Best Mage, Wizard & Witch Minecraft Skins (All Free)

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Within fantastical worlds of magic, there will always be characters capable of wielding it.

And most fantasy games allow players to become a magic user.

Minecraft is one such game.

That being said, where other games may make cosmetic changes for mage builds, Minecraft does not.

Instead we have the skin system – which allows players to choose their own appearance.

If you’re a Minecraft magician looking for a skin to show off, this list should help enchanters and elementalists alike.


1. Earthen Enchanter

Earthen Mage in Green Cloak / Minecraft Skin

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This faceless force of nature is undeniably intimidating despite the subtlety of his design and palette.

Were it not for the pale skin visible beneath the long sleeves of his robe, this master of earth could easily be mistaken for something not quite human.

If you want an outfit with mystical aspects, but would rather not stand out (or at least not on account of your appearance) this is a skin worth considering.


2. Dark Witch

Dark Witch with Blonde Hair / Minecraft Skin

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Sinister yet pretty, this girl definitely belongs out in a witch’s hut—though perhaps only bordering the swampland rather than deep inside it.

Of course, it’s probably easier to clean swamp water off of clothing when you have access to magic.

This is a great option for those of you who want an unassuming design that’s still got an occult touch.


3. Phoenix

Phoenix Male Magician Minecraft Skin

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This incendiary Brit is everything you’d expect from a man who has nothing to fear when playing with fire.

Not only is he immune to the burn of an open flame, but it actually heals him.

This skin does a wonderful job of recreating the Valorant firebrand in the world of Minecraft. And the creator’s attention to detail is most evident in Phoenix’s jacket and hair.


4. Coven Witch

Purple-haired Coven Witch with Horns / Minecraft Skin

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Let’s get you into an outfit that looks cute and comfy.

This witch is far more charming than she should be, considering the horns on her head.

That being said, witches were originally thought to come from deals with the devil, so the horns do seem fitting.

This design’s purple theme is easy on the eyes, all without being boring and everything is shaded well.


5. Sage of the Sea

Sage of the Sea (Water Magician) Minecraft Skin

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If skins had any impact on mob behavior in-game, this one would have you ruling the drowned and guardians in no time.

Unfortunately that’s not how skins work. So you’ll just have to settle for conquering the ocean through Minecraft violence like the rest of us.

Imposing and mysterious, this design would fit nicely in any player’s skin collection.


6. Jaina Proudmoore

Jaina Proudmoore from WoW / Minecraft Skin

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As a major character in World of Warcraft, especially the later expansions, Jaina Proudmoore is a powerful mage like few others.

This stunning replica of the Alliance spellcaster may not be for Horde fanatics out there – but it’s undeniably high quality.

And WoW fans will squarely love it.

Members of the Alliance (or players who don’t really care about factions) should definitely consider giving this skin a try.


7. Flame Lord

Flame Lord Fire Mage Minecraft Skin

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Another faceless figure, another brilliant skin design.

And this wizard is a master of fire.

One hand wreathed in flames, it can be seen at a glance that this man is one with the Nether and its fiery fortresses.

If you’re hoping to take over the Nether then you’ll want to be wearing this the whole time.


8. Galaxy Witch

Purple Galaxy Witch (Female) Minecraft Skin

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Here’s another witch skin that’s a testament to the power of contrasting colors – when used in moderation.

Using only purple and yellow for an entire skin may sound like a recipe for disaster… but this creator really pulled it off.

By making the entire skin purple (with the exception of one pixel in each eye), the creator was able to make the witch’s eyes stand out, and give the skin an astral appearance without going overboard.

That being said, this design would still fall flat if it weren’t for the creator’s obvious skill in shading and depth. Shoutout to jxstjojo for their great work here! And they have a bunch of other skins on their profile if you wanna check that out too.


9. Galaxy Elemental

Galaxy Elemental Cloaked Mage Minecraft Skin

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Given the space-like nature of the End, it’s safe to assume that’s where this mage’s power is harnessed from.

With eyes like stars and a midnight palette, this skin creator did a fantastic job of making the caster’s intergalactic nature readily apparent.

The magical energy radiating from this elemental’s extremities feels quite dramatic. And the shading of the cloak is quite impressive too.

If ever there was a skin that might give you a little extra luck on adventures through the End, this would be it.


10. Lux

Lux from League of Legends (Mage) Minecraft Skin

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Here’s a skin for all you League of Legends lovers out there.

Luxanna, Lady of Luminosity, is a talented sorceress and infamous champion when played as support.

Cute, bubbly, and wielding a fairly versatile kit, Lux is an unsurprisingly popular pick for players—apparently even outside of her game of origin.

I’ll admit that this skin may not bring her skills from League of Legends into the world of Minecraft. But it’s a fabulous design worth wearing nonetheless.


11. Rainbow Creeper Mage

Rainbow Creeper Magician (Cloaked) Minecraft Skin

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Here’s a design that’s clearly catering to the PC Minecrafters.

This magical skin comes complete with an explosion of color – as well as minor special effects.

Jokes aside, the glow effects on this skin are incredibly well done and the gradient style is exquisite.

RGB lighting may have become something of a meme at this point. But that’s no reason to skip over this skin if you think it looks cool.


12. Mage Student (Girl)

Female Mage Student (Cloaked) Minecraft Skin

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This gorgeous enchantress is a perfect example of how important shading is to Minecraft skin designs.

Despite not using the layer options for added depth, this creator was still able to convey the textures of the fabric for the robe brilliantly.

Proper shading also makes adding or editing the second layer much easier.

And those purple eyes? Wowza.

Just remember to credit the original artist if you upload an edit of a skin!


13. Mage Girl

White-haired Mage Girl Minecraft Skin

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When you see a skin creator that knows how to get the shading and depth absolutely flawless, you can tell their results are hard to beat.

With sleeves that widen at the bottom and some poofy-legged pants, this skin’s silhouette is classic fantasy vibes.

If you enjoy renaissance-style clothing but want the bright colors and femininity often found in fiction, this is the skin for you.

And who could say no to a cute female magician?


14. Necromancer

Dark Cloak Necromancer Minecraft Skin

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For these last couple entries in our list, you’ll notice that these showcase some cool ways to use the layering system in Minecraft skins.

Even before looking at this wizard from different angles, you can see that there’s a bright underlayer that creates a glowing effect.

As awesome as it looks to see the effects around the hands and shoulders, where this skin’s additions really shine are in the eyes and the skull motif on the back of the robe.

If you’re interested in how those effects are made then definitely check out this skin in an editor and see for yourself—it’s deceptively simple.


15. Electric Cloaked Mage

Blue Electric Cloaked Mage Minecraft Skin

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On top of appearing actively electrified, this hooded mysterious mage looks like they can barely contain their own power – and have begun falling apart at the seams.

By shading everything except for the sources of light, we can see that the magical electricity also seems to glow in this design.

Unfortunately, the skins won’t actually be able to provide light in-game. But this design probably isn’t a great option for stealth regardless…

That said, it’s extremely eye-catching.

So if you want a mysterious occult-looking figure, don’t sleep on this electrifying mage skin.

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