Minecraft: The Best Green-Colored Skins (Boys + Girls)

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Green can be found just about everywhere you look, not just in nature, but in games that seek to emulate it.

With Minecraft’s lush forests and grassy fields, there’s no lack of green in the scenery. And if that’s not quite enough then you can easily find green-colored skins featuring every shade imaginable.

Finding one that’s just right can take hours of browsing and scrolling.

But good news: we’re hoping to save you time by curating a bunch of great ideas all right here.

So after digging through a massive collection of skins that prominently feature the color green, these are our picks of the best ones that the Skindex had to offer.


1. Garden Fairy

Green Garden Fairy Character / Minecraft Skin

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Forget the other side, the grass is probably greener wherever this fairy lives.

With leaves for wings and plants for clothes, this skin really captures the more magical aspects of nature.

And by sticking to green shades that are cool and soft, this garden fairy is able to appear both unassuming and timelessly powerful.

Whether flitting about a flourishing palace garden, or wandering through the ivy covered ruins of an ancient civilization, any lush locale would have her looking perfectly at home.


2. The Grinch

The Grinch From Whoville / Minecraft Skin

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It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas.

Or how to ruin it.

This Grinch skin may look a little out of season most of the time, but don’t let that stop you!

It’s quite well made, too, with spot-on shading and eyes that leave no room for doubt in regards to your mischievous intentions.


3. Evergreen

Evergreen Christmas Girl Skin with Santa Hat / Minecraft Skin

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While this skin may also look a bit out of place in the warmer seasons, it’s super cute, and most importantly it features the color green.

The Santa hat, candy cane tights, and wooly green sweater dress are probably charming enough to get a pass, anyway.

Anyone playing as a girl are sure to love this getup.

Seasonally appropriate or not, I’d say this is clearly a labor of love – and an option worth downloading, if only to use for the holidays.


4. Viper (Valorant)

Viper from Valorant / Minecraft Skin

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Any Valorant players out there will know that Viper is the perfect character to emulate while throwing potions of poison at enemies in Minecraft.

Her actual design uses both cooler and warmer greens in a way that gives her an unsettling aura of toxicity (which fits her skillset very well).

And that design is translated masterfully into this skin. Plus it’s shaded beautifully, and it’s something any Viper main would wear with pride.


5. Toxic Acid

Green Toxic Acid Glowing Character / Minecraft Skin

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Another poisonous pick here, and this skin uses a similar palette in a more fantastical way.

Rather than going for something toxic but natural, this literal demon looks like even plants from the Nether would wilt and die around her.

The neons are offset slightly by the cooler green of this demon’s hair.

And the addition of that small amount of softer coloration makes the skin look almost corrupted.

Every design choice here is made to pop against a charcoal base, with the end result being a visually appealing cosmetic that could definitely inspire stories about its origins.


6. Luigi

Modern HD Luigi From SMB / Minecraft Skin

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While he may forever be living in his brother’s shadow, Luigi is nevertheless the childhood hero of many Nintendo fans.

Clearly whoever requested this skin is one of them.

The creator undeniably does justice to our favorite green plumber, cutting no corners on replicating Luigi’s iconic green look.

And if you want even more Mario-themed green characters (like Bowser and Yoshi) then take a peek at our collection of Super Mario skins, tailor-made for any fan of the series.

Or maybe keep scrolling, you never know what else we’ve got here…


7. Toph Beifong

Toph Beifong from Avatar The Last Airbender / Minecraft Skin

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While the Blind Bandit herself can’t see the green she’s wearing, it’s a major part of the Earth Kingdom aesthetic for obvious reasons.

Earthbending may not be a thing in Minecraft yet.

But that’s no reason not to wear an Avatar skin.

Besides, there are probably mods for that. Or at least there should be.

This skin does a good job of incorporating the gold decals of Toph’s outfit, and using yellow for shading on her tunic to make it more vibrant.


8. Yoshi

Bright Green Yoshi / Minecraft Skin

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Who doesn’t love Yoshi?

Probably the people he beats at Mario Kart, but still. He’s an adorable green dinosaur!

