Minecraft: Best Indiana Jones Skins (All Free)

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There’s no shortage of classic films and scores that have been made by Steven Spielberg and John Williams.

But for me, nothing tops Indiana Jones.

While some folks might not be Indy to the bone like I am, the Indiana movies are classic action adventure done to perfection, and I’ll hear nothing otherwise.

From the whip-cracking professor to the exotic locations, the films took an established genre and turned it into 1980s glory.

If you feel the same way (or just want to emulate Dr. Henry Jones Jr. himself), we have you covered with this collection from the Minecraft skinosphere.


1. Classic Indy

Classic Indy Minecraft Skin

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Nothing should be able to point out how classic and timeless the Indiana Jones series is than by the fact that Indiana Jones skins have been made by the Minecraft community for over a decade.

This classic from 2011 was the earliest fedora wearing skin I could find.


2. Bearded Indy

Bearded Indy Skin For Minecraft

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There are few tropes I like more in the adventure genre than when a character going through an ordeal grows a beard.

How else are you supposed to tell that time has passed and the adventure is worthwhile?

Scraggly facial hair is one of the hallmarks of a quality quest. That rule applies to Indiana Jones and beyond.


3. Young Indy

Young Indy Minecraft Skin

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Maybe you’re looking for an Indiana Jones skin but one with less bite. You’re not a fan of the grizzled adventurer or the jaded old man Indy.

Maybe, you want dashing young professor Indiana. Hey, I wouldn’t blame you. Thankfully, neither would creator Fonsbobs with this green-eyed whippersnapper skin.


4. Indiana Steve

Indiana Steve Skin For Minecraft

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If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. There’s nothing better than taking Minecraft’s default player model Steve and putting him in literally any other outfit or situation.

The blank expression on Steve’s face makes him both infinitely customizable and infinitely hilarious.

Say what you will, but I love Indiana Steve.


5. Open Shirt Indy

Open Shirt Indy Minecraft Skin

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Indiana Jones has dozens of classic action scenes and one of the most recognizable character designs from the last 50 years.

I’d be willing to argue that at least a third of that success comes from the fact he wears those white shirts loose with a few buttons undone.

Sure the whip and the hat and the jacket finish the vibe, but without that chest showing, Indiana would be no adventurer at all.


6. Gruff Indy

Gruff Indy Skin For Minecraft

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Part of the fun I have when I comb through the Minecraft community’s Indiana Jones entries is seeing the differences in style when creating the same character.

Creator Aximili, who’s been making skins for a long time, put an emphasis on the dirtied look that Indiana Jones gets, making the skin pixelated and gray or brown tinged as if he’d been rolling around in dirt.

To be fair, there’s a good chance that Indiana Jones has recently been rolling around in dirt. The point is, I love the gruff vibe of this Indy.


7. Cartoon Indiana Jones

Cartoon Indiana Jones Minecraft Skin

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In direct contrast with the previous skin, this Indy has a much more rounded, smoothed, almost shiny look to him.

Creator Squirrel (amazing name, by the way) decided to go for a cartoonish art style when depicting Indiana Jones.

The result?

An Indiana skin that looks like no other on this list. It stands head and fedora clear of the others.


8. Col. Ernst Vogel

Col. Ernst Vogel Skin For Minecraft

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The Indiana Jones series isn’t limited to just the eponymous character himself. As with any strong 80s film, there has to be a bad guy, and who are better bad guys than the Nazis?

Col. Ernst Vogel is the most German villain name I’ve ever heard.

That makes sense considering he’s the German villain in the Last Crusade.


9. Short Round

Short Round Minecraft Skin

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Short Round might not be the most sensitive character by modern standards.

But there’s no denying that he made the second Indiana Jones movie.

Granted, this isn’t the most detailed skin of the lovable pickpocket. But it was made in 2012, and I wasn’t about to give Short Round the short end of the stick.


10. Temple of Doom Indy

Temple of Doom Indy Skin For Minecraft

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Speaking of the Temple of Doom, it is my favorite Indiana Jones film, and the scene this skin is from happens to be one of my favorite scenes.

One sleeve, chest out, sword in hand: that’s the way Indiana Jones was meant to be.


11. Raiders Indy

Raiders Indy Minecraft Skin

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If you’re looking for an Indy alt skin like you’re playing one of the LEGO games, here’s Indy from the map room scene in Raiders.


12. Slime Jones

Slime Jones Skin For Minecraft

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If you’re looking for an even more out there alt skin, Slime Jones should fit the bill.

I couldn’t begin to tell you how much I love Indiana Jones but as slime from Minecraft. This skin is hilarious.


13. Col. Herman Dietrich

Col. Herman Dietrich Minecraft Skin

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If Col. Vogel didn’t quite satisfy your hunger for Indy villains, you could always download this classic skin of Col. Herman Dietrich, the Nazi commander from the first Indiana Jones film.


14. Cairo Scene Indy

Cairo Scene Indy Skin For Minecraft

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If there’s one scene everyone knows from Indiana Jones, it’s got to be the Cairo scene.

The bustling streets, the flashy swordsman, Indy’s shot from the hip: that’s what makes these movies so great.


15. Henry Jones Sr.

Henry Jones Sr. Minecraft Skin

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There would be no Indiana Jones without the original Henry Jones Sr.

Sean Connery playing Harrison Ford’s father in the Indiana Jones series will always be one of my favorite actor casting pairs, and this skin is perfect for replicating that incredible dynamic in game.

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