The Best Legend of Zelda Minecraft Skins (All Free)

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For decades now, The kingdom of Hyrule has served as the backdrop for the iconic Legend of Zelda series.

It’s a vast, sprawling land containing many different types of creatures, plants and biomes that together form a huge world for Link to explore.

What could be a better themed Minecraft build than that?

So if you’re looking to mix a little Hyrule into your Minecraft world, you’ve definitely come to the right corner of the Internet.


10. Original Link (Zelda 1)

Original Link from Zelda 1 / Minecraft Skin

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Let’s take it back to 1986.

Everyone’s wearing polyester, the hairstyles are huge and flammable, Nintendo fever is in full swing, and the very first Legend of Zelda game has just dropped – changing the gaming world forever.

Here we see Link’s OG apparel, a Peter Pan inspired green tunic and pointy hat layered over simple brown sleeves and boots.

This retro look is ideal for Zelda purists looking to keep their early timelines canonical.

But it may seem a little dated to those of us born after the Reagan administration.

Nonetheless, it’s the look that started it all. And it has aged rather favorably into a timeless adventurer costume that will be right at home in your Minecraft world.


9. Kokiri Tunic (Ocarina of Time)

OoT Link in Kokiri Tunic / Minecraft Skin

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Possibly the most recognizable of Link’s looks is this classic green tunic, given to him by the fairy folk of The Kokiri Forest.

It may not have any fancy powers. But it’s always in fashion.

And one mustn’t underestimate the importance of brand recognition, even in the kingdom of Hyrule.

When people think of Link, this is usually what they’re picturing.

So even if it’s gotten a little dusty over the years, it’s a skin worth keeping in the collection, even if just for nostalgia’s sake.

As we all know, nostalgia is a huge part of the Zelda universe.


8. Goron Tunic (Ocarina of Time)

OoT Link Goron Tunic / Minecraft Skin

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Whether you’re trying to make a bold fashion statement, or just trying to explore the fire temple without getting cooked alive, the Goron Tunic is a must-have for any Hyrule hero.

Functional and flashy, this daring red ensemble is made from hand-picked Bomb Flowers and locally sourced Dodongo scales – and was originally given to Link by a grateful young Goron of the same name, to aid him in his quest.

It is possibly Link’s most daring look.

And it’s definitely essential wear for anyone looking to have adventures in uncomfortably warm places.


7. Zora Tunic (Ocarina of Time)

OoT Link Zora Tunic / Minecraft Skin

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Completing the Triforce of Ocarina of Time outfits, we have the Zora Tunic in this skin.

This stylish blue garment was given to Link by King Zora himself, and allows him to breathe underwater – in addition to really making his blue eyes pop.

Although it’s made of fish gills, it’s actually quite comfortable once you get used to the smell.

Iron Boots sold separately.


6. Champion’s Tunic (Breath of The Wild)

Link BotW Champion’s Tunic / Minecraft Skin

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Link’s modern incarnation naturally has his most updated look to match.

Breath of The Wild’s Link is a man of many styles and outfits, but the Champion’s Tunic is a fitting addition to his legacy of colorful garments – and it really does suit him quite well.

It’s to wear for reclaiming a lost kingdom, paragliding through the wilderness, or simply cruising around on your trusty horse Epona.

This powder blue tunic not only looks good, but also allows you to see your opponent’s remaining life force (well, in the BotW…)

Still handy!


5. Dark Link (Ocarina of Time)

OoT Dark Link / Minecraft Skin

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Where there is light, there must also be darkness.

And this is no less true for heroes.

Dark Link is a shadow-magic reflection of normal Link that represents the pain and fear that comes from facing the darkness within ourselves.

And now you can play around with him in your Minecraft world.

While most of our inner demons can’t be defeated with Deku Nuts, the concept of facing off against one’s inner darkness is nonetheless poignant and relatable; but perhaps more importantly, the character looks super cool.


4. Shadow Link (Four Swords Adventures)

Shadow Link from LoZ Four Swords / Minecraft Skin

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Similar to (but meaningfully distinct from) Dark Link is Shadow Link.

This is also a shadow-magic apparition, but with the important difference of being a physical manifestation of a vanquished enemy’s hatred and resentment transmuted into reality via Link’s reflection in the Dark Mirror, rather than simply being a puppet-like duplicate of the darkest aspects of his innermost self…


Again, the main draw here is just how cool the outfit is.

Traditionally, Shadow Link looks something like a cross between an Enderman and a Gengar.

But this outfit keeps things much simpler by just swapping out Link’s regular gear with a muted gray ensemble, and turning his trademark blue eyes a sinister shade of red. Spooky!

If you’re here looking for a skin to perfectly convey Link’s Emo/Goth phase, this is one worth trying.


3. Wolf Link (Twilight Princess)

Wolf Link from Twilight Princess / Minecraft Skin

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Link is a hero of many talents – and often demonstrates an impressive variety of expertise.

From birth, he was a natural swordsman with remarkable agility, legendary courage, and an unshakable affinity for adventure.

And one of the less commonly known skills that Link possesses is the ability to turn into a wolf while in the Darkened Realm, thanks to his relationship to the power of the Triforce.

Neat, right?

Well here’s your chance to roam Hyrule (in Minecraft) with a truly wild fashionable outfit, by taking the form of the Hero’s fuzziest & cuddliest incarnation ever.

Wait…was Link the original Furry?


2. Ganondorf (Ocarina of Time)

OoT Ganondorf / Minecraft Skin

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Everyone knows you can’t build a Zelda universe without having a powerful villain lurking in the shadows, waiting to break it all apart.

An evil countervail to Link’s heroism.

A monstrous corruption to emperil the fate of the princess and the kingdom.

A final boss…

While he has many forms and many incarnations, the Ocarina of Time Ganondorf is without a doubt the most iconic and recognizable form of Link’s longtime nemesis and constant antagonist.

We see him in this skin with his flowing red cape and sinister dark armor.

This would be an ideal skin for anyone who wanted to see what The Legend of Zelda would be like if Link just didn’t bother getting out of bed.


1. Princess Zelda (Skyward Sword)

Princess Zelda from Skyward Sword / Minecraft Skin

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, there are many Princess Zeldas in the Legend of Zelda timeline.

It’s actually the only legal name for princesses in the Kingdom of Hyrule.

Skyward Sword’s Zelda, however, is actually the mortal incarnation of the legendary goddess Hylia, divine ancestress to the founders of Hyrule.

So the whole franchise kinda falls apart without her.

And if you’re looking for a central figure around which to base your glorious Minecraft Zelda universe, you really can’t beat Zelda herself.

It’s right there in the name.

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