Best Health-Related Minecraft Mods (All Free)

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The gods of Minecraft have blessed us with ten precious hearts, and the modders of Minecraft have blessed us with lines of code that mess around with those ten hearts!

Not in a heartbreaker kind of way.

Minecraft modders are too nice for that.

But these are some of the better health-related mods out there, given to us by modders with a big heart and some free time.


6. The Medkit Mod

The Medkit Mod Preview for Minecraft

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Supported Versions: 1.16

Healing potions are useful.

But maybe you live in a village where the villagers may just execute you for engaging in witchcraft. Hey, you never know what kind of hidden features Mojang may have added!

With The Medkit Mod, you can protect yourself from cuts and executions.

Or, well, heal yourself from cuts.

The protection is what armor is for.

But this Medkit mod adds two new items to the game: the bamboo bandage, which heals one heart, and the medkit, which heals all your hearts.


5. Torohealth Damage Indicators

Torohealth Damage Indicators Minecraft mod

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Supported Versions: 1.15-1.17

ToroCraft has created a mod where you can see the health of an entity just by looking at it.

Doctors love ToroCraft!

This is super useful for two things in particular: combat and torture.

Combat because it shows you just how much health your enemy has, which helps in killing them.

And torture because it shows you just how much health your enemy has, which helps in not killing them.


4. Enchanted Golden Apple Crafting

Enchanted Golden Apple Crafting MC mod preview

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Supported Versions: 1.15-1.17

An enchanted golden apple is arguably the most powerful item in the game, which is why it has the nickname “god apple.”

These are the types of apples you’d see growing in the garden of Eden.

Nowadays, you can only find them in two places: naturally generated chests, and the creative mode item selection screen.

But to think, there was a time when you could craft this holy fruit.

Enchanted Golden Apple Crafting brings you back to the good old days when you could temporarily play God for the price of 8 golden blocks and an apple.

Of course, you could also play God by doing what Jim Carrey did. You know, by auditioning for it.


3. Healing Campfire

Healing Campfire mod for Minecraft

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Supported Versions: 1.15-1.17

Fire is normally seen as a destructive element.

I mean, just ask your local firefighters. Or your probably not-so-local Amazonian rainforests.

Healing Campfire gives fire some character depth in the game.

Not only does fire destroy… but it also heals! Only if that fire is also camp, though, so dress your fire up in some logs and sticks & watch it do its magic.

What does this “magic” entail, you might be wondering?

Standing around a campfire will heal entities within a certain radius. Just like in Fortnite!


2. Scaling Health

Scaling Health Minecraft mod screenshot

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Supported Versions: 1.15-1.17

This mod is for those of you that feel like Minecraft is too easy.

And it’s also for those of you that feel like Minecraft is too hard.

And also for those that feel like vanilla Minecraft is at a good difficulty.

Okay, this mod is basically for everyone, as long as you’re cool with changing things up a bit.

That’s because Scaling Health is a highly customizable mod. It allows you to set the health of players, mobs, or both!

If you want to, you can make your Minecraft world feel like a highly hostile hospital with everyone in it having terrible health.

The mod also comes with a variety of additional features that can all be turned off if you hate them, such as items that affect health, and blights, which are essentially super powerful mobs. Blights will be your plight!

Unless of course, you scale your health up to godlike levels.


1. First Aid

First Aid Minecraft mod preview

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Supported Versions: 1.15-1.17

What’s better than one health bar?

Eight health bars!

First Aid gives the different parts of your body their own health bars. And there are plenty of health bars to go around.

But this mod, by default, turns off natural health regeneration. No longer will you get health points for sitting around and doing nothing.

Health regeneration can be done using bandages or plaster, but you can always turn natural health regeneration back on if you really just want to get health points for doing nothing.

There are also part-specific debuffs in this mod, too.

For example, if your head gets hit hard enough, you’ll temporarily get blindness and/or nausea. Protect that cranium!

Armor calculation is also part-specific now, so only your leggings will be damaged if your legs get hit.

Thanks for taking one for the team, leggings.

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