The Best Emo & Goth Skins For Minecraft (Boys + Girls)

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Everyone has stylistic phases as they grow and learning who they are, with one of the most famous—and infamous—being the emo phase.

Say what you will about the cringiness of goths and emos, but feeling lost and lonely is something most people can relate to at some point in their life.

Expressing it through appearance, music, and social circles is undeniably better than repressing and ignoring it.

And given Minecraft’s main demographic there’s bound to be plenty of goth and emo communities out there.

So if there’s any emos out there looking to get into Minecraft, or anyone simply looking for a new skin to play with, skim over this list and find one that really resonates with you.


10. Toxicity

Toxicity Emo Character / Minecraft Skin

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Dyed hair and dark clothes are abundant in emo culture, as are angst and depression.

Those natural but negative emotions can fester over time – resulting in a toxic personality or outlook.

And here we have a skin to show it all off.

Games, artistic expression, and sometimes even skins like this can help people work through those feelings.


9. Emo Girl

Emo Girl / Minecraft Skin

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More aesthetic than sentiment, this is a fairly generic but well-made depiction of traditional emo style.

The tall boots, cold shoulder crop top, and decorative flannel tied over black shorts are all pretty typical emo attire.

If you’re more into the fashion statement than the emotional one, this is a cute and classic skin to consider.


8. Emo Boy Green Split

Emo Male Green Split Character / Minecraft Skin

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Another skin that’s more about the look than the message, this one is nevertheless a nicely made cosmetic.

Featuring layered shirts, green and black hair, and an ornamental chain, this is another high quality portrayal of standard emo style.

For those of you who are wanting a new getup for your Minecraft character that doesn’t come with a tragic backstory, this is a great choice.


7. Lonely Hearts Club

Lonely Hearts Club Emo Girl / Minecraft Skin

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Muted colors are fairly common in emo art, including Minecraft skins.

Loneliness and grief can make the world seem less vibrant, making the lack of brightness in artwork a form of emotional expression in and of itself.

The same goes for clothing.

Wearing dark or muted colors can be a way of making external appearance match internal feelings – as well as a way of avoiding unwanted attention.


6. (Emo) Boy

Simple Emo Boy with Horns / Minecraft Skin

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Difficult and overwhelming emotions, disordered or not, are sometimes referred to as inner demons.

Some people choose to embrace them, externalize them, or both.

Serving as a potential option for any of the three, this monochrome skin can be seen as depression incarnate – or a boy who has managed to become one with the demon inside of him.


5. Emotions

Purple Haired Emo Girl Design / Minecraft Skin

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Far brighter than most of the other entries on this list, this one is certainly no less fitting.

Despite the demon horns and choker, this skin is a little more low-key about its emo inspirations.

That being said, it clearly features an alternative style and a healthy dose of inner turmoil.

If you’re wanting something overall more colorful than the majority of other emo skins out there (while still getting the point across), this one is worth considering.


4. Rock Star

Emo-themed character in pajamas / Minecraft Skin

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Cat ears and skull motifs aren’t the most common combination.

But going against the grain isn’t something emos are known to shy away from.

It’s not like dyed hair was always as popular as it is now, but that was never an issue for the people who built a community out of being ostracized.

Cute, edgy, and far from mainstream, this skin is perfect for people who want something a little softer – while still being emo to the core.


3. Love Scars

Girl with black and pink hair / Minecraft Skin

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The search for love can be a long and arduous journey.

Platonic, romantic, familial, and even self-love are each their own journey full of unique challenges.

The loneliness that comes with learning how to love and how to be loved is a huge part of the struggle for emos – especially the younger ones.

This skin represents a fraction of that all-too-familiar struggle, containing little details that may very well make a lot of people out there feel a little less alone.


2. Phantom

Emo skeleten outfit for boy / Minecraft Skin

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Wrapping up our list here, these last two skins pay homage to My Chemical Romance: a band that has long been known as an emo staple.

Adapted from the band’s costumes, the creator of this skin chose to add a personal touch with some red and black detailing as well as a skull using the same color scheme.

Fans of MCR will love this awesome replication of one of their famous looks.


1. The Black Parade

My Chemical Romance Emo Girl / Minecraft Skin

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The Black Parade is a classic.

And this skin is based off of My Chemical Romance’s costumes in the song (of course).

But even outside of the iconic pop culture reference, this more feminine option is absolutely stunning.

With a solid combination of goth and emo, this skin is a fantastic way to show your love of MCR to your fellow players – or simply to the mobs of Minecraft if singleplayer is more your thing.

Detailed, well shaded, and exceptionally fashionable, this is a must-have addition to any emo player’s wardrobe.

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