Best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Skins For Minecraft (All Free)

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is just that… bizarre.

Which means that its characters are some of the most memorable in all of anime.

Their style is also by far some of the craziest in animation.

While anime doesn’t get enough attention when it comes to Minecraft skins and content in-game, at least we’ll always have modders out there that create the content for us.


1. Dio Brando

Dio Brando JJBA Minecraft Skin

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You expected a Minecraft skin, but it was I, Dio!

Yeah. I know that joke will never die, but that’s why Dio comes first in our list here.

Dio is the main antagonist of the first part of the series. He’s a power hungry vampire, and the sworn enemy of the Joestar family.

Dio is actually one of the most influential characters of the show. Every villain afterwards is shaped by Dio, and Dio even makes other appearances throughout the series.

This would be the perfect skin for anyone that could find a matching skin of The World.


2. Kujo Jotaro

Kujo Jotaro JJBA Minecraft Skin

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Kujo is the main protagonist of the third part.

He’s also the most recurring Jojo in the series.

And Kujo lives a fairly normal life until Dio reappears – he’s also the first Jojo introduced with a Stand.

So in a way, Kujo is just the perfect Jojo.

Next to Dio, Kujo is one of the most recognizable characters in the series. And if you wanted to represent your favorite character during a livestream, this is the skin to go with.


3. Giorno Giovanna

Giorno Giovanna JJBA Minecraft Skin

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Giorno is the illegitimate son of Dio, and he’s also the fifth Jojo introduced.

He’s conceived with Jonathan Joestar’s stolen body, and that’s just a testament to how bizarre the show can get.

Also he’s one of the strongest characters out there, not only in Jojo, but in anime history.

And it’s all because of his Stand: Gold Experience.

I can’t say you’ll be able to port the stand into your Minecraft gameplay, but you can at least get Giorno in there with you.


4. Kakyoin Noriaki

Kakyoin Noriaki JJBA Minecraft Skin

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Kakyoin is actually sent by Dio to kill Kujo Jotaro.

After he’s freed from the brainwashing that Dio uses on him, he decides to join the Jotaro’s as a main ally in part 3.

Kakyoin’s style is subtle compared to most others in the series, but he still stands out as a powerful addition to the cast.

Honestly, this skin is useful as much as it is a way to represent the fandom.

Kakyoin’s green ensemble almost completely blends in with the greenery of Minecraft biomes.


5. Diavolo

Diavolo JJBA Minecraft Skin

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Diavolo is the main antagonist of the fifth part of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

And now we have him right here in an MC skin.

Diavolo is actually responsible for the proliferation of all Stand users. He’ll do absolutely anything to hide his past, and to hold his position of successful mob boss.

But sadly, Diavolo is never able to experience death. He’s trapped in an infinite time loop where he’s doomed to re-experience his own death over and over.

Too bad that’s not the case in Minecraft.

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