Best Minecraft My Hero Academia Skins: The Ultimate Collection

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This anime holds a special place in my heart, because it’s one of the first ones I watched to get into the anime world.

In MHA you’re immediately sent into an epic world with thousands of heroes (and villains).

There’s just so many powers and quirks to get into!

But with power comes great responsibility though. And Izuku Midoriya now has a lot of both.

So if you’d like to bring some MHA into your Minecraft game, we’ve got plenty of skins here to get you started.


1. Nezu

Nezu Mr. Principal from BNHA / Minecraft Skin

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Going by his name as “Mr. Principal”, Nezu is the principal (duh) of the U.A. High School.

He statistically shouldn’t exist, but he’s a rare case where an animal developed a quirk. Well, more like a combination of animals, but still…

He’s always very happy-looking, too. Which may be quite off-putting sometimes.

That said, he does have a sadistic side though.

But in this MC skin he looks more serious. Maybe he’s just getting ready for battle?

You can also see the scar on his face, and the nice suit matching his typical attire.


2. Kurogiri

Kurogiri from BNHA / Minecraft Skin

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Going into detail about who this character is might spoil some fans who haven’t read the manga…

I know because I just spoiled it myself by reading his wiki entry. So I won’t do that to you guys & gals.

But his appearances in the anime, although few, are very epic.

The character himself is very imposing, most likely because of how he looks. Or maybe it’s just that I always like the bad guys for some reason…

Either way, this character’s original shape is real tough to merge into a Minecraft skin. But for this design I really like the result.


3. Enji Todoroki

Enji Todoroki from BNHA / Minecraft Skin

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Yep, the No. 2 hero of Boku No Hero’s universe!

It’s funny how he looks badass with and without his hero outfit. He’s just a huge guy.

I say he’s the No. 2 hero, but really that’s not true! Following All Might’s retirement, this powerful fella officially became No. 1.

And creating a Minecraft skin based on someone that’s always covered with fire was probably a hard task.

Yet this skin does exactly that – and it does the job well.

This creator didn’t go all crazy with the lower part of the skin, meaning the legs are simply just orange with no effects.

But even though the face is properly covered in flames, you can tell there’s more going on here.


4. Tsuyu Asui

Tsuyu Asui from BNHA / Minecraft Skin

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Froppy is a character (apparently) so interesting that they decided to do an entire episode around her.

Well, okay, I’m not complaining. It was a decent episode anyways.

Her appearance is kind of weird, though. I mean – she’s some kind of frog-human combination.

But being a frog (sort of) gives you an incredible amount of advantage underwater, which is something not many heroes or villains have.

Just note that you won’t swim faster in Minecraft with this skin on, that’s for sure.

It’s still worth wearing, though! Because this skin is made with her hero uniform – and I don’t know how this skin designer did it, but it looks like a frog?

I guess it’s really tailor-made for her.


5. Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki from BNHA / Minecraft Skin

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Todoroki’s fight was Izuku in the U.A Sports Festival was one of a kind:

Stressful, wonderfully animated, and engaging.

What Deku does is also amazing. It’s an incredible way to form a friendship, by making Todoroki realize he shouldn’t chain himself.

And coincidentally, this skin is also designed to wear the U.A. Sports Festival uniform.

Which makes sense, because Todoroki’s best appearance so far has probably been in the U.A Sports arc.

Aside from the general design, this skin is nothing out of the ordinary. It’s well-made and also features Todoroki’s red scar on his face.


6. Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga from BNHA / Minecraft Skin

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This character is weird, psychotic, and cheerful (in a bad way).

And her idea of friendship also isn’t too popular.

But aside from being kinda crazy, her transformation quirk is very cool (and creepy).

This custom skin is also very cool. I’m a big fan of the palette this creator used here. It’s not quite a pastel, but it’s certainly less saturated than other skins.

Unfortunately, you can’t transform into other people using this skin.

(Although you could try a plugin or mod for that!)


7. Izuku “Deku” Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya (Deku) from BNHA / Minecraft Skin

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At last, the star of the show: Deku!

I don’t think anyone’s life has ever changed to the same degree as what he’s gone through.

Deku went from not having any quirk at all, to having pretty much one of the strongest quirks there is.

He surely deserved it anyway, since his heart is as pure as you can get.

And this skin really fits his look.

The design itself is very nice and properly layered, with Deku wearing one of his hero outfits, and the colors are also accurate but attenuated.


8. Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco Uraraka from BNHA / Minecraft Skin

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Uraraka is the character that made it possible for Deku to go to U.A. High School.

It was certainly chance, but Midoriya was able to save her and get an invitation.

And other than shipping fuel, she’s a very important character to develop Deku as a character.

If only she didn’t get dizzy using his floating quirk… I guess all ups have downs.

And I really like this skin – it blends perfectly with the other hero skins I’ve listed here, mostly because the palette is very similar.

Plus the design is also super similar and packed with detail.


9. Young All Might

Young All Might BNHA / Minecraft Skin

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He’s still in shape at this age, aiming to be (or already being) the No. 1 hero.

The future wasn’t so bright for our beloved hero though. Thankfully, he was able to transfer his quirk to Izuku.

Nothing insanely unique stands out from this skin, which is also good, as it’s pretty true to the show.

It’s a design that cuts straight to the point, no funny business.

The shading is simple, the colors are accurate, and the character is for sure recognizable.


10. All Might

Regular All Might from BNHA / Minecraft Skin

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Now this skin? This is a different story.

I’d say this is the more popular version of All Might – the version we see in the anime itself.

You might’ve seen memes about All Might being so huge that he casts a shadow on his own body.

And while this skin does a great job at showing how massive and strong he is, Boku No Hero exaggerates it to the point of being comical.

And this skin portrays that perfectly.

I mean, the colors are way oversaturated, the shadow he’s casting on himself is massive, yet you can still see who he is.

All Might fans are sure to love this one.

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