Minecraft: Best Music & Audio Mods To Try Out (All Free)

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Minecraft can feel like such a perfect game, isn’t it?

Even before games like Animal Crossing became the new hotness, thousands of players were already crafting whatever their imaginations could come up with.

And we all know that Minecraft is the superior game because combat. Take that, Tom Nook!

Here’s another thing that Minecraft has over Animal Crossing: the ability to customize your game’s music with hundreds of mods available for free.

You can find everything from installing wacky audio clips, to creating your own mini masterpieces in-game.


15. NotEnoughCodecs

NotEnoughCodecs Minecraft Mod

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Spotify and Pandora have made music streaming such a ubiquitous thing.

I mean, nowadays it’s tough to imagine a time way back when we needed to convert different audio files to run in just one music player!

Minecraft, thankfully, doesn’t have that same kind of problem.

Though transmitting one audio file to the game’s default OGG format might mean the file could become a bit compromised. Thankfully, there’s a mod for that.

The NotEnoughCodecs mod ensures that most commercially available audio files like MP3, MP4, AAC, and FLAC wont’ get lost in the translation!


14. Minecraft BUT IT’S REALLY LOUD

Minecraft Really Loud Mod

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This version 1.14 sound pack is unremarkable enough on its own.

Except every piece of in-game sound/music will be amplified up to 50 decibels.

Sure, it’s funny in the way that high school pranks are funny. And you might be already thinking “Why the heck would I download this?”

Well, just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

But then again, why the heck not? YOLO man.

Also, if you feel like playing through Minecraft where it looks like you’re sleepwalking in a dubstep video, then this is probably the best case for using it.


13. Star Wars Audio Replacements

Star Wars Audio Replacements Minecraft Mod

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Seriously, you can’t have a game and not feature at least one Star Wars mod.

At this point, the Star Wars fandom is like an heirloom that parents pass down to their kids.

Everyone expects it. And the best thing is you probably won’t get slapped with an estate tax!

The Star Wars audio mod, of course, swaps the original Minecraft in-game audio with the sonic samples taken from the Star Wars movies.

And I’m not just talking about the sounds made by lightsabers and blasters here.

Even title themes, battle themes, and various film tracks are added to give you that fuzzy Star Wars feeling!

Now you know what this means… Grab a Star Wars skin mod ASAP!


12. MumbleLink

MumbleLink Mod Minecraft

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When we talk about “quality of life” in video games, it doesn’t just refer to graphics alone.

More often than not it’s just little features that make playing a game even better! And here’s one example: a mod that uses VOIP to make other players hear that you’re behind them, when you character is actually behind them!

The MumbleLink mod is one of the more popular additions to the Minecraft Forge mod pack.

By simply downloading this mod you’ll hear player sounds based on their position to you in the game world.

Best of all, you can even set up a “mumble” function where you and selected players are the only ones to hear each other. Even when you’re literally whispering on your mouth piece.

This is some special-ops stuff right here.


11. DER Mob Sound Pack

DER Mob Sound Pack Mod

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Do you think we have enough funny voice mods in Minecraft?

Hey, it’s probably better we have a surplus than another generic skin pack.

The DER Mob Sound Pack, currently in version 2.7, adds new voices to the delightful mobs of the Minecraft world.

The catch is that the “-der” suffix is always emphasized.

Frankly, I don’t know if this is supposed to be a reference to something or not. But hearing Enderman say “EnDERman” is just funny by itself!


10. What is Love (Music)

What is Love - Music Mod Minecraft

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Plugging old pop music into a game is nothing new. Heck, the Flash game Robot Unicorn Attack became popular in the first place because its entire identity is anchored on a 1994 song!

So imagine my surprise when I found out there’s a mod on Minecraft using a similar concept. Except…. well, it uses a different song.

Though its Eurodance roots come from a similar era like Erasure’s “Always”. Know what that song is?

It’s “What is Love” by Haddaway.

For players who grew up in the ‘90s this will surely bring nostalgic memories when life was… well, simpler, I guess?

For younger players though, this is probably the best way to discover for yourself why songs like this became popular in the first place. Or you could just ask your parents, too. I heard that works well.


