15 Best Mob-Related Mods For Minecraft

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Oh, mobs. What would we do without you?

One moment you’ll be infuriating us with your dogged determination to kill us till we just turn off the game. On the other hand, the instant that you’re gone, we’ll whine that Minecraft is boring ‘cause there’s no one to slash swords at.

But such is the conundrum of the games we play with today. Let’s just face it: mobs exist in video games the same way that our superheroes fight against pasty underlings of the final bosses.

So since we can’t get rid of our beloved mobs, let’s mod them! Let’s mod the mobs!

I’ve searched around and curated the absolute best mob-related &mob-adjacent mods for all players.


15. Crocoducks

Crocoducks Minecraft Mod - Preview

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A crocodile? A duck? Both?

Whatever they are, crocoducks are just some of the nastiest creatures you can encounter in Minecraft.

But they’re apparently friendly to chickens and vulnerable against ocelots somehow.

So if anything, crocoducks add a much-needed variety for dealing with mobs whenever you’re out in the game world. Maybe not a must-have, but certainly a “fun to have” mod.


14. Animal Crops

Animal Crops Mod for Minecraft

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The Animal Crops mod has long been one of the popular ones out there. Mostly because, as the name implies, you can cultivate and grow animals like you would with plants.

Weird, I know.

However, one lesser known use of this mod is that–surprise, surprise–you can even grow mobs on it!

You can do this by simply planting a spawn egg in the config file.

Best of all, you could even add third-party mod mobs (whew that’s a mouthful) in this pack! It’s both fun and convenient.


13. Quintessential Creatures

Quintessential Creatures Minecraft mod

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The Quintessential Creatures pack adds fun octopus and turtles in the mix. Because they’re… err, quintessential I guess?

Even without the additions above, this is worth downloading just for the addition of the troll.

While it’s a stone statue during daytime, the troll becomes alive by night to hunt. And throw rocks at you.

Because apparently, getting pelted with rocks in real life is awful enough. So someone might as well be doing it to me in-game.


12. Animania

Animania Minecraft mod

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Want to transform your Minecraft world into an animal utopia? Well I will admit that’s a weird goal, but you can do so with the Animania mod!

This mod lets you feed and take care of the animals everwhere.

If you’re consistent with it, then they get happier. You know, like taking care of an egg inside a Tamagotchi (yes I’m old).

However unlike Tamagotchi, if you neglect to take care of these animals, they don’t just die. Some of them might even attack you because of it.

But maybe that’s why mobs exist in the first place: because they just want to be understood. That makes sense right?


11. Mystical World

Mystical World Minecraft mod screenshot

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Now why is this mod called Mystical World, you ask? Well, beats me.

But as far as mob varieties go, there’s a ton going for it here: deer, stags, squids, and even silkworms and walking sprouts are just some of the creatures you might encounter.

True to form, each one has trait-specific drops that could help you in crafting custom items too.

One notable addition to the Nether area, though, is the lava cat.

It’s dangerous enough to simply encounter one. But if you can tame one, then it could provide a great defensive boost to your encounters.

Also getting a lava cat wet turns its body into obsidian, which means that its attacks hit foes like a truck!

Then again, there’s also the fact that you can just… you know, let it burn enemies. That’s fun too.


10. Pandora’s Creatures

Pandora’s Creatures Mods Minecraft

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Are seahorses and crabs part of the Pandora’s Box mythology? Or does it refer to Pandora, the planet?

Well whatever “Pandora” is, this mod set is surely beautiful thing of beauty.

The mobs you can expect here include an exclusive addition to The Nether, the Hellhound. It’s what it sounds like.

Plus the Arachnon, which lets you craft the special Arachnon Hammer upon killing it.

And a Bufflon, which is a buffalo-like mob that can be found in snowy fields and can even be tamed to be your companion in battle.


9. Mob Grinding Utils

Mob Grinding Utils in Minecraft

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Imagine making a mob farm run more like a “proper” farm.

You know, the kind where everything is industrialized and you can operate it efficiently like a business. A business of mobs.

