The Best Minecraft League of Legends Skins (All Free)

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For years, I’ve never been able to decide which I liked more.

Both Minecraft and League of Legends hold a place in my heart in everything from gameplay to aesthetics, but I could never choose which game was my one true favorite.

Lucky for me, I don’t have to decide.

All the flashy colors and innovative designs I’ve come to love (but never came to afford) in League of Legends can be made readily available…

Well, their equally cool if somewhat blockier Minecraft counterparts are available, anyways.

So while I can’t look quite as dashing and bright on Summoner’s Rift as I’d prefer, I can more than make up for it with these great MC skins.


1. Neeko

Neeko LoL Champion / Minecraft Skin

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When discussing skins, it simply makes sense to start with the Curious Chameleon, Neeko.

While this shapeshifting lizard can mimic any champion on Summoner’s Rift, in your Minecraft Realms she can only remain her steadfast, colorful self.

Clad with purple hair and aquamarine adornments, this Neeko skin is instantly recognizable and utterly amazing.

If you’re still stuck on whether to download this skin, I think Neeko phrases it most eloquently: “Neeko is best decision.”


2. Teemo

Teemo League of Legends Champion / Minecraft Skin

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It’s time to Hut, 2, 3, 4 into your next server as the bush-hiding menace himself.

Teemo’s short stature and plethora of annoying quotes don’t translate into Minecraft. But this pixelated replica fortunately does.

Clad as the Swift Scout, prepare yourself to roam the wilds of your server, ready to loose thousands of hidden traps upon friends and foes alike.

Or hang up the old blow dart and mushroom to retire to the great blocky Realm in the sky.


3. PROJECT: Vayne

PROJECT: Vayne LoL Champion / Minecraft Skin

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Coming from one of the most successful skin lines in recent LoL history, PROJECT: Vayne takes the usual crossbow-wielding hunter and morphs her into a mechanized vigilante.

This Minecraft skin manages to keep all of the sheer coolness PROJECT: Vayne emits, all through the futuristic blacks, purples, and greys of her cyborg suit.

Equipped with a crossbow and as many bolts as you can carry, you too can become the Night Hunter, skulking through Realms in search of vengeance against Pillager and PvP-er alike.


4. Bard

Bard League of Legends Champion / Minecraft Skin

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With this skin, you can fulfill the wanderlust in your heart by venturing from village to village in the shoes of the Cosmic Vagaband.

Bard drifts through the cosmos (or in this instance, your Realm) with a light foot, bringing a chorus of meeps in tow.

Bring good tidings with healing meep potions or smite those who threaten the cosmic balance with splash damage.

Either way, you’ll look remarkable roaming the Realms while doing it.


5. Ezreal

Ezreal League of Legends Champion / Minecraft Skin

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As one of the most iconic champions in League of Legends, Ezreal is known for his elusive spellcasting style and cherubic handsome looks.

With this skin, you can bring the Prodigal Explorer out of the Rift and into the Realm in search of the next great artifact or fight.

Head off looking great as you adventure into block-filled Realms unknown.

Just make sure that whatever artifacts you discover, they belong in a museum.


6. PROJECT: Katarina

PROJECT: Katarina from League of Legends / Minecraft Skin

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Here’s yet another LoL skin out of the PROJECT line that’s simply too cool to ignore.

PROJECT: Katarina transforms the knife-wielding assassin into a visor-clad renegade.

Stark white hair tops this skin’s futuristic looks, fully loaded with a purple and pink mech suit and bionic arm.

Just looking at this design, you can practically hear Cyberpunk music blaring. And with that type of swagger you’ll be sure to take over your next Realm.


7. K/DA Evelynn

K/DA Evelynn from League of Legends / Minecraft Skin

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In 2018, Riot Games blew up the possibilities of marketing with the creation of a LoL pop group promoting the World Championship.

The group K/DA’s debut song “POP/STARS” has amassed hundreds of millions of views.

So it’s no surprise that the skin line behind the fantasy K-pop group is just as popular.

With this off-shoulder K/DA Evelynn skin, not only will you be instantly recognizable, but you’ll also have an opportunity to blast “POP/STARS.”

Just one more listen won’t hurt, right?


8. Zyra

Zyra LoL Champion / Minecraft Skin

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Crafting a Minecraft skin that manages to aptly replicate its source material is a feat worth commending.

Well, you can consider skin creator Nasu commended, because this Zyra skin is remarkable.

The rose pinks and garden greens on this skin create a Poison Ivy palette that’s so distinctly Zyra, I’m surprised it doesn’t come with budding plant turrets attached.


9. Xayah

Xayah LoL Champion / Minecraft Skin

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With this masterfully constructed skin, you can take the Vastayan (fancy word for bird-person) revolutionary Xayah into your favorite server or Realm.

Xayah’s contrasting purples and reds form a striking design, punctuated by the best on-skin cape I’ve yet to see in Minecraft.

You won’t be able to throw and recall feathers at approaching waves of zombies… but you can be confident they’d all stop and comment on how good you look.


10. Spirit Blossom Ahri

Spirit Blossom Ahri from League of Legends / Minecraft Skin

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When it comes to popular skin lines, there’s PROJECT, there’s K/DA, and then there’s Spirit Blossom.

The majestic and whimsical tones of the Spirit Blossom skin line make it one of the best-selling lines of all time with Spirit Blossom Ahri being no exception.

With bright pink hair and a sky blue outfit, this skin doesn’t even need to land a charm to reel you in.

The bubblegum-hues of this Nine-Tailed Fox skin are so striking and so eyecatching, that they couldn’t be anything but recommended on this list.

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