Best McDonald’s Minecraft Skins: The Definitive Collection

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Is there anything quite like the experience of being a little kid in the car and feeling the joy swell in your heart when you see those magical golden arches approach?

Sure, there are plenty of better feelings. And frankly there’s plenty of better food. But McDonald’s became a global giant because they managed to evoke that feeling while making cheap and pretty tasty bites.

Say what you will about their age-proof food and boot-shaped nuggets, McDonald’s has got the branding down.

And I think these Minecraft skins deserve to be McShared.


1. Teen Boy (McDonalds)

Teen Boy (McDonalds) Minecraft Skin

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When it comes to McDonald’s employee skins, look no further than this design.

I can’t think of a more prime example of a McDonald’s skin. It’s perfectly made and endlessly versatile.


2. Steve, On the Clock

Steve, On the Clock Skin For Minecraft

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I have no idea why Steve with a gold chain and watch at McDonald’s is the peak of comedy for me, but it is, and I have to stand by it.

Something about Steve’s perfectly neutral face with a McDonald’s cap and a drive-thru headset speaks to my soul, and clearly it speaks to the soul of the Minecraft community too.


3. Red Steve

Red Steve in McDonalds Uniform / Minecraft Skin

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Oh, you didn’t believe me that the Minecraft community vibes with McDonald’s Steve?

This skin phenomenon is not a one-off.

This variant showed up to work in a red shirt, slightly untucked, but with a name tag.


4. Orange Steve

Orange Steve in McDonalds Uniform / Minecraft Skin

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In stark contrast to the prior Steves, this Steve has an orange shirt which is slightly untucked.

Just one of many custom Steve designs that you can find online!


5. Apron Steve

McDonalds Apron Steve Minecraft Skin

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And if that wasn’t enough variety for you, this McDonald’s Steve has an apron on. He’s in the back flipping burgers AND manning the drive-thru line.

The fact that all these skins are by different creators is hilarious or, at the very least, weird.


6. Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald Skin For Minecraft

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Weird has always been the name of the game for McDonald’s though.

Why does nobody talk about how the mascot for the world’s largest fast food chain is the world’s creepiest clown?


7. McDuck

McDuck (McDonalds Employee) Minecraft Skin

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It’s a duck working at McDonald’s. That’s bound to put a smile on your face.


8. McZombie

McZombie (McDonalds Zombie Employee) Minecraft Skin

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I love how creator Duzy said it wasn’t enough to make a zombie work at McDonald’s. That zombie also has to be super muscular and super mustachioed.


9. Pink Girl (McDonald’s Outfit)

Pink Girl (McDonald’s Outfit) Minecraft Skin

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Sometimes the Minecraft skins have peculiar and niche senses of humor, but sometimes they’re just plain well-made and nice.

The pink hair and outfit on this female McD’s worker are flawless.


10. Hamburglar

Hamburglar Skin For Minecraft

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As if the creepy clown wasn’t strange enough for McDonald’s ads, there also had to be a masked bandit who prowled the night in search of burgers to steal.

I kind of love the Hamburglar though.

That’s my kind of strange.


11. Derp

Derp Face McDonalds Employee / Minecraft Skin

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There are few pleasures in life as simple and nice as a handsome Derp face skin.

They’re so cheery and pleased, even working through a tough fast food shift.


12. Childe Tartaglia

Childe Tartaglia Skin in McDonalds Outfit / Minecraft

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I love when memes become their own Minecraft skins, and when those skins are too good for their own sakes.

Childe McDonald is a hilarious Genshin Impact meme, and Childe McDonald is a way too good Minecraft skin.


13. Fry Boy

Fry Boy McDonalds Hoodie Minecraft Skin

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I think this contest entry skin took the saying “Fry Boy” a little too literally.

But hey, if you like french fries…


14. Happy

Happy Meal Skin For Minecraft

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While I’m a sucker for a Happy Meal (I mean, nuggets, fries, AND a toy; that’s a steal), I think Happy might be pushing that a bit too far.

This might be one of the scariest skins I’ve ever seen, and I love its weirdness with all my heart.


15. Drive Thru Girl

Drive Thru Girl at McDonalds / Minecraft Skin

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While there’s plenty of joy to be derived from ducks or zombies working at McDonald’s, sometimes you just need an honest Mickey D uniform to get you through your Minecraft work day.


16. Mac Tonight

Mac Tonight Skin For Minecraft

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The more I’ve researched these skins, the more I’ve come to realize that McDonald’s really has had the weirdest advertisements through the years.

Seriously, why did McDonald’s have 80’s ads featuring Mac Tonight, a moon-headed sunglasses-wearing pianist?

I mean, Mac Tonight is certainly the pinnacle of cool… but how on earth did they come up with that concept?


17. Chicken McNugget

Chicken McNugget Minecraft Skin

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Okay, this skin is just hilarious. It’s a chicken McNugget.

This skin is proof that the Minecraft community has always had a great sense of humor. This nugget was made back in 2012. Much like a real McNugget from 2012, it looks the same today as it did back then.


18. McDrip

McDrip Boy in McDonalds Swag / Minecraft Skin

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Creator IMakeSkins never misses, and that’s a fact.

I never thought I’d look at a skin and say that I need to find myself some fast food themed clothing, but the McDonald’s drip looks undeniably clean here.


19. Grimace

Grimace Minecraft Skin

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I’d be a fool if I deigned to make a McDonald’s list and not include Grimace.

Grimace is… actually, does anyone know what Grimace is?

I know he’s roped in with the other strange ad characters like the Hamburglar and Ronald McDonald.

I may not know what he is, but I know I love this rotund purple being.


20. Officer Big Mac

Officer Big Mac Skin For Minecraft

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When I first saw this skin, I thought Officer Big Mac was a joke. But believe it or not, this is a real character from the McDonaldland commercials in the 70s and 80s.

I couldn’t tell you why these real-world characters were/are/will continue to be so terrifying.

But I can tell you that weird energy makes for some great Minecraft skins.

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