The Best Minecraft Ghost Skins (Boys + Girls)

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As far as the supernatural goes, ghosts are one of the more common entities found in games.

Taking on roles as allies, enemies, or even both at the same time, ghosts have the potential to be just as unique and varied as the living people they once were.

In games like Minecraft, you can even play as one. Or at least dressed as one.

What’s the difference, really?

Simply applying a supernatural skin and thinking up some lore for your character is a great way to add a little extra excitement to your gameplay.

Whether you’re in the market to become an ethereal beauty or a monstrous specter, this list is here to help.


1. Grey Ghost

Grey Ghost Female Skin For Minecraft

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We’re starting off on the ethereal beauty side of things. This skin is interesting to look at, despite being entirely monochrome.

Wearing a long sweater and a sad expression, this lost soul is less likely to inspire fear than sympathy.

The skin itself is shaded nicely, making good use of the layering system to give the grayscale ghost a sense of depth.

A strong first entry and a skin worth adding to any player’s collection.


2. Ghost Steve

Ghost Steve Minecraft Skin

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Here’s a spooky new take on the original Minecraft skin.

This spectral Steve brings to mind the earliest days of the game—memories faded by time and nearly forgotten.

Not many people use the base skin nowadays, with so many other options to choose from and talented creators to follow.

This design feels like a blast from the past. And if you’re looking to invoke a sense of nostalgia in all who gaze upon you, this is the way to go.


3. Phantoms of the Night (Girl)

Purple Phantom of the Night (Girl) Skin For Minecraft

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Here’s a faceless hunter that appears to have risen from her grave to continue the search for her quarry.

What exactly she’s hunting—mobs, dragons, or even fellow players—is up to you (or anyone else to grabs this design).

Shaded beautifully and accessorized in a way that’s both pragmatic and fashionable, this skin would make a great addition to any wardrobe.


4. Ghost Enderman

Ghost Enderman Minecraft Skin

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Apparently endermen get a full block shorter when they die.

There’s definitely a story worth uncovering there.

Whether you enjoy searching for answers to such questions or just spooking the living beings of Minecraft, this skin is worth considering in such ventures.


5. Runaway Ghost Bride

Runaway Ghost Bride Skin For Minecraft

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This skin could definitely be described as drop dead gorgeous, pun intended.

With long elegantly-styled hair and a wedding dress to match, it’s hard to imagine the history behind this skin being anything but a tragedy.

If that sounds like the kind of story you’re looking for, don’t skip over this design.


6. White Ice Ghost

Blue & White Ice Ghost Minecraft Skin

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Given the presence of what could reasonably be assumed is blood from a head wound, this skin is likely to be on the more vengeful side as far as spirits go.

That being said, looks can be deceiving.

And if you want to be a friendly ghost who just so happened to be bludgeoned to death, that’s entirely up to you.

The skin itself is well crafted, shaded nicely, and it shows impressive attention to detail with the inclusion of smoke coming off of the arms, and a crack in the mask…

I think we can safely assume that crack might be why our character here is a spirit in the first place.


7. Faded Ghost (Girl)

Purple Faded Ghost Girl Skin For Minecraft

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This lilac skin is truly a sight to behold.

Although the entire cosmetic is shaded beautifully, the hair is especially interesting in the way the creator utilizes the layering system to give it a wavy texture.

Overall, I’d say this skin’s design is (I promise I’ll be done with the puns after this) simply to die for.


8. Nazgûl (LotR)

Nazgûl (Lord of the Rings) Minecraft Skin

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The servants of Sauron, bound to him through the One Ring, the Nazgûl are terrifying undead creatures also known as Ringwraiths.

Plaguing Middle-earth on and off until the One Ring was finally destroyed, these powerful servants of evil once inspired fear across their world.

By wearing this skin you could bring that fear to the world of Minecraft, too.

If you’ve got eight or nine friends, you could even establish Sauron and The Nine and wreak havoc in the most immersive way possible. And we’ve got plenty of similar Lord of the Ring skins to try out too.

Just don’t let a hobbit destroy the source of your immortality this time.


9. I Think I Saw You (Ghost Girl)

Long Hair Ghost Girl Skin For Minecraft

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By far, this is the most visually horrifying of the explicitly feminine entries on this list.

I mean, this skin looks like it crawled right out of a movie and into Minecraft.

Beautiful despite her more eerie aspects, this raggedy phantom is far from one dimensional.

From her tattered dress to the rotting appearance of her skin and hair, the creator did a great job of making this ghost recognizably undead at a glance.


10. Screaming Ghost

Screaming Ghost With Red Eyes Minecraft Skin

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As is tradition, the best has been saved for last.

And this has to be the most terrifying skin on this list. You don’t need to be wearing diamond or netherite to get your opponents running in fear from this design.

In fact, armor at all would probably be counterproductive.

With a gaping maw that extends far beyond that of any normal creature, this ghost seems built to devour everything – from the souls of its victims to the unfortunate mobs that might wander into its path.

That being said, the cloth-like texture of the ghost’s body does make it look like a much more intimidating version of the classic impromptu Halloween ghost costume that’s actually just a sheet with holes for eyes.

Still, a fantastic skin that’s worth spooking your friends with at least once.

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