Top 12 Scariest Minecraft Horror Mods Worth Trying

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If you thought Minecraft was all about sunny landscapes and the joy of crafting, well you’re mostly right.

But with modding we can make that all completely wrong.

With the right modifications, Minecraft can be as terrifying as any survival game out there, and become an experience so unnerving that losing your life will become the least of your worries.

So arm yourself with all the courage you can muster, if you really want to brave the dangers that lurk in the dark.


12. Nightmare Horror Map

Nightmare Horror Map Minecraft Mod

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Your worst nightmare has stepped out from the dream world into your Minecraft world. Scary!

Nightmare Horror is a custom map that will pit the player against a monster that’s stalking their dreams. Getting some Nightmare on Elm Street vibes here.

The adventure is definitely on the simple side, but it’s a good taste of what can be achieved in Minecraft with the right atmosphere.


11. Stalker Creepers

Stalker Creepers for Minecraft

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If you like taunting those poor creepers, try doing it with the Stalker Creepers mod installed.

This mod is a simple gameplay modification for those who still want to experience the thrills of the night, without having to experience complete overhauls as well, since the only thing this mod does is make creepers really stalk you around.

They become so relentless that violence will be your only way out. Roam with caution.


10. Resident Evil

Resident Evil mod screenshot for Minecraft

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Minecraft Evil. Here for all your spooky needs.

This crazy Resident Evil mod introduces weapons, enemies, items, and weapon upgrades inspired by the amazing survival horror series created by Capcom.

Sadly, Mr. X is still not in it.

So if you hear footsteps getting louder and louder, it’s not him. Probably something much, much worse.


9. Weeping Angels

Weeping Angels Mod for Minecraft

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If devils can cry, why shouldn’t angels be able to?

Weeping Angels introduces the fearsome creatures seen in the Doctor Who series, complete with their hatred for all light and life.

If one gets its eyes on you, well then you only have two choices: use the Chronodyne Generator to quantum lock them(as they should always be) or cave their skulls in with a pickaxe.


8. Jolicraft Spooky

Jolicraft Spooky in Minecraft

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Halloween stopped being scary a long time ago. But this doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate properly!

This Jolicraft Spooky Halloween texture pack, which requires Jolicraft to work properly, includes every spooky texture you can think of.

From pumpkins to spirits, and all kinds of devils. Blood and mice and everything nice.

And they look horrifically right at home!


7. Witchery

Witchery Minecraft mod preview

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Ladies and gentlemen, can I invite you to a joyful night of revelry and witchcraft?

Witchery may not seem very scary at first glance. But first looks can be very deceiving.

Granting you the ability to explore the magical art of witchcraft and control the very fabric of Minecraft’s nature, this mod is a real gem. It’ll also let you delve deeper into the arts of darkness, taking you to a place you may never be able to leave. So, ready for the sabbath?


6. The Pumpkin Map

The Pumpkin Map for Minecraft

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If someone offered you money to retrieve an ancient mummy, would you do it? I know I would.

This Pumpkin Map is a horror map that offers all those thrills you expect to find during Halloween night.

And it’s really pretty frightening. This includes jumpscares and mind-twisting illusions that will thrill you more than any simple ghoul would ever be able to.

Maybe accepting the task to snatch that golden mummy wasn’t a great idea.


5. Slender Man

Slender Man Minecraft Mod

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The Slender Man. Also known as the next generation bogeyman.

Unlike most Minecraft horror mods which put you inside scary-looking maps, the Slender Man mod introduces the fearsome creature of the night in the regular game.

So you’re not forced to confront him if you don’t want to. But if curiosity gets the best of you… head into any Forest biome and be prepared for the worst: nausea and blindness will be the least of your problems if it catches you.


4. The Orphanage

The Orphanage Mod for Minecraft

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No matter what, you do not want to get inside the Orphanage.

Especially if you’re easily scared.

This horror map is among the scariest ever made for Minecraft, featuring an unnerving atmosphere, a great story, and a lot of jumpscares.

So many that you’ll feel like you’ve entered Silent Hill, and not the Orphanage.


3. Horror Movie Monsters

Horror Movie Monsters in Minecraft

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Think of any horror movie monster you can.

There’s a 100% chance you’ll encounter it in Minecraft, thanks to the Horror Movie Monster mod.

This brings tons of famous monsters and villains like Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, Pennywise, and Pinhead, all to Minecraft in a blocky form.

And these redesigns are no less scary than their regular movie forms.

This time, however, you can fight back. And taking them down will let you get their signature weapon to yield for yourself. Just make sure you don’t turn into a monster!


2. Bewitchment

Bewitchment mod screenshot for Minecraft

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Demons, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and a pinch of salt.

The perfect recipe for an extremely spooky mod.

Bewitchment, a spiritual successor to the Witchery mod, includes many of the saome features that make the original mod so great.

Think of this more like an extension, so it offers the ability to make a pact with all the creatures of the night. But a whole lot more, too!

Make sure to never break those contracts, either. Those signed with blood are binding.


1. The Cannibal Map

The Cannibal Map Minecraft Mod

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Our sins must lay heavy upon our souls if we’re to be stalked by a ferocious cannibal.

This Cannibal map represents a different take on the horror atmosphere seen in the previous mods in this list, as it doesn’t employ any jumpscares or other gimmicks.

It just sets a cannibal loose on you. It’s someone who’s escaped from a mental facility, forcing you to run around fearless and resourceful if you don’t want to become someone else’s meal.

With custom sound effects and textures as well, you’ll hardly find a better horror map for Minecraft.

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