Best Minecraft Farming Mods & Modpacks (All Free)

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A game like Minecraft really gives you the chance to do whatever you want and become whoever you want, but it can be lacking in some areas. Like farming mechanics.

I can understand that growing crops and tilling the land may not be the most fun you’ve ever had… but we all need food, even Minecraft Steve.

Thankfully, modders out there know the value of farming. Not only can it be pretty darn relaxing, but it can provide items that fuel all your blocky adventures.

So let’s mod up the game with some radical new ideas for farming. Grab your hoes and let’s go digging!


16. Farmland Mod

Farmland Mod for Minecraft

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No farmland is worth its name without a great selection of animals.

It’s not all about planting, you know.

Farmland adds a few types of common farm animals like cows and chickens, as well as other animal types that may be a little less common like geese, horses, and turkeys.

The models are extremely well made, so this is a mod you definitely want to download if you have any love for animals. Even their extremely blocky variants.


15. PlantsPlus

PlantsPlus Minecraft mod screenshot

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Plants, more plants, plus even more plants.

This results in the PlantsPlus mod. If you’ve got a green thumb, snag this bad boy today.

It’s the perfect mod to download if you’re looking to create the gorgeous Minecraft farm. It adds a bunch of plants like berries, grapes, tomatoes, and other crops. All these plants drop items that can be used as food, or in recipes, making them extremely useful even if you’re not into farming all that much.


14. Extended Farming

Extended Farming Minecraft mod

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As mentioned earlier, vanilla Minecraft features some very basic farming that never gets really satisfying.

Too few tools, too few crops, and a bit repetitive.

Things change quite a lot with the Extended Farming mod. This is an amazing overhaul of the farming system that introduces a lot of new features like a watering system, food preparation machines like a deep fryer, some neat tractors, and all the machines you need to make your farm flourish.

It’s safe to say that automation really is the way of the future.


13. SimpleMultiFarm

SimpleMultiFarm mod for Minecraft

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Taking care of a farm is very hard work. So much so that the effort can sometimes feel a bit too much…

Let’s alleviate that stress with the SimpleMultiFarm mod.

This improves the production of farm goods in both single-player and multiplayer modes, and introduces a few options that make it easy to shear all sheep, feed all animals, or dig multiple dirt blocks by just pressing a single button.

Now that’s farming made easy, folks!


12. Forestry Mod

Forestry Mod for Minecraft

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The Forestry mod doesn’t have a whole lot to do with actual forests… but it does have a lot to do with farming and energy production.

This mod gives us tons of new features that make farming extremely simple, while also expanding farming possibilities with bee, butterfly, and tree breeding.

You can even produce some very clean energy with this mod, if that’s something you’re after. So you really have no excuse to skip over it, I mean it’s small and pretty simple to install. Even just if you’re looking to save the world of Minecraft from pollution, you’ve found your match.


11. Roost

Roost Minecraft mod screenshot

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No matter how many you have, you never have enough chickens in your life.

Roost offers the best mod for all you chicken lovers out there. Why, you ask?

It adds a roost where you can place all your feathery friends. But that’s not all! You also get a chicken catcher that lets you add them to your inventory, in case you can’t stand to be away from your beloved poultry for too long.


10. Thermal Cultivation

Thermal Cultivation Minecraft mod

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There’s no farming without water.

And there’s no convenient farming without the Thermal Cultivation mod.

Fun fact: this is actually powered by the same foundation seen in the amazing Thermal Expansion mod, so it’s got a solid base to work with.

This mod gives us Watering Cans that can be used to irrigate farmland and speed up plant growth. They also come with multiple tiers, so the higher the tier, the more useful they are. Neat!


9. Farming for Blockheads

Farming for Blockheads mod for Minecraft

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Farming for Blockheads would be the perfect name for a farming manual for newbies.

But in this case it’s the perfect name for a great Minecraft mod.

Farming for Blockheads adds a block market that allows you to buy seeds and saplings for all your farming needs, as well as farming utilities like Fertilizers.

