10 Best Floating Island Maps for Minecraft

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In real life, islands don’t float.

They’re simply mountains surrounded by ocean.

In Minecraft though, the laws of gravity are different. In fact, they’re so different that islands don’t even need water to float. They can do it in mid-air.

And this strange phenomenon has inspired many great maps.


10. SkyVille Parkour

SkyVille Parkour / Minecraft Map

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In SkyVille Parkour, you’ll be parkouring through various floating islands.

You’ll also be parkouring in houses and on their ceilings, since the floating islands have houses on them.

The owners must enjoy staring into the abyss if they made these their homes.

The map creator warns players that the parkour is very difficult. As long as you have some parkour experience under your belt though, you’ll be fine.

It’s definitely no cakewalk though.

The map has just the right amount of challenge to keep you on your toes.

There’s also a bottomless void below you, which can be rather intimidating. Especially if you’re scared of heights.


9. Parkour Paradise: Sky Islands

Parkour Paradise: Sky Islands / Minecraft Map

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This map is a fun parkour challenge where you’re tasked with beating 10 sky islands.

It starts off easy but it doesn’t stay that way! The map gets progressively more challenging to keep you engaged.

This map also makes use of many of Minecraft’s features, such as elytras. Even if the increases in difficulty aren’t enough to keep you engaged, being able to glide definitely will!

If you’re into completing parkour maps as quickly as possible, this map has a timer to help you keep track of how long you’re taking too!


8. Floating Island Block Scavenger

Floating Island Block Scavenger / Minecraft Map

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Scavenger hunts can be challenging.

But Floating Island Block Scavenger is a scavenger hunt with an additional challenge: the void.

There are several floating islands that you must bridge between, and of course, these islands are separated by an unforgiving void.

Well, you respawn, so maybe it’s a little bit forgiving.


7. Chunk Error

Chunk Error / Minecraft Map

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In Chunk Error, you’re a poor soul whose Minecraft world got corrupted. It started out with some small changes. Maybe some lag here and there.

Over time though, things got weirder and weirder.

Now you’re standing in a corrupted world, on one of the few chunks that happened to load up.

You’ll need to complete missions to get other chunks to load up. Your ultimate goal is to escape this glitched hell.


6. Arrow Fight

Arrow Fight / Minecraft Map

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The best way to bond with your friends is to use each other as archery practice. In Minecraft, of course.

I don’t think your friends would appreciate real arrows in their real knees.

Arrow Fight is a map where two teams must shoot arrows at each other from their respective floating islands. Just like the superhero Arrow, these arrows have superpowers. For example, there’s a TNT arrow, which spawns ignited TNT wherever it hits.

Imagine being in shock after being hit by an arrow, only for ignited dynamite to materialize in front of you. At that point, I would just accept that my limbs and the rest of my body weren’t meant to be together.

But Arrow Fight isn’t some schoolyard brawl.

You only win once the enemy team is dead.

So get your bow ready, get your magic dynamite-spawning arrows ready, and go shed some (virtual) blood.


5. Skyconomy

Skyconomy / Minecraft Map

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This map puts you on a floating island, similar to the one in SkyBlock.

There are also other floating islands scattered around you. Each floating island has a villager that you can trade with, and this is the basic concept of the map.

To advance, you need to do a lot of trading.

Make the right trades and eventually you’ll be able to get some ender eyes to find the end portal!


4. Vanilla SkyWars

Vanilla SkyWars / Minecraft Map

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I’ve always found that when PvP is taken to the heights, it becomes even more enjoyable.

There’s a certain satisfaction that I get when I watch my enemies plummet into the void because I threw a single egg at them.

This is actually a common occurrence when playing the minigame skywars.

In the game, each player gets their own little skyblock-type island with only an abyss of death to separate them.

There’s also a middle island with tons of loot. This encourages players to be proactive instead of making a house, a cobblestone generator, and a family from the safety of their island.

If you want to make a family, you better do it on the battlefield.

Players can use the blocks they get to build bridges to other islands.

This is the scariest part of the game. It’s even scarier than melee combat with swords. When you’re making a bridge, all it takes is one outstanding egg toss and you’ll be falling into oblivion.


3. Pumpkin Bedwars

Pumpkin Bedwars / Minecraft Map

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Bedwars is a minigame where you must destroy the enemies’ beds while protecting your own. Your bed is what lets you respawn, so if your bed breaks, your next death becomes permanent.

Most bedwars maps contain several floating islands, each belonging to a player (or a team).

This one though? This one also contains floating islands.

But now, there are pumpkins.

Pumpkin bedwars is the classic minigame but with a darker and spookier atmosphere. In this game, the monsters aren’t under your bed – they’re bridging towards it.


2. Adventurous Scenario #1 – Chicken’s Courage

Adventurous Scenario #1 - Chicken’s Courage / Minecraft Map

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This is a super cute map where you play as a chicken who’s getting bored with its regular life. You want to get off your floating island.

You want to fly.

It involves a great story, interesting dialogue, puzzles, and exciting boss fights!

Oh, and parkour, of course.

What would a floating island map be if there wasn’t a risk of falling into the darkness below?

The parkour on this map is interesting because your chicken character has a flap mechanic that allows you to stay in the air for a couple seconds. This mechanic must be used to complete the parkour. Flappy Bird may have died, but now we have a flappy chicken instead.


1. SkyBlock

SkyBlock / Minecraft Map

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SkyBlock is a celebrity among floating island maps.

In SkyBlock, you’re thrown onto a floating island with nothing but a tiny island, a tree, and a chest with very limited items.

Then you have to survive and thrive.

SkyBlock is a must-play for anyone who wants to test their resourcefulness. You’ll need to maximize your use of the few resources you have.

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