Well if this is your new life goal since reading this article, the Mob Grinding Utils is the mod for you!

It lets players create more systematic ways to farm mobs, primarily thanks to its modular design. Create mobs based on how many exp and drops you need, and then scale it up man!


8. The Twilight Forest

The Twilight Forest Minecraft mods

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Similar to many of the Skyrim mods we’ve covered, I feel like The Twilight Forest is so different from vanilla Minecraft in almost every way.

This mod could serve as new games just on their own, honestly.

A completely unique addition to this mod are new dungeons that seem tailored for the hardcore roleplaying set, with each containing their own sets of bosses that require different strategies to beat them.


7. Primitive Mobs

Primitive Mobs in Minecraft

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Sometimes, gamers just need mobs the way we also need water and air to survive.

I know that not everyone agrees. Then again, would you really be reading this if you didn’t want more mobs?

Thankfully the Primitive Mobs add-on serves up a whopping 25 new mob variations into the base game. Not all of them are bad, either.

Good luck spotting which ones are good, though!


6. Lycanites Mobs

Lycanites Mobs for Minecraft

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So you want more mobs, but also want them vicious as well?

Well the Lycanites Mobs is probably the one you’re looking for.

Over a hundred mobs are scattered across each biome and dimension, and each one actually varies from the other one!

Along with facing off new creatures like the reptilian Makas and the shadow-based Grues, you can tame mounts like the Warg.

Imagine taming that thing and unleashing it upon anyone foolish enough to face off against you.


5. Mowzie’s Mobs

Mowzie's Mobs in Minecraft

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As far as enemy mob varieties go, Mowzie’s Mobs is certainly a fearsome mod to install.

You get scary-looking creatures like the Barakoa tribesmen, the massive Frostmaw guardian, the winged Naga serpents, and even the man-eating plant called the Foliaath!

Each creature boasts environment-themed designs and unique AI behaviors, so you really have to give kudos to Mowzie for making such a good effort on this mod set.


4. Progressive Bosses

Progressive Bosses Minecraft mod

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Are you ready for a much more challenging experience in Minecraft?

Well for roleplaying veterans who want to experience how a “scaling level” would work in the game, the Progressive Bosses mod is something to look into.

By killing the Wither, the spawning rate and frequencies increase for all players located within a 96- block radius.

If that’s not enough for you then killing the Ender Dragon increases not just the difficulty of killing its larvae, but also increases the health and damage dished out by the Ender Dragon for each respawn!


3. Ice and Fire: Dragons

Ice and Fire: Dragons Mod for Minecraft

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You know what makes battles more epic?

Dragons. Just a lot of fricken dragons.

Modders Raptorfarian and Alexthe666 have filled this niche for more fantasy-minded players with the Ice and Fire mod. And you can tell they put a lot of work into this.

The mod is exactly what you’d think: it features Fire Dragons, which obviously breathe fire and can be found randomly in the game world.

And Ice Dragons, which can be found in cold areas and will literally freeze you to death.

It’s not Skyrim. But it sure is close enough!


2. Champions

Champions Mod for Minecraft

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Bored of your garden-variety mob, are you?

Well the Champions mod should give you a right kick in the behind to zap away the bordem.

It’ll add dozens of elite-level mobs right into your game, fast!

Each set contains enhanced stats and more powerful abilities to give you that extra challenge you’re probably looking for. Even their ranks are extremely customizable!

Finally, something that’ worth going through a big challenge just to get that loot!


1. LotsOMobs

LotsOMobs Custom Mod for Minecraft

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What’s that, you want even more mobs? Well here you go, and you won’t want to look back!

LotsOMobs is a huge mod set that adds 25 new mob species to Minecraft.

You name it: birds, fish, snakes, lions, elephants, and many more are available here.

Heck, there are even specific dinosaur mobs like mammoths and pterosaurs. And you can even mount some of them from horses to camels!

These aren’t just mobs for the sake of having mobs. Each one has unique drops that you can use to craft custom items too.

Tiger fur as armor? Hey, with LotsOMobs anything is possible.

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