Used in conjunction with other custom add-ons, Farming for Blockheads is just one more piece to the puzzle. Easy seeds and easy homestyle living.


8. Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools Minecraft mod screenshot

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Who ever said that simple can’t be good?

This Gardening Tools mod is definitely simple, but well worth installing.

You’ll get three very simple tools that can make farming far less laborious.

The Irrigation Core makes it easy to water farmland, the Cultivator lets you till a whole row of farmland fast, and the Trowel Planter automatically plants all the seeds in your inventory.

You’ll never go back to vanilla after this one.


7. Animania Base

Animania Base Minecraft mod

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Animal lovers, may I present you with the Minecraft mod you’ve been waiting for.

Animania Base introduces a massive overhaul of the animal mechanics in Minecraft.

We get tons of new species here, which can be found in all sorts of different biomes, plus improved behaviors, and a proper feed and care system that impacts these animals in more ways than one.

There are even achievements for taking care of each species properly. If you love that rancher life then you’ll adore this mod.


6. Farms, Friends & Fiends

Farms, Friends & Fiends Minecraft mod

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Farming is mostly peaceful work. Except when it isn’t, and you need to fight tooth and nail to defend the farm from mobs.

Well this mod brings all the advanced farming mechanics from similar mods in this list, but it’s packed with quite a bit more.

You’ll also get new dangerous mobs and the ability to build different defensive mechanisms. You know, stuff like turrets, and these can be used to protect your farm from the crazies.

Everything to protect the damn corn, right?


5. AgriCraft

AgriCraft mod for Minecraft

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With the Agricraft mod, we’re heading into some very dangerous territory:

Farm genetics.

This mod is among the most unique farming mods ever made for Minecraft. Why so special?

It introduces plant mutation mechanics powered by an algorithm that determines the mutation success. Starting the process is actually pretty simple: plant seeds on farmland where crops are already growing, and hope for the best.

Give it a try and see what you think. Maybe not for everyone, but certainly a fun feature to breathe new life into farming.


4. Rustic

Rustic Minecraft mod screenshot

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Minecraft goes medieval with Rustic, a mod that finally brings old school fun into your blocky universe!

Rustic isn’t entirely focused on farming, because it introduces a lot of different features that have got nothing to do with taking care of animals or growing crops. But with that said, it does bring something that Minecraft sorely lacks in its vanilla form: a brewing system for making alcoholic beverages.

Now that’s what it means to listen to the people. We desperately needed some mead over here!

Who needs a refill?


3. Mystical Agriculture

Mystical Agriculture Minecraft mod

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Farming in Minecraft will never be the same once you install the Mystical Agriculture mod.

This completely changes the rules of farming in the game, not only by making everything more complex (to keep you busy), but also by making it so farming will yield essences that can be used to make materials, tools, and much more.

It almost feels like playing a completely different game.

Could we turn this into a Minecraft/Farming Sim RPG? I’ll just wait patiently for the spinoff…


2. Hungry Animals

Hungry Animals mod for Minecraft

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As the lord of your Minecraft world, you have the right to shape it to your likings.

Living beings included, of course.

The Hungry Animals mod, contrary to what its name suggests, doesn’t just make your farm animals more voracious than ever.

No, it adds several mechanics to radically overhaul the animal system. This includes stuff like a familiarity system that dictates how the animals react to you, depending on how much they’ve gotten to spend time around you.

They will also, surprise surprise, start pooping a lot. So you’d better clean their pens or you’ll pay the consequences in the form of some pretty filthy stank.


1. Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival Minecraft mod

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Time to begin the celebrations, because the Harvest Festival has finally begun!

Heavily inspired by the Harvest Moon series, the Harvest Festival mod not introduces crops, animals, and farming mechanics that jazz up your play times.

But it also includes new NPCs and a town building system, different seasons that will influence your farming activities, a new cooking system, and the ability to sell whatever your crops yield to progress further.

I can’t imagine running a Minecraft farm without Harvest Festival. For hardcore players, this might be love at first click.

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