This skin creator really nails the cartoonish and friendly look of Yoshi, all without skimping on the shading.

Overall, this is the kind of skin that brings out a lot of happy childhood memories for a great many people – while also being very well made, and nice to look at in its own right.


9. Woodland Elf

Detailed Woodland Elf / Minecraft Skin

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Elves and nature tend to go hand in hand, often leading to earthy tones becoming part of their general aesthetic.

The warm and inviting shades used in this summery skin are about as natural as they come, with the bright yellow of the sunflowers and leafy green of the undershirt really making the look “pop” despite the somewhat dull brown of the corset and boots.

Lots of colors going on here.

But fans of elves should definitely give this one a try.


10. Link

Modern Link from LoZ Series / Minecraft Skin

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While not the titular character of the Legend of Zelda games, Link is the playable protagonist of the majority of those titles.

He’s also gotta be one of the most iconic green video game characters out there.

His green tunic and cap are consistent across most of the games he’s in, making his appearance on this list practically unavoidable.

That being said, this skin really shines in its own right – largely thanks to the effort put in by the creator to nail the shading and little details.

But for those of you who want Link in his other tunics, here’s our LoZ skin list to check out too.


11. Nature Girl

Green Valkyrie Nature Girl / Minecraft Skin

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Featuring green hair bedazzled with what appear to be pinecones, and utilizing a soft spring palette, this female design certainly lives up to its name.

The use of blue and yellow to highlight the green adds depth and vibrancy to the skin.

All of these colors truly set this design apart from others like it.

So in honor of Mother Nature, here’s a skin worthy of any player’s wardrobe.


12. Biome Fest(Girl w/ Headphones)

Green Girl with Green Headphones / Minecraft Skin

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Although this design is certainly in a similar vein to the previous skin, I’d say this one does a bit more than just swapping the green from the hair to the outfit.

If you liked the palette of Nature, but wanted a less fantastical appearance, this fits perfectly.

And it comes with such classic Minecraft skin motifs as the gaming headset and creeper hoodie. This creator did a wonderful job of combining older ideas with newer tools and skills.

Nostalgic Minecraft players who miss the chunky headphones and mob-themed outerwear that once dominated the skin scene will love this entry, but newcomers certainly won’t find it lacking either.


13. Froggy Boi

Guy wearing Frog Outfit / Minecraft Skin

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There’s a distinct lack of cute boy skins compared to the vast quantities of cute girl ones.

Fortunately, there are still some very high quality ideas out there.

Here’s an example.

As the name would suggest, this male design includes a variety of frog-themed apparel, including an adorable green frog hat and sweater.

This is hands-down one of the cutest boy skins out there, and perfect for any frog fanatics.


14. Creeper Wizard

Cloaked Green Creeper Wizard / Minecraft Skin

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One of the biggest changes to Minecraft skins since the game was released has been the addition of outer layers to more than just the head of the skin.

While mainly used by creators alongside shading to portray depth, a handful have taken it a step further.

And it’s true that you can’t leave empty pixels in the base layer of a skin (to avoid invisibility exploits), but the outer layer has no such restrictions.

As can be seen in this skin, using a light color pattern on the under layer, and creating effectively a second skin with strategic gaps over it – all resulting in a sort of glowing effect.

That effect lends itself well to a magical humanoid interpretation of a mob that glows while it prepares to explode.

Kudos to the creator, because this skin is seriously awesome and executed insanely well.


15. Penny Polendina

Penny Polendina from RWBY Anime / Minecraft Skin

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Any RWBY fans out there will recognize this lovely little robot.

Penny is a fan favorite, and for good reason.

She’s cute, she has an awesome dad, and she can make lasers using swords.

What more could you possibly ask for?

On top of all of that, she—or possibly her dad—has a great fashion sense.

Penny’s pleated skirt, held up with matching green suspenders, is quite frankly iconic. The giant bow is pretty great too, but come on.

Suspender skirts are the best.

In any case, this recreation of RWBY’s robot with a soul is a great addition to any Minecraft skin collection.

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