The 15 Best Medieval Mods For Minecraft (All Free)

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Do you ever wish you could be transported back to the age of chivalry?

Maybe take some time to enjoy the era when knights were bold, dragons were fierce, and large yet cumbersome siege weapons roamed the Earth.

If so, well, I don’t have a time machine.

But I do have a handful of great Medieval-themed mods tailored for Minecraft. So if you’re OK with an adventure in the Middle Ages then these mods are sure to help.


15. Trebuchet

Trebuchet Mod for Minecraft

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Here’s a mod that adds a transportable trebuchet into your game, which can be used to launch ignited TNT over long distances – probably towards anything you don’t like.

And this trebuchet can also be used to launch mobs into the clear blue yonder with minimal effort.

Whether you’re looking to unleash this mighty engine of war on a nearby Pillager Outpost, or your friend’s castle, or even to just enjoy the simple pleasures of sending a poor cow hurtling through the air… this is the connoisseur’s choice for chucking things around your virtual world.

And it should fit in nicely in a Medieval setting too.


14. Roguelike Dungeons

Roguelike Dungeons Mod for Minecraft

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In the early days of video game RPGs, there was a genre called ‘roguelikes’.

These games were characterized by sending players on epic adventures through enormous dungeons.

And the Roguelike Dungeons mod brings all the magic and frustration to Minecraft, adding large, underground dungeon structures filled with unique rooms and loot to discover.

The mod even includes three different region-specific dungeon entrances: the Tower, the Jungle Tower, and the Mountain Tower.

Explore them all and see what you can find.


13. Astikorkarts

Astikorkarts Mod for Minecraft

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The wagon is the Rolls Royce of the Middle Ages. Or at least that’s what my fellow peasants tell me.

This mod adds three new horse-drawn vehicles to the game. And I’m sure they’ll make you the envy of your plague-decimated village.

The 3 new vehicles you get are the Animal Cart, which lets you transport other players and mobs (such as villagers or animals).

The Supply Cart, which offers the equivalent storage space of two item chests, along with a space for a friend to ride along with you.

And the Plow, which can be used to turn dirt into farmland fast – or to easily create dirt path roads across grass and dirt blocks.


12. Conquest Reforged

Conquest Reforged Mod for Minecraft

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Conquest Reforged is an Optifine-compatible mod which grew out of the long-running Conquest_ resource pack. And it significantly expands the decoration options available to you.

The mod features over 12,000 blocks, including many with custom 3D assets designed to suit a broad range of historical and fantasy settings and cultures.

So you better believe the Middle Ages is represented.

This also completely overhauls foliage in the game, with new realistic tree models which offer ‘layered placement functionality’, as well as a revamped inventory system to help you manage the huge number of new blocks.


11. Medieval Weapons

Medieval Weapons Mod for Minecraft

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Medieval Weapons really does just what it says: gives you new weapons.

Specifically new things relevant to Medieval times.

The list is long, but with this mod you’ll get: 3 kinds of daggers, sais, war axes, war hammers, katanas, shurikens, and chakrams, as well as new steel variants of all vanilla Minecraft tools and weapons.

What’s not to love?


10. Millenaire

Millenaire Mod for Minecraft

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Do you want to breathe a bit more life into your Minecraft world?

Do you want to go adventuring in distant lands and explore new cultures?

Then try Millenaire, a mod which adds new village styles modelled on 11th-century Norman, Indian, Japanese, Mayan, Byzantine, Inuit, and Seljuk Turkish cultures.

Each village comes with their own unique architectural styles, named villagers, and culturally specific items.

The mod also adds sophisticated economy and reputation systems into the game as well, which can affect how villages develop, as well as how the villagers treat you.

Trade more often with a village and they’ll use those resources to create unique buildings to meet the needs of their growing population.

Pillage their resources and they’ll stagnate and refuse to trade with you (no surprise there).

And for more adventurous types, this mod also adds a selection of quests, as well as bandit raids which you can defend against, or join for your share of the plunder!


9. Medieval Craft

Medieval Craft Mod for Minecraft

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Medieval Craft adds enormous castles to your Minecraft world.

I’m guessing mostly everyone would wanna give this a try.

The castles are defended by different clans of knights, equipped with armor inspired by various real-world cultures.

But although the castles are full of treasures, the knights won’t let you get to them without a fight!

In total, the mod adds 7 new structures, 9 new mob types, and 48 new armor & weapon types to the game – including the legendary Excalibur.

We all know about the legends, but in this case Excalibur is a unique sword that deals 30 damage, and it’s hidden somewhere in the world for you to find.


8. Cathedral

Cathedral Mod for Minecraft

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When people think of the Middle Ages, it’s no wonder they often think of cathedrals, those gothic skyscrapers which dominated the skylines of medieval Europe.

And this Cathedral mod, an expansion for the long-running Chisel mod, adds a large selection of new block types to Minecraft. They’re mostly ideal for building beautiful castles, manor houses, and yes, even more cathedrals.

The new blocks include new stone railings, gargoyles, and pillars, craftable from 13 different stone types, plus dwarven-style fortress blocks, doors, and metal bars.

Not to mention some glorious new stained-glass blocks, climbable metal chains, and 17 different types of clay roofing tile.

Seriously, if you wanna nail the Medieval look, give this mod a try.