9. Project P.E.W Minecraft Edition! [Audio mod]

Project P.E.W Minecraft Edition! - Minecraft Audio Mod

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The “pew-pew” mod has always been a consistent standby for just about any popular PC game there is on the planet.

And of course, Minecraft also gets one. And with varying “PEW PEW” noises at that!

Because again, why not?

Surely you won’t deny yourself this pleasure?


8. mxTune

mxTune Minecraft audio mod

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Out of the many things that any player has yet to do in Minecraft, “forming a band” probably ranks at the top of the list.

Thank the Ender Gods that the mxTune mod exists!

mxTune gives players the option of adding musical instruments into Minecraft, each with the added functionality of playing sampled instrument sounds in an MML format.

While you can do solo play with the mod, the fun comes in organizing up to eight players to start a musical session.

You might need to practice at it like you would with a real band. But hey, that’s why concerts are a thing right?


7. Audio Death

Audio Death Mod for Minecraft

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The premise of this mod is simple enough: you get to customize the “death” sound of your character.

And you can do this with just about any audio sample you upload.

With this mod you can sit back and benefit from the massive troll potential the Audio Death mod can wreak on your server. Just have fun with it!


6. Your Music CDs

Your Music CDs in Minecraft

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Yes zoomers. We listened to music with discs, which we played on even bulkier CD players.

Because the Internet was slow back then, because we’re old boomers?

Well whether you wanna re-live the days when everything was analog, or you just want a cool new way to “play music” in the game, this Music CD mod lets you add nine tracks, like the songs contained on actual CDs!

Basically just full in-game songs added to your Minecraft session. By using an integrated Audacity app, you can even “copy” your own set of songs for the mod.

Thank goodness music piracy isn’t a thing in Minecraft.


5. Minecraft Music Festival

Minecraft Music Festival mod screenshot

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One definite thing that sucks in 2020 is that music festivals are a no-go, at least for now.

Also it doesn’t help that many of them are prohibitively expensive to begin with!

Thankfully the Minecraft Music Festival mod could serve as a virtual alternative to all the music fests that we might missing right now.

Like a “proper” music fest, it has seven stages spaced from each other. And also the obligatory food concessionaires (though be thankful that you won’t ever have to eat anything from it!)

To complete that festival vibe, you even get to ride a rollercoaster there. Neat!


4. Blam – Music Production Environment

Blam - Music Production Environment Mod for Minecraft

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We’ve heard of “bedroom producers” before. But a Minecraft producer?

Well that might become a thing with the help of the Blam mod.

Blam is a music production mod where sound creation is actually laid out in the environment rather than in software.

You can produce sounds on your own. Or, like any musician today would, “collaborate” with another player and figure out what you can come up with by just jamming.


3. Adventure Redefined Music Pack

Adventure Redefined Music Pack for Minecraft

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Fokson’s Actual Music mod is one of the best when it comes to experiencing the “epicness” that comes with playing Minecraft.

The Adventure Refined Music Pack takes the whole thing to the next level by giving you “song packs” to load into your interface. With this, you get to load calming music when you’re just walking, or play a righteously epic track whenever you’re encountering a boss battle.

It’s a lot easier to do than you might imagine, so absolutely give this a try if you’re all about customization and immersion.

To get a sneak peek of this mod you can also watch the trailer released by the creator CircuitLord.


2. Totemic

Totemic Minecraft mod

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While technically a magic mod, I’m putting the Totemic mod here because it uses its own music when you’re getting upgraded character statuses.

It’s worth it alone just for experiencing the “Ceremonies” feature.

If anything, this enriches the world of Minecraft even more, so at least check it out and see what you think.

We’ve also got a list of magic mods if you’re looking for some tangentially related stuff.


1. Ambience

Ambience - Audio Mod for Minecraft

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Ambience is probably one of the better “music customization” mods available on Minecraft today.

It works by giving you the option to set a soundtrack that can be configured to add “environmentally aware” music into your game.

If this mod pack’s sountrack doesn’t appeal to you, well you can download other packs to work with the mod too. Pretty much any songs or any game series.

Pokémon, Zelda, or–yassss–Xenoblade Chronicles!

Give Ambience a go for some music customization. I think you’ll love it.

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