Best Garfield Skins for Minecraft (All Free)

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He hates Mondays. He loves lasagna.

Let’s be honest: Garfield is the voice of a generation.

I might be overexaggerating a little bit, but Garfield’s importance as a cat and comic/pop culture icon cannot be understated.

The iconic cartoon strip made waves for decades with runs of cartoons and films to boot. There are even plenty of internet nooks and crannies that idolize Garfield and meme him into a legendary status.

I think it’s high time to bring the glory of Garfield into the world of Minecraft – and this list of skins is here to help.


1. Garfield

Basic Garfield Minecraft Skin

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Of course, a Garfield list has to begin with a classic skin of the classic character.

This Garfield skin is a Minecraft staple – being the most viewed and downloaded Garfield around.

Creator pens_and_pencils dropped it back in 2011, and it’s no surprise that the skin has stuck around for over a decade.

It has all the wonderful characteristics that make Garfield Garfield.

  • He’s orange
  • He has stripes
  • He’s got a wide, goofy grin

It doesn’t get better than that.


2. Sun’s Out, Garfield’s Out

Sun’s Out, Garfield’s Out Skin For Minecraft

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You wouldn’t think that Garfield’s lazy nature would lead him to live a life of adventure, but that orange cat gets around.

Here we see Garfield, as depicted by skin creator 1842, in a classic summer outfit: a Hawaiian shirt and loose shorts.

I mean, let’s be honest: seeing Garfield in a fully unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt is funny enough to make just about anyone’s day.

It certainly made mine, and I hope it makes yours along with whatever souls manage to spot you in your next server.


3. Garfield in Creeper Attire

Garfield in Creeper Attire Minecraft Skin

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I think it makes perfect sense that Garfield would play Minecraft.

Garfield is cool, and what cool person doesn’t play Minecraft, am I right?

In all seriousness, I love skins that feature mobs or characters wearing Minecraft gear. And I never thought I’d see a Minecraft x Garfield combo.

Meanwhile, creator Crystalizer37 broke all my expectations and also made a creeper sweater good enough that I would pay money for it in a heartbeat.


4. Garfield Sans

Garfield Sans Skin For Minecraft

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Now we begin dipping into the depths of the internet to find Garfield skins and crossovers that only the internet could conceive of.

If Undertale and Garfield were two circles in a venn diagram, I’d have put money on the fact that they’re not connected in any way at all.

However, Garfield Sans is a mind-boggling combo that creator BallisticWolves somehow made look not just good but incredible.

Looking at this, I can’t help but hear Megalovania blaring in my mind, and it’s Garfield that I’m looking at.


5. Mario Garfield

Mario Garfield Minecraft Skin

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It’s not often that Minecraft skins get a true laugh out of me.

But this skin by creator Bwipo had me chuckling for a good, long while.

Part of the reason this skin is so good is that the Mario outfit is genuinely spectacular. The texturing on it, the added dimensions, and the outfit as a whole are impeccable.

However, this skin rules because of how utterly displeased Garfield looks in the costume. Rather than a sly smile, he’s wearing his only other expression: tired disdain.


6. Creepy Realism Garfield

Creepy Realism Garfield Skin For Minecraft

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Sometime since the advent of the Internet, some corners of cyberspace have fixated on Garfield and turned the beloved comic strip into an exercise in creepy realism.

While still certainly Garfield, this skin is a nightmarish version of him.

It has far too much detail, too human proportions, and textured appearance that makes him look near skeletal.

The creepy smile on this skin is enough to give you nightmares and more than enough to spook any one of your friends or strangers in a Minecraft server. If that’s your style, that is.


7. Bachelor Garfield

Bachelor Garfield Minecraft Skin

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I’m beginning to think that you could put Garfield in almost any scenario, and I would think it is the funniest thing I’ve seen today.

Just imagine a whole reality series where contestants compete for one lucky bachelor’s heart, and that bachelor just so happens to be Garfield.

I don’t know if that’s what creator Slipshod had in mind when they made this skin, but that’s now the meaning that I’ve coopted for it, and am tossing out to all of you. I hope you enjoy it and this skin as much as I do.


8. Royal Garfield

Royal Garfield Skin For Minecraft

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By now, I should’ve learned my lesson: that Garfield works in literally every single setting.

Garfield, here, is in a loosely tied royal robe and a golden crown – as if he were a king that had just woken up and is walking to the kitchen.

Of course it’s hilarious. And of course it works.

I can only hope that I can develop the regality and swagger this Garfield skin manages to project in my own Minecraft games.


9. Catception

Catception Minecraft Skin

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Plenty of Minecraft skins feature a model inside of a cozy onesie of some sort.

In fact, they’re one of my favorite types of skin.

However, Garfield does not look particularly pleased to be in a cat onesie.

Me, on the other hand? I am thoroughly delighted.


10. Muscular Garfield

Muscular Garfield Skin For Minecraft

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If there’s a takeaway to be gotten from this list, it’s that if you put your mind to it, you can make Garfield into whatever hilarious combination of characteristics you like.

I know that’s not the strongest moral of the story.

But this skin is the strongest Garfield on the list.

Look at those muscles. They look as if they’ve been drawn on with a Crayola marker.

Look at that bodybuilder speedo.

This is comedy and Minecraft heaven.

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