The Best Kingdom Hearts Minecraft Skins (All Free)

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Aside from Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite gaming series of all time.

While it has had its annoying moments, nothing will ever beat that moment of turning on your PS2 and hearing the very first Kingdom Hearts game boot up.

It had an epic soundtrack, a perfect crossover of Disney and Final Fantasy, and an ever-evolving fandom with a great story.

This all makes Kingdom Hearts the perfect RPG franchise.

And if you wanna bring that over into Minecraft, well who are we to stop you? Here’s some skins to get you started.


1. Sora (KH3)

Sora's KH3 Outfit / Minecraft Skin

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Sora is our main protagonist we know throughout the whole main series. He’s a boy that begins his journey on Destiny Islands with his friends Riku and Kairi.

When a mysterious door opens one night, Riku is consumed by darkness, while the keyblade appears to Sora – who then ends in in a world called Traverse Town.

From there, his story continues to grow.

Sora is one of many keyblade masters, and his goal throughout the game is to close the keyholes to each world’s heart.

The skin above is for KH3 Sora, but there’s also skins for Sora’s outfit from KH2 and from the original KH game.


2. Unknown/Organization XIII (KH)

Unknown Cloaked Character (Kingdom Hearts) Minecraft Skin

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This is a weird entry, because the Unknown is actually more than one person.

Throughout the story, hooded people appear at every turn that observe Sora’s progression, try to stop his progression, or are involved in their own agenda.

We find out who each Unknown is at some point along the way, once we learn more about Organization XIII and what they’re up to.

But hooded figures pop up constantly throughout the franchise.

And this skin may help you feel what it’s like to succumb to the darkness.


3. Roxas (KH2)

Roxas from Kingdom Hearts 2 / Minecraft Skin

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Roxas was one of many characters added into the plot that was a bit confusing.

We first met him in Kingdom Hearts 2, but we had no idea exactly how much he twists the story throughout.

Basically, in KH1 Sora released his own heart to save Kairi’s, and in turn, this gave birth to Roxas – who’s been a part of Organizations XIII for quite some time.

Roxas lives in Twilight Town, and eventually he leaves the Organization to live on as a keyblade wielder.

And if you need this BHK in your Minecraft game, here’s the perfect skin to grab.


4. Donald Duck (KH)

Donald Duck from Kingdom Hearts / Minecraft Skin

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Ok. It’s Donald Duck.

I know we all know who Donald Duck is, but not enough people know the awesome Donald Duck of the Kingdom Hearts series…

Kidding! If I spent more time in Kingdom Hearts yelling for Donald to cast heal, I would’ve lost my mind.

He has one job, and he never does it until it’s too late.

Anyways, Donald is a member of Mickey’s court, and you can grab this MC skin to play as a perfect re-creation of Donald’s outfit in Kingdom Hearts.


5. Goofy (KH)

Goofy from Kingdom Hearts / Minecraft Skin

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And then there’s Goofy!

Goofy is a thousand times more useful than Donald in every battle. Even though he’s only equipped with a shield, he’ll still bash everything and everyone with it.

For a character that no one has ever taken seriously, he’s actually terrifying if you watch him play.

The second an enemy spots your party, Goofy will charge head-first into whatever danger is in front of you.

Whether it’s a 50 foot shadow boss, or Maleficent with her multiple health bars, Goofy has your back. And now you can back up your own friends in multiplayer Minecraft with this accurate skin design.


6. Kairi (KH2)

Kairi's Outfit in KH2 / Minecraft Skin

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Kairi was the driving force for Sora to even embark on his journey.

She is also one of the pure hearts that Maleficent needs to unlock Kingdom Hearts (if you know the story, yeah it’s complex…)

She did appear in KH1, but this skin is based off Kairi’s outfit in KH2.

And we’re not here to start a war over which Kairi outfit is the best – so let’s also throw in links for Minecraft skins for the other two games.

Here’s one for Kairi’s outfit in KH1 and another for her updated outfit in KH3.


7. Aqua (KH Birth By Sleep)

Aqua from KH Birth By Sleep / Minecraft Skin

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Aqua is the complete opposite of Kairi.

Because Kairi may have been helpless, but Aqua has been through hell and back. She’s one of the promising keyblade wielders that becomes established into the story in Birth By Sleep.

At one point, Aqua is trapped in the darkness for the greater good, and Mickey actually leaves her there for too long… and by the time Mickey thinks they should go rescue her out of guilt and necessity, Aqua has almost succumbed to the darkness.

What a shame.

But she still holds onto her humanity long enough to escape the darkness and come back to everyone, to help them prepare for another Keyblade War.

This skin seems like the perfect way to celebrate this tough blue-haired gal & everything she offers.


8. Young Xehanort (KH3)

Young Xehanort from Kingdom Hearts / Minecraft Skin

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Young Xehanort is obviously Xehanort, but he’s been gifted the power of time travel by his heartless, that way he can help establish Organization XIII.

And interestingly enough, Young Xehanort is actually from Destiny Islands. And his heartless comes back to get him out of there.

Somehow, the fact that he had to involve his younger self, yet he still couldn’t succeed leaves me a bit confused…

So let’s not think about the plot too much, and just focus on how great this skin looks.


9. Axel (KH2)

Axel from KH2 / Minecraft Skin

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Axel is one of the members of Organization XIII that eventually leaves because of his relationship with Roxas.

He’s the nobody of Leah, and he spends most of his time in Twilight Town with Roxas in most of KH2 & 358/2 Days.

The image of them eating their ice cream on the clock tower is iconic.

And this skin is worth trying out for any KH fan, because it’s fair to assume he’s a pretty big fan favorite.


10. Riku (KH1)

Riku in his KH1 Outfit / Minecraft Skin

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So we all know Riku by now, and he’s also had a ton of outfits just like Sora.

This skin shows off his outfit from the very first Kingdom Hearts, basically just as you’d see him on Destiny Islands. And this skin designer really nailed the look.

But maybe you want some other options for Riku. What could we do instead?

Well for starters, how about Dark Riku in Minecraft? This skin is modeled after his design in KH1 where you fight him in Hollow Bastion.

Or how about Org XIII Riku in his hooded cloak? We see this in the secret movie from KH Final Mix, and it’s just plain badass.

But there’s also Riku from DDD and even a newer one based on his outfit in KH3.

So no matter what style of Riku you’re looking for, there’s plenty of skins to pick through.

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