000000 are uncanny – right down to the curly pigtail on its behind.

The rapturous time of living a carefree animal life is now available to you. Or really any life you feel like leading, if you enjoy looking like a derp pig.

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