The Best Ice-Themed Minecraft Skins (Boys + Girls)

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From deep freeze fanatics to summer short-wearers, everyone can appreciate the magic of the winter months.

There’s something otherworldly about the scenery of anywhere when the leaves shed, the snow falls, and the ice thickens.

I love the wintry world of blues and whites and coats and boots.

And not to spoil this article, but the Minecraft community happens to share my affinity for icy aesthetics.


1. Frozen Steve

Frozen Steve Minecraft Skin

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Get ready to experience a lot of ice blue, because even though Steve is looking worse for wear here, this is just the beginning of the deep freeze.

I don’t know how Steve managed to find himself here, completely encased in ice…

But I reckon he should stay away from the glacier biomes from now on.

Genuinely though, shout out to creator JulianDNS for this frozen solid Steve skin.

The ice isn’t a thin sheen around Steve, all of the textures are dyed an icy blue. That’s some impressive skin-crafting right there.


2. Ice Bunny (Girl)

Ice Bunny (Girl) Skin For Minecraft

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Skin creator glacial understood the assignment in both his name & this design.

On the spectrum of colors, I have to say that polar/ice blue is heavily underrated. I know that saying that has you thinking of Gatorade flavors, but I’m serious.

The icy shade of blue in this skin is somewhere between sky blue and turquoise, which gives it an airy yet watery vibe.

AKA a perfect icy coolness.

Even beyond the color palette, the design on this outfit is sick. I love that bunny hat, both practical and fashionable.


3. Derp Face Cube

Derp Face Ice Cube Minecraft Skin

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This one had me laughing out loud.

Here I am, going on tangents about outfit designs and color choices when I stumble upon a derp face skin made of ice.

Sometimes the simple things in life really are the most pleasurable.

If anyone tries to say that this skin is anything but cool and cute as all heck, point them my way.

I’m gonna have some words for them.


4. Elsa The Snow Queen (Frozen)

Elsa The Snow Queen (Frozen) Skin For Minecraft

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When discussing Minecraft skins and ice, this skin was bound to pop up eventually.

I know that plenty of people have both loved and nearly lost their minds hearing Idina Menzel sing “Let It Go,” including me, but Elsa deserves a place in this land of iced skins.

I have to give creator InkyWolf credit where credit is due because this Elsa skin lives up to the ice list.

This is a flawless Elsa that is so iconic and easily identifiable you could spot it from a mile away.

It’s especially impressive since this skin was made way back in 2013.


5. Actually Just Ice

Actually Just Ice Minecraft Skin

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Heheh, I know that this skin might be a little literal for a list of “ice skins,” but it’s pretty funny.

I don’t think that a pale blue, player-shaped ice cube would make it to the list by itself. It’s the definition and detailing put in by creator ssly that sells this skin.

Glass and ice have specific textures in-game.

And this skin applies that texture to your player skin’s body to give it an uncanny look that’s just top-notch.

This skin has to pass with flying colors for any true appreciator of ice.


6. Ice Bear (We Bare Bears)

Ice Bear (We Bare Bears) Skin For Minecraft

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I don’t know how everyone feels about We Bare Bears, but I think it’s kind of a revelation of a show.

I absolutely love We Bare Bears.

I think that the show manages to set a perfect, singular tone, and it’s so wholesome and fun; it’s just everything.

That love and joy carries over right into this Ice Bear skin by creator Allergy_Man.

And this design perfectly encapsulates Ice Bear’s blaze attitude and his love for cookery. To say the least, I am here for it.


7. Freezing Christmas (Boy)

Freezing Christmas (Boy) Minecraft Skin

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If you spot something by skin creator IMakeSkins, I have to insist that you pay attention to it – because everything this creator touches shines.

I’ve been through plenty of lists with different themes and styles. Certain skin-makers are better at certain styles which makes perfect sense considering different artists have different art styles.

That being said, IMakeSkins is almost ubiquitous in every list I’ve made.

