Best Minecraft Hat Mods & Modpacks (All Free)

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Does your Minecraft skin have a bad haircut?

Fear not, for we’ve got a collection of the coolest hat mods that’ll to hide that crazy hair you have going.

Some of these hat mods are purely aesthetic, while others provide functional value.

The common thread between all these hats is that they all look fantastic!


10. Ant Hats Mod

Ant Hats Mod for Minecraft

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Supported Version: 1.12

We often think of ourselves as the dominant species on the planet.

But did you know that ants make up about the same biomass as us on Earth?

This mod adds ants to your game of Minecraft.

And if reading the fun fact mentioned above made you insecure about our place on the planet, this mod also allows you to take this insecurity out on them.


By turning them into hats, of course!

The mod adds ants, fire ants, and bullet ants, each of which can be turned into a hat.

Leave it to humans to turn any species we encounter into a fancy hat.

Hilariously enough, these ant hats are quite powerful, with the bullet ant hat being stronger than the diamond helmet.

If you’ve ever read or watched Spiderman, you know it’s about proportional strength.


9. Witch Hats

Witch Hats Minecraft mod screenshot

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Supported Version: 1.12

Have you ever been jealous of how menacing a witch looks in the midst of fighting it?

No need to be jealous – because now you can take it from them!

All you have to do is kill a witch and it’ll drop its hat.

Not only are you getting a hat, but you’re also getting a costume for next Halloween!


8. Villager Hats

Villager Hats Minecraft mod

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Supported Versions: 1.14-1.16

Yep, a collection of hats you can wear based on your Minecraft villagers.

Pretty straightforward, right?

This mod includes a nice selection of around a dozen or so hats, including a farmer’s hat, an armorer’s hat, a fisherman’s hat, and a whole lot more.


7. Hat Stands

Hat Stands mod for Minecraft

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Supported Versions: 1.7, 1.10, 1.12

What’s more ruthless than having a room where the heads of your enemies are wallpaper?

The answer is exactly that – with the addition of their decapitated heads having funny hats on!

Hat Stands is an add-on to the Hats mod, which (spoiler alert!) will appear later on this list.

It allows you to put hats on the heads of your dead enemies to turn their entire life and legacy into a big joke to show your guests.

Hopefully your guests have a dark sense of humor.


6. Ears

Ears Minecraft mod

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Supported Versions: 1.16-1.18

Ever wonder how your Minecraft dogs and cats experience the game?

Ears is a mod that lets you feel more like a domesticated animal.

You might even feel closer to your pets after trying on a pair of cat ears!

Maybe you have a dog instead. That’s fine too, because you can make your own ears and customize them using the Ear Skin Manipulator website.

The mod also adds customizable tails in case the ears aren’t immersive enough.

Nothing’s more immersive than someone stepping on your tail!


5. Miner’s Helmet

Miner’s Helmet mod for Minecraft

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Supported Versions: 1.14-1.16

Have you ever been deep into a mining session, only to run out of torches?

Get yourself a mining helmet and make sure this never happens again!

This mod provides a mining helmet that works virtually everywhere.

You can use the helmet underwater, where torches can’t do the job. The helmet can be obtained through crafting or by killing a mob wearing it.


4. Propeller Hats

Propeller Hats Minecraft mod screenshot

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Supported Version: 1.16

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s someone with a spinny hat?

This mod gives you propeller hats to fly around with.

There are multiple tiers of propeller hats here, depending on just how badly you want to feel like a helicopter.

Jetpacks are the future, but propeller hats are the future of the future.


3. Useful Hats

Useful Hats Minecraft mod

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Supported Versions: 1.14-1.16

Useful Hats is a mod that adds various hats to the game.

Again, a straightforward mod.

But as the name suggests, these hats aren’t just for looking good! They make themselves useful by providing you with some sort of buff! Check out all the details for each hat on the mod page above.


2. Give Me Hats!

Give Me Hats! mod for Minecraft

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Supported Versions: 1.15-1.17

Imagine it’s a nice summer day. The only snow around is in glass globes.

This mod will still have you scavenging dungeon chests, desperately trying to find a Santa hat.

Each hat acts as a power-up, carrying a unique buff for your character.

There’s also such a great variety of hats, making them incredibly fun to collect.

If you’re a catboy/catgirl/cat-person, there’s a pair of cat ears waiting for you! In addition to making you popular with the cat-loving crowd, you can use cat ears to scare creepers away.


1. Hats

Hats Minecraft mod screenshot

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Supported Versions: 1.10, 1.12, 1.16

Hats for players. Hats for mobs.

There’s no shortage of hats here.

With how this mod gives hats to everyone, I’m surprised there isn’t a Russian fur hat. You know, because communism.

To get a hat, you need to steal it by killing a mob that’s wearing one.

Okay, so maybe this mod isn’t super communist…

There are various tiers of hats here, all based on rarity.

The highest tier you can get is legendary. Basically any hat at this tier is designer.

And this mod also lets you make a hat launcher. Unlike many guns, this one isn’t used to kill other beings.

The hat launcher is for giving your passive mobs some fancy hats!

Poor things are too passive to kill a monster and steal it themselves.

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