Minecraft: The Best Futurama Skins (All Free To Download)

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Futurama! A sci-fi comedy about a regular guy that accidentally freezes himself into the year 3000.

It would be no surprise to learn that this show is a favorite to thousands of fans.

And what better way to show that off than by running around a weird computer game dressed as Bender?

With the help of these Minecraft skins, all of us can bring this futuristic show into our favorite PC game.


Dr. Zoidberg

Dr. Zoidberg Minecraft Skin

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Fans might have mixed feelings about this odd character.

But you’ve gotta admit, sometimes he’s pretty funny.

Well sure, most of the time he’s just gross and annoying and gets torn apart by the cast.

But sometimes, just sometimes, he’s an amusing character.

For some reason I find this skin rather cute. Maybe it’s the eyes, or maybe just the general adaptation.

Anyways, Zoidberg here is wearing his doctor coat and usual outfit which is perfect.

He also has some tiny claws thanks to the use of the skin’s outer layer.

And you might be left asking one simple question: why not Zoidberg?


Turanga Leela

Turanga Leela Futurama Minecraft Skin

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Leela is a tough one.

And I mean that she’s tough as a character, and she’s tough to actually find a good Minecraft skin for.

Maybe it’s the fact that she has one eye, or the general shape of her face, but finding a Leela skin was pretty darn difficult.

This is the best I could find: one eye, purple hair, and even her wrist device that no one seems to know its definite purpose.

But if you feel up to the job, you can even clean this skin up and recolor it for a better outcome.


Robot Devil “Beelzebot”

Futurama Robot Devil Minecraft Skin

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If I’m going to hell, I want this guy as my boss for sure!

I’d have to be a robot though…

Well, if hell exists, it’s probably not like they portray it in the show – but we can have hope right?

With catchy songs, evil laughs, and some fiddles, all the Futurama episodes starring the robot devil were always a blast.

And you’ll find all the details of the original character are captured quite well in this Minecraft skin.

At a glance you can see this creator nailed the obvious stuff, like the colors and mechanical feeling.

But there’s also nice additional details, like his horns, and even his tail.

His facial expression also makes him look like a madman!


Philip Jay Fry

Philip Jay Fry from Futurama / Minecraft Skin

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Here we’ve got a skin for the incredible protagonist of the show.

He has many skills, and he’s pretty darn smart too.

Okay, I know this guy’s not that bright… but we have to cut him a break, his life was a real mess in the year 1999.

And it continued to be a mess 1000 years later, sort of.

The skin is pretty standard as far as MC skins go.

But the design stands out a little more than others here – probably a result of the saturated colors and the exaggerated shading.


Scruffy Scruffington

Scruffy the Janitor from Futurama / Minecraft Skin

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The (previously) sort-of not-so-popular Planet Express janitor, in Minecraft skin form.

“Previously” in parenthesis because, after a lot of tiny cameos, this character finally got more screen time from season 2 onwards.

He’s a regular old fella who doesn’t appear to have much in life.

But he’s mostly known for being incredibly indifferent to… everything.

The original character in the Futurama cartoon is not that graphically impressive.

But when we turn Scruffy into a Minecraft skin, every detail counts.

The result is a good-looking skin with all the traits you’d want.

You can even see how this creator tried to add his little brown cap.


Amy Wong-Kroker

Amy from Futurama / Minecraft Skin

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Amy’s a Mars University student that likes partying a lot – maybe because she’s a bit spoiled by her rich parents…

Everyone makes fun of her because of that sometimes.

But she has a different life now, Ph.D. included.

And if somebody was gonna make a skin out of Amy, how could they not put her in pink clothes!

I also like the pastel palette this creator decided on. Really fits Amy’s whole aesthetic.

Aside from that, the skin is what you’d expect: pretty recognizable and well-made.


Zapp Brannigan

Zapp Brannigan Minecraft Skin

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From his humble start in the show, Zapp was never really… humble.

But he’s always bringing the comedy, and surely a force to be reckoned with.

You might find this skin a bit plain, but there’s actually not many detailed Zapp skins around. So if you’re looking for some way to express your love of this oaf, this skin is probably your best shot.

Although with so many generic Brannigan skins out there, it begs the question: what makes a man turn neutral?



Bender Futurama Minecraft Skin

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There are a lot of Bender skins online.

This one is my favorite.

And if you consider every show ever made for TV, Bender is probably the best take at making a robot character that’s funny and interesting.

We all want to see more of Bender.

And in this robot’s on words, “I’m Back, Baby!”

He was originally made for bending only, but this robot fella decided to change his fate and ended up working at Planet Express.

And I love how this skin turned out.

It’s somewhat similar to what you would see in an official Minecraft animation. But it also has a lot of detail and shading.

You can even see his front panel depth thanks to the outer skin layer.

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