Minecraft: Best Evil & Demonic Devil Skins (Guys + Girls)

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Whether it’s fighting off alien invasions or zombie outbreaks, there’s something immensely satisfying in the simplicity of beating back all of your problems in a video game.

Of course, some people want to take it a little further. And fortunately there are many ways to act as the villain in Minecraft.

What better way to get started than by looking the part?

Evil-looking skins come in a variety of flavors, ranging from humanoid to downright monstrous.

So if you’re looking to conquer the overworld, or simply hoping to cause a little mayhem, these skins will have something befitting all levels of evil intentions.


15. Demonic Guy

Red Demon Male Character / Minecraft Skin

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Despite being a rather generic start to this list, this skin leaves no room for doubt surrounding its unholy origins.

Between the red eyes, sharp horns, and dark wings, it’s hard to come up with anything that the creator missed when working to make this infernal skin live up to its name.

Maybe a tail?

In any case, if you’re looking for something simple but recognizable, this is most definitely the way to go.


14. What Hides in the Dark?

Hiding In The Dark Evil Character / Minecraft Skin

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With an appearance even more terrifying than its name (perhaps in part due to the combination), this skin is just about as sinister as it gets.

One of the things that makes this entry stand out is the fact that under the clothing, the actual body looks like it’s made out of mist with something glowing beneath it.

The dark roses growing across parts of the body add an aspect of vague corporeality that clothes alone can’t.

If you’re interested in becoming the local cryptid, this is sure to help you look the part.


13. Nightmares

Blue Nightmare Character / Minecraft Skin

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Yeah, the name checks out.

I’d have nightmares about something like this lurking in the ocean.

Blue is generally a very ethereal color, though that mostly comes through when paired with white.

However, this creator elected to use it with a dark grey for a more smoky look.

That’s not to say it doesn’t look decidedly supernatural, though.

If anything, the end result is something along the lines of a demonic ghost.


12. Cherry Devil

Evil Cherry Girl Devil / Minecraft Skin

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While this girl is certainly less overtly scary than the previous two entries, she literally has devil horns.

Besides, not all demons or general evildoers are unpleasant to look at.

It makes it quite a lot harder to get away with creating chaos, after all.

Players in the market for a sweeter skin that’s no less indicative of their malicious intentions should think about adding this one to their wardrobe.


11. Shadow Master

Shadow Master Cloaked Character / Minecraft Skin

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It’s somewhat surprising that given the highly pixelated nature of Minecraft skins, so few of them embrace a high-contrast style like this one.

Sleek and dramatic, the sharp contrast allows the red eyes and white detailing to draw the viewer’s attention – all without compromising on the shading or special effects.

It may not be the most intricate skin out there.

But in this case, it seems that less is more.

And it’s not lacking depth or flair. Plus it’s undeniably evil, and it’s more than deserving of a place in any player’s skin collection.


10. Snowflake Girl

Snowflake Emo Evil Girl / Minecraft Skin

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Oftentimes the most dangerous villains are the ones who avoid looking the part.

This girl is adorable, covered in bows and really leaning into a soft monochrome aesthetic.

Everything about her is unassuming except the horns.

But those are easily overlooked in favor of her fantastic fashion sense.

If you’re looking to fly under the radar while still hinting at your malevolent desires, this is a solid choice.


9. Dark Lord

Evil Dark Lord / Minecraft Skin

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Tyrants are a common antagonist, corrupted by power and greed.

They’re easy to hate for a multitude of reasons, including jealousy.

It may only stand within the confines of Minecraft – but those of you who wish to rule a tyrannical empire of your own would be served well by this skin.

Faceless, armored, and commanding, no one will dare question your supremacy again.


8. Blinded by Anger

Masked Evil Character / Minecraft Skin

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On the opposite side of things, victims of tyranny or those who are looking to break the system rather than control it aren’t always acting in everyone’s best interests either.

Anger isn’t usually a source of constructive motivation.

So whether you’re out for revenge or just looking to cause a little bit of mayhem, this masked menace is suitable for a wide range of destructive applications.


7. Metallivore

Metallivore Character / Minecraft Skin

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This monstrosity looks like it crawled its way right out of a horror game and into Minecraft.

And it’s far scarier than any vanilla mob currently in the game.

Everything about the creature appears both alien and hostile, even towards itself.

The protective metal carapace has been ripped apart in places by a mass of tentacles fighting to be unleashed, and broken at the top by a toothy maw ready to devour anything that stands in its way.

This is a perfect fit for anyone who’d rather play as the monster than the hero defending against them.


6. Naughty Demon Girl

Evil Demon Girl Character / Minecraft Skin

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Unlike the other feminine skins mentioned earlier in the list, this one makes no attempts to appear particularly human in anything besides shape.

Purple and proud, this girl probably isn’t all that low-key about all the havoc she’s looking to wreak.

If you’re the openly mischievous type, this is certainly worth adding to your Minecraft skin collection.


5. Ender Elementalist

Enderman Cloaked Magician / Minecraft Skin

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Given the aggressive response all endermen have to eye contact, it should probably be avoided at all costs with this one.

Those of you who hate eye contact would probably love this skin, though.

It gives you the perfect excuse to avoid it—at least in game.

All that aside, the blue and purple fire encasing the limbs on this skin is quite intimidating, and suggests that the mage’s plans are far from helpful.


4. Envy Revolution

Cute Devil Girl With Horns / Minecraft Skin

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Gorgeous, extremely detailed, and vaguely threatening.

This skin has it all.

As one of the most well-crafted options available for the demon lovers out there, as being great for anyone who appreciates the gothic aesthetic, there’s really no way to go wrong with this skin.

Everything from the bow on the front to the wings on the back is all colored and shaded to perfection.

If you’re looking for something that turns heads well before you start stirring up trouble, this skin is the one for you.


3. Inferno Horns

Inferno Horns Character / Minecraft Skin

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Most of the masculine skins on this list are sorely lacking in the cuteness department.

But this design more than makes up for it.

Despite the fact that he’s actively on fire, this adorable demon boy definitely looks friendly enough to avoid suspicion – until it’s too late to stop him.

If you’ve been having trouble putting your plans into action due to fellow players suspecting you of being up to no good, this skin might be able to help.


2. Lilith

Lilith Devil / Minecraft Skin

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Complete with a palette straight from the Nether, this diabolical skin is by far the most blatantly cataclysmic of the feminine options on this list.

Even the horns are the most dramatic out of all the demons on this list.

The creator is clearly going all-in on the devilish details here.

Infernal in name and nature, this entry best suits players interested in creating apocalyptic levels of calamity.


1. Nether Guardian

Fire Nether Guardian Skin / Minecraft Skin

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Made entirely out of what can only be assumed to be magma and spite, this creature is likely not the compassionate sort.

After all, the Nether isn’t exactly a compassionate place.

Those of you who think the Overworld could be improved with the addition of large quantities of lava and more danger… well, you should definitely add this skin to their collection.

And the same goes for pyromaniacs and any other players who delight in destruction.

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