Best Dragon-Themed Mods For Minecraft

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I don’t know what it is about dragons that make them so loved.

I feel it should be the contrary, actually: they should be hated and despised by anyone with a little bit of sense in their head. I mean, would anyone really like to be burned to ashes by these flying lizards? But we’re humans, and contradictions are what make us what we are.

Ever since the beginning of video gaming, developers have provided dragon lovers all over the world what they love the most.

Mojang really hasn’t… so it was up to modders to come up with clever ways to implement dragons properly into the Minecraft sandbox experience.

Did they succeed? Let’s find out.


6. Dragon World RPG

Dragon World RPG Minecraft mod screenshot

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Minecraft is where everything, and I really mean everything, can become a reality.

Even a world where dragons coexist peacefully with humans.

But do they really?

The Dragon World RPG is more than just a dragon-themed modpack for Minecraft. It’s an almost complete game overhaul that changes quite a few things to make the game feel almost like a fantasy role-playing game.

Well, a role-playing game where you can ride dragons to fight other dragons and other fantasy creatures with the help of your friends all over the world.

New MMORPG, anyone?


5. Dawn of Fire

Dawn of Fire mod for Minecraft

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Dragons have evolved quite a bit since they first appeared in our favorite fantasy worlds.

In older games, they could only breathe fire. Now, they can breathe whatever comes to mind!

The Dawn of Fire mod introduces a lot of different dragons into Minecraft, ranging from classic fire-breathing dragons, to other dragons that can breathe lightning!

I think we’re all a bit shocked on this one.


4. Dragon Mounts: Legacy

Dragon Mounts: Legacy Minecraft mod

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Complicated mechanics and tons of new features are all well and good, but what if we just want to ride dragons?

The Dragon Mounts: Legacy mudpack is here to save the day.

This is mod is extremely straightforward, as far as Minecraft mods go.

Just download the mod, take proper care of dragon eggs so they can hatch, and then you get the winged companions of your dreams.

Simple and fun. That’s really Minecraft in a nutshell, huh?


3. Wyrmroost

Wyrmroost Minecraft mod screenshot

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Dragons are the new horses in Minecraft…

But only if you install the Wyrmroost mod!

Wyrmroost introduces a lot of different dragons that are great for exploring worlds and striking fear into the hearts of mobs all over.

But they’re also great at helping you in farming, transporting items, and so on.

Have you ever seen a tame dragon before? Well now you have.


2. Ice and Fire: Dragons

Ice and Fire: Dragons Minecraft mod

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The Ice and Fire: Dragons mod doesn’t really introduce anything revolutionary.

But its implementation of dragon-themed mechanics are truly second to none.

Fire, ice, and lighting dragons are nothing new (as far as Minecraft mods are concerned).

But making them appear only in their correct habitat certainly is a new feature.

And no, I’m not talking about scorching deserts or cold tundras. I’m talking about treasure caves! Hasn’t The Hobbit taught you anything?


1. World of Dragons

World of Dragons mod for Minecraft

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Technology and magic collide in World of Dragons, one of the best Minecraft dragon mods ever made.

Because with this installed, you get the best of both worlds!

This mod is built upon the great mechanics that behind the “Ice and Fire: Dragons” mod.

So with World of Dragons, you’re dropped into a world where not only do dragons dominate the sky, but they also power two technology trees that will literally let you forge your own adventure.

Add some amazing multiplayer options into the mix, and you get the definitive Minecraft dragon-themed experience. Absolutely a must-try.

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