It’s not because I seek out their work. It’s simply that every single thing they touch turns to gold.


8. Freezing Christmas (Girl)

Freezing Christmas (Girl) Skin For Minecraft

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Look at this pairing for player skins.

It’s not enough for IMakeSkins to make a holiday-themed frozen skin that I would call perfect.

The ugly Christmas sweater is a favorite look of mine, and these are expertly made. The pattern is immaculate, and I love the blue-hued frozen look of them.

The cherry for these skins though is that there are two of them, a girl and a boy.

Whether you’re looking for a skin more representative of you or for a him and hers pair, these are the absolute perfect winter skins.


9. Ice Cubette

Ice Cubette Minecraft Skin

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If we’re going to have a derp face skin, and literally an ice cube skin, we might as well have an ice girl skin.

I’ve dubbed this beautiful work by creator Cemetary “Ice Cubette”, because I can’t think of any better way to capture how much I love this skin.

It’s somewhere between a joke and an Adventure Time princess, and I wish I’d discovered it years ago.

Granted, I don’t know if this skin existed years ago… but I can think of a ton of people who would love to wear this skin, including myself.


10. Ice Golem

Ice Golem Sunglasses Skin For Minecraft

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The Iron Golem might be one of my favorite Minecraft additions.

Not because they can turn into a source of infinite iron, but because they’re such a cool idea.

Villagers get protected by a giant iron construct. That’s rad.

This player skin takes that idea and adapts it to the frozen wastelands by creating the ice golem. The textures on this skin look incredible and make it seem futuristic and frozen at the same time.


11. The Yeti

The Snow Yeti Minecraft Skin

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I challenge you to name a creature that thrives in the harshest of wintry freezes like the Yeti.

I know, I know, the Yeti isn’t “real” or whatever.

It’s real in my heart, and that’s all that matters. Oh, and it’s real in the world of Minecraft skins too.

I think this skin by creator Kefka (another stellar skin-maker by the way) is hilarious. I love when skins make a head over-sized by only putting the top half on the actual head and extending the mouth to the skin’s torso.

The optical illusion works so well for me.

I think this skin is a work of art. But I also love the Yeti, and would die for him under any circumstance.


12. Frozone (The Incredibles)

Frozone (The Incredibles) Skin For Minecraft

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The Incredibles is one of the best animated movies of all time, and it’s entirely due to Frozone.

Well, that’s not quite a factual statement, but Frozone and his super suit elevate the Incredibles franchise undoubtedly.

This is in part due to a hilarious performance and in part due to amazing character design.

If you’re anything like me, you’re dying to enter the Frozone and bring some icy adventures to your next Minecraft game.


13. Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat)

Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat) Minecraft Skin

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Whether you’re a fighting game fanatic or simply a fan of the aesthetics, I have to tell you that you’re not alone.

Tons of gaming fans for decades have been obsessed with Sub-Zero’s freezing coolness, and for good reason.

He’s a supernatural ice ninja.

That’s the coolest combination of words that middle school me could even comprehend.

Of course I’d want to play as that in Minecraft!

And if you like this one then have a peek at our full MK skin list.


14. The Ice Whisperer

The Ice Whisperer Skin For Minecraft

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I love seeing a creator’s OC (original content) because I love seeing all the cool things this community manages to come up with.

And here’s a skin that’s a perfect example of that.

Creator mcc489’s Crustallos Nix is a terrifying figure, seemingly made of ice and haze itself with a gaping black hole for a face.

The look is so evocative and gives off these spooky, frozen horror vibes.

And the description is merely that it’s an ice hoodie.

I love that – and this skin.


15. Snowman

Snowman (Basic) Minecraft Skin

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I know that snow might not be classified as ice. But as its wintry double, I feel like snow deserves at least one highlight on this ice list.

What better way to celebrate ice, snow, and all the wonder that winter offers than with a Snowman?

I feel like a classic Christmas snowman like this will never go out of style.

It’ll always give those fun Christmas-y vibes that we’re often looking for.

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