It says it’s only compatible up to Minecraft 1.12.x but it’s worth a test to see if it’ll run on newer versions.


7. Elder Arsenal

Elder Arsenal Mod for Minecraft

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Elder Arsenal is another mod which adds new medieval and early modern style weapons to Minecraft, including daggers, knives, katanas, battle axes, battle hammers, spears, halberds, maces, katars, throwing disks, and pistols (yes, really!)

Plus you’ll find dynamite (in both regular and holy variants) as well as a range of new bow and shield variations.

The mod also adds new trap blocks, including floor spikes, bear traps, and some sleek gunpowder barrels that instantly explode once they’re triggered.

It’s time to get crafty.


6. Bayalin

Bayalin Mod for Minecraft

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Bayalin adds new items and features intended to reflect “the very best that the middle ages and early modern periods have to offer”.

That quote kinda says it all right?

Well these new additions include over 80 new weapons, 20 new armor sets, and over 40 new medieval food items to try. Yes, custom food!

And that’s not all folks.

This also adds new structures and mobs to your world, including bandit-infested camps, castles, and fortresses filled with loot, roving mercenaries that you can recruit to follow you, and other abandoned structures scattered throughout the world to discover.

And while this was built for versions up to Minecraft 1.16.5, it’s absolutely worth trying in newer versions too. At the time of this writing it was updated just a few months ago – not too shabby.


5. Project Brazier

Project Brazier Mod for Minecraft

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Project Brazier, formerly known as Dark Roleplay Medieval, is a mod project which aims to eventually offer a true RPG experience to Minecraft players.

The mod is still in its early stages, but it already includes 13 new building and 50 decorative block types to try – as well as new crafting tables/items to try as well.

This one’s worth keeping an eye on.

But even at the time of this writing, new additions already in the mod include new stair blocks, ships wheels, a rope bridge, torch holders, telescopes, and variations of table and chairs.

Plus with this mod in active development, you can expect plenty of new additions down the line as well.


4. Nef’s Medieval Decoration

Nef's Medieval Decoration Mod for Minecraft

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Let’s say you’ve built your medieval village already, and you’re thrilled with the look of the area.

But do you feel like your interiors are kind of a let-down?

Do you wish things looked a little bit more… middle aged? (and not in the sense of your mom’s taste in curtains)

Well Nef’s Medieval Decoration is here to help.

This adds new furniture to the game such as wine racks, shelves, tables, and a large number of decorative items made to match the Medieval aesthetic.

Those extra items include things such as flagons of mead, gold coins, blacksmith’s hammers, stone rubble, custom cages and skeletons (the dead kind).

Plus this mod also adds a new biome called the Battlefield, which offers new structures to play with – such as watchtowers, ruins, and broken-down siege engines.

All ready to go in your next Minecraft world.


3. Rustic

Rustic Mod for Minecraft

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Rustic is a small-ish mod which adds new, predominantly rural-themed Medieval content to Minecraft.

And there’s a lot to go through here!

New decorative blocks include things like chandeliers and candles, tables and chairs, gargoyles, clay pots/barrels that can be filled with liquids, and new tree types such as apple, olive, and ironwood.

You also get new building blocks – specifically things like new pillar variants, clay half-timber walls, and slate blocks.

Is that enough? I guess not, because you’ll also find plenty of new crops to grow, an improved alchemy system, and a brewing system which lets you craft alcoholic beverages – each offering some unique effects.

I don’t know how many people have dreamed of getting drunk in Minecraft, but this mod is certainly one way to do it.


2. Dawn of Time

Dawn of Time Mod for Minecraft

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Dawn of Time is yet another decoration mod, adding in nearly 300 new unique blocks.

The mod features a range of beautifully-designed French and German Medieval blocks that really enhance the Minecraft experience (well, if you’re looking to head back 500 years in history).

New items include lattice windows, cast iron kettles, and some of the nicest-looking fireplaces I’ve ever seen… in Minecraft.

But Dawn of Time goes even further than most historical decoration mods by adding items inspired by other great civilizations from across the world.

And just like Marco Polo, you can leave medieval Europe for distant lands, experimenting with new blocks and decorations based on Japanese, Mayan, Roman, Persian, and Egyptian cultures.


1. Ancient Warfare 2

Ancient Warfare 2 Mod for Minecraft

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Ancient Warfare 2 is a must-try.

It’s a sprawling focused on adding new Medieval-style automation systems to Minecraft, alongside strategy game elements research and tech trees.

These new technologies can be used to craft complex machinery such as windmills, watermills, and even Stirling engines.

You can also create new NPC types as well. Like you can make workers to operate your new machinery, or to acquire resources and food.

Or you can make combat NPCs like soldiers to defend your city, or medics to heal you in combat, or even engineers that can craft siege equipment such as ballistae.

Plus there’s also another category of “utility NPCs” such as traders, couriers, priests, and bards.

But we’re not done yet. This also adds a range of factions you can trade & fight with, and they’ll even interact with each other too.

More specifically, this includes ‘civilized’ factions that build expansive castles and cities, and ‘tribal’ factions, which tend to live in undefended camps.

If there’s any massive overhaul mod worth trying, even beyond just Medieval themes, it’s gotta be Ancient Warfare 2.

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