The Best Minecraft Explorer Skins (Boys + Girls)

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Exploration is a beautiful thing. And in the world of Minecraft, it’s one of the primary concepts of the game (alongside mining and crafting).

Trying to explore every corner of a Minecraft world takes a few things:

Nerves of steel, keen eyes, proper preparation of supplies, and the right skin!

And we can fulfill at least one of those criteria before you start up your next Minecraft world, so let’s begin!


1. Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer Minecraft Skin

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When people think of “explorers”, many think first of Indiana Jones.

But the younger generations may state another well-known explorer first:

Dora the Explorer – it’s pretty much in her name.

Those of us who grew up with the golden age of Nickelodeon, between the 90s and the early 2000s, should feel the trigger of nostalgia and mild PTSD at the catchy theme song.

While the character herself is approachable and friendly to children, young adults today do see the issues with the show itself looking back on their childhoods.

Despite that, Dora had to show up on this list, just due to being a pop culture icon of explorers.


2. Steampunk Explorer (Male)

Boy Steampunk Explorer Outfit / Minecraft Skin

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Here’s a skin that’s reminiscent to a lovable alchemist character from the animated series of “Tangled”, so again, it needed to be included.

This adorable steampunk-themed adventurer has all the fixings of a typical hero archetype:

A young man in classy attire, eager to head out on an adventure.

The world will be your oyster to crack open with this skin showing off your adventuring spirit.

Delve into caves and ruins in search of the ancient secrets to build your own world from the ground-up.

In a game about building and creating worlds, what better skin than one with a theme of boundless ideas?


3. Lavender Explorer (Girl)

Female Purple/Lavender Explorer Minecraft Skin

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This cute skin looks as though I pulled out of an exploration anime.

The dapper outfit with the beautiful lavender and blonde hair and green eyes…

She’s just too cute!

This skin exudes explorer protagonist energy!

Don this skin and head out into the world to meet animal friends, and discover secrets to set out on your own wacky journey.

And you can do it all with style that won’t be jostled out of place – no matter how much trouble you come up against (or run from).


4. Doge Explorer

Doge Explorer Minecraft Skin

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Where there be Minecraft skins, there be memes.

Enter Doge Explorer!

He’s eager, he’s friendly, and he’s the best boy to ever explore your world with.

This meme explorer is able to travel anywhere – well, anywhere you’re willing to venture.

And his fluffy cheeks are almost too hard to resist pinching!

Give this good boy a scritch behind the ears, and invite him to explore every cave, mountain, jungle, and tundra of your world.

Just promise to provide treats and cuddles as well.


5. Wilderness Survivor Man

Wilderness Survivor (Male) With Beard / Minecraft Skin

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If you want to be the Bear Grylls of Minecraft explorers (minus the pee drinking, of course), then this is the skin for you.

This rugged explorer design is ready to trek across the landscapes and beyond, just to see what’s out there.

He’s got the rugged boots, worn gloves, and a nice beard to show how much of an adventurer he is.

I mean, he’s even ready for trouble with knives tucked in his boots!

Slap a backpack on this skin filled with survival gear and you’ll be ready to practically charge out the door.


6. Huntress

Girl Huntress in Green / Minecraft Skin

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If you’re more of a fan of the fantastical explorer, then this young lass is just the thing.

The best way to describe this skin is like if you took Lara Croft, then made her a dainty elf explorer instead of a rugged archeologist type.

Clad in appropriate green adventuring garb, this young woman is ready to conquer the world – or die trying!

And this skin shows you’re more than willing to go the extra mile to find the secrets hidden deep in dark forests & twisted caves.


7. Explorer Steve

Explorer Steve Minecraft Skin

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For a more familiar face that’s also ready for adventure, this Steve skin is more than ready to undertake any quest.

Wearing his iconic teal shirt and blue pants, Explorer Steve comes with a few extra bits to make him stand out in the landscape of other Steves.

You’ll get this design with rugged walking shoes, tough gloves, and a pack ready to be filled with any treasures you may find on your journey.

No matter how far you traverse, this Steve skin will ensure that your journey will never end – until certain danger is the only obstacle between home and your destination.


8. Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones Minecraft Skin

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“We do not follow maps to buried treasure, and ‘X’ never marks the spot.”

Even Indie knew that a great adventure is never clearly marked on a map.

Thus, he’s one of the most famous explorer character types in pop culture!

This rugged archeologist knew that the best way to see the world was to go out and explore every nook and cranny.

In his iconic outfit across most of the films, Indie is a beloved and recognizable man. And now you can bring that look into Minecraft.

Just be wary going into any caves or ruins. You never know when you’ll have to run from boulders yourself.


9. Twilight Princess Link

Twilight Princess Link Minecraft Skin

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Yet another iconic explorer skin, but this time from another gaming franchise!

Link is equally as well-known as Indiana Jones, but never by his witty lines. Only by his heroic actions.

Link has ventured across many renditions of his homeworld (the name ever-changing) and is a character we all recognize by now.

Whether he’s wielding his might sword and shield, or holding one of the many magical artifacts thrown his way, Link can be ready to undertake any quest.

So take this skin, it’s dangerous to go alone!


10. Adventurer Girl

Brunette Girl with Green Eyes / Minecraft Skin

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For a more modern skin befitting of the Minecraft universe, this girl is ideal.

From the classic & dark rugged adventuring gear, to the diamond sword on her back, this girl is ready to set out.

She bears the classic look of most Minecraft skins with the hair swooped over the eye, and wavy tresses down the front – so she’s a stylish choice.

This girl looks like she isn’t afraid to get down & dirty in the treacherous caves, and will face the frizz the dry air of the tundra comes with.


11. Snow Hunter

White Hooded Snow Hunter / Minecraft Skin

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For those with more of a fascination around the colder regions of Minecraft, bundle up with this custom wintry skin.

This young adventurer has been to the snowy reaches of Minecraft a few times – so this is a design you can count on.

From his off-white coat and snow pants to the scabbard on his back, and even including the scarf around his face, he’s ready to face the elements (and the dangers out there too).

Set out to build a few igloos, or loot from artic villages! This skin is here for all of it.


12. Steampunk Explorer Girl

Steampunk Explorer Girl (Brunette) Minecraft Skin

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Even the girls can have some steampunk-style here.

I’ve even downloaded this young lass to use myself – and I adore her style.

With everything from straps to laces, every inch of this skin is covered and ready for whatever you run into.

Come air, sea, or anything in-between, she’s prepared to face it head on – even if doom is almost certain in most circumstances.

I mean, this is Minecraft we’re talking about here.


13. Safari Explorer

Old Safari Explorer Man / Minecraft Skin

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How about a spot of tea before we go exploring the recesses of the jungles?

This gentleman safari skin is clearly the most prestigious of explorers.

From the curled mustache to the stereotypical jungle explorer attire, this is one old chap you won’t mind wearing around.

Just imagine it: running through the jungle brush, leaping down into caves, and climbing trees to spot signs of ancient civilizations in the distance.

If you’re ready for a Minecraft safari, this is the design to put on.


14. Hooded Explorer

Boy Explorer with Blue Hood / Minecraft Skin

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If your idea of exploration is fast-paced jumping and climbing, darting in and out of ruins and caves as quickly as possible, then here’s a hooded character design to fit the theme.

Dressed to quickly move around, this man keeps his face hidden but his eyes clear – always prepared to dash away from any sign of danger.

With enough straps to keep his clothes and supplies in place, you’ll be able to go into any dark places and go deep into exploring.

No mob or terrain can stop you now!


15. Geological Explorer

Geological Explorer Minecraft Skin

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For a more dapper and stylish explorer, this skin is just perfect.

While not dressed like a serious adventurer, this design does make you look prepared with a variety of supplies in that pouch, and the bracer ready for action.

And although he’s not exactly a strong man of adventure, his intrigue drives him to venture out into the world and settle for nothing less than the next big discovery.

You’ll be able to climb mountains, cross oceans, and trek deserts, all to find the next exciting challenge.

And with this skin at your disposal, you can do it all in style.

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