Best Green Hoodie Minecraft Skins (Boys + Girls)

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When thinking about the color green, many things come to mind:

Trees, plants, the vomiting emoji, and Christmas time.

It also reminds me of Minecraft’s vast lands where players spend countless hours digging and gathering resources.

The grassy shade may not be your favorite in the color spectrum – but our world wouldn’t look as beautiful without it.

Not to mention it’s a great color choice for a hoodie.


1. Tanjiro Hoodie

Tanjiro Hoodie Minecraft Skin

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In case you missed it, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is one of the most popular manga and anime series in recent memory – maybe of all time.

Its rise to fame can be credited to its beautiful animation, well-paced story, and likable characters.

One such character is Tanjiro, the heroic protagonist and the best bro you can ever wish for.

I won’t go into much detail about how much I adore Tanjiro – but let’s start with his signature black-and-green checkered haori, redesigned here into a hoodie!


2. Green Bear Hoodie & Vest Boy

Green Bear Hoodie & Vest Boy Skin For Minecraft

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I don’t have anything against classic Steve.

But if I’m surviving Minecraft, I’d rather do it in style.

This skin by creator Courtyeehaw equips your character with the necessary garments to protect them from the elements.

A vest to store tools, short shorts for maneuverability, a pastel green hoodie to blend with the surroundings, and finally, bear ears to charm others.

Trust me, downloading this skin is survival 101!


3. Green Hoodie with Crown (Boy)

Green Hoodie with Crown (Boy) Minecraft Skin

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Unlike Prince Charles, your character doesn’t have to wait for over 6 decades to ascend to the throne.

Even better: your character can even be the king of the world if that’s how you want it.

Everything is possible in Minecraft, including governing your own realm.

But before you become the Master Overlord of all things pixelized, here’s a skin to look the part.

Snag RubenMLL’s green hoodie topped off with a brilliant golden crown.


4. Green Hoodie Boy with Horns

Green Hoodie Boy with Horns Skin For Minecraft

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Many mobs prowl the lush lands of Minecraft.

Zombies, skeletons, cats, and even bees can be a menace to daily gameplay.

Then you have this green-horned character chilling in a green hoodie.

Don’t worry though – it’s not the weirdest thing out there in the world!


5. Clover Crown (Boy)

Clover Crown (Boy) Minecraft Skin

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Ever wondered how Peter Pan would dress in today’s fashion?

Well just check out this skin from 1080pRice!

The ensemble combines ripped jeans, a neon green checkered hoodie, and a grassy crown, manifesting a modern look for The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up.


6. Green Flower Hoodie

Green Flower Hoodie Skin For Minecraft

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We all know what a flower girl is…

But how about a flower boy?

Yes, flower boys do exist. But not in the way you know.

To start, flower boys don’t litter petals down a wedding aisle.

Instead, Korean entertainment culture defines them as boys who have “feminine features”.

It’s a challenge to create a pretty boy out of pixels – but thankfully, VickyOtis360 has got it all sorted out.


7. Girl in Green Cropped Hoodie

Girl in Green Cropped Hoodie Minecraft Skin

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When the trend of crop top hoodies began to emerge, I thought it was a stupid idea.

Hoodies were made to keep our bodies warm.

So why would designers deliberately expose someone’s navel out to the cold?

I guess it wasn’t much of an issue seeing as TikTokers and influencers have launched it to mainstream popularity.

True enough, an uncovered navel won’t give you hypothermia – just a stylish edge you never knew you needed.


8. Mushroom Hoodie (Girl)

Mushroom Hoodie (Girl) Skin For Minecraft

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Who knew mushrooms could be a great fit for a hoodie design?

Skin creator Lavness did!

The design features a cute brunette girl in a light green pullover, with a mushroom displayed in the front – plus anther mushroom used as a hood.

It’s such a random but creative idea, I simply had to put this on my list.


9. Watermelon Hoodie

Watermelon Hoodie Minecraft Skin

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I wouldn’t be thinking of watermelons during a cold, gloomy night.

But they do inspire an appetizing hoodie.

Creator brokolicakepop had me craving for one when I found this Watermelon Hoodie design, which is essentially just that: a hoodie in the color of a watermelon, decorated with watermelon seeds from shoulder to shoulder.

No one really intends to look like a walking fruit until the idea hits them.


10. Music Hoodie Girl

Music Hoodie Girl Skin For Minecraft

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Every music lover has their own way of showing appreciation.

In Minecraft, though, you can show it off by wearing this custom skin by prettypetals!

​​The ensemble is mostly black accented by green pixels that form at the sleeves, mimicking a visualizer.

And if it wasn’t obvious enough, a huge eighth note icon dominates the back.


11. Green Slime Girl

Green Slime Girl Minecraft Skin

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What was once poured over Nickelodeon guests and ignored at toy stores, is now a social media sensation and a serious moneymaker.

The slime business is not as slippery as it sounds:

It generates a lot of profit for entrepreneurs and has quick entertainment value.

Now this merchandise has found its way into Minecraft as wearable skin.

If you think it’s a dumb idea, try it on first – it might give you a gooey surprise.


12. Frog Girl

Frog Girl Skin For Minecraft

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If you thought we’re done with slimy textures, here’s a hoodie inspired by the slimiest of them all: frogs.

This list wouldn’t be complete without a frog-inspired hoodie, seeing as it’s the most well-known green animal on the planet.

Thankfully, no frogs were dissected to create this skin – which features a long all-green pullover and a frog hood.


13. Dino Hoodie

Dino Hoodie Minecraft Skin

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It’s been 66 million years, but dinosaurs continue to fascinate the world, so much so that DinTheDinosaur created this hoodie.

It has a bright green color enhanced by spikes, a tail at the back, and serrated teeth on the hood.

IRL, the dinosaurs might be gone for good.

But this skin won’t go extinct anytime soon.


14. Turtle Hoodie (Girl)

Turtle Hoodie (Girl) Skin For Minecraft

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If only Turtle Hoodies were a thing in the real world, I would’ve gone to all the Halloween parties I’ve missed over the years.

This custom skin by webbedtoes is the ideal outfit to wear when days are just annoyingly… slow.

It’s a comfy ensemble to have on the go, especially when chased by hostile mobs.


15. Forest Archer (Girl)

Forest Archer (Girl) Minecraft Skin

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Want to have a killer look when out and about in the wilds?

Then say hello to Coptergirl1’s blonde female archer skin.

The dark green hoodie blends perfectly into any environment – a useful trick to stave off pesky mobs.

And this design also comes with a quiver and a mask. Y’know, to conceal you from your enemies.

Plus if you want even more ideas for archery-themed skins, we’ve got you covered.

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