Top 15 Best NPC Mods For Minecraft (All Free)

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Adventuring in a world made in Minecraft is an amazing experience.

Not just for the challenges you overcome or the things you can build, but for the friends you meet along the way (and isn’t that the real blocky video game?)

Yes, interacting with other players is extremely fun. And makes Minecraft the amazing game it is.

But the same cannot be said for NPCs, which leave a lot to be desired.

But these non-playables are not doomed to remain in their vanilla state. Thanks to modders, these NPCs can be made to do much more. And even help you in the most unexpected ways!


15. Alchemist NPC

Alchemist NPC Mod for Minecraft

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Grey beard? Check.

Blue coat? Check.

That’s exactly how an alchemist should look like.

Alchemist NPC introduces a new NPC to the game that comes with three different trades.

Not a major change, to be honest. But exactly what you need when you want to add some magic to your Minecraft world.


14. Fairy

Fairy Minecraft Mod

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Make no mistake here. Fairies can look cute, but they pack a really mean punch.

Especially in Minecraft.

The Fairy mod adds in some fairies as a neutral mob to the game, spawning in specific locations if the conditions are right.

Once you meet one, you have two choices: befriend her to gain a loyal companion, or attack her to get completely obliterated when she summons her friends.

I’d choose the latter, seems more fun.


13. Minecraft Builders

Minecraft Builders Mod

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The time has come to let NPCs do all the dirty work for you.

Builders adds 10 new human mobs that spawn above ground and start building structures without any input from you.

They will follow the orders of the Mayor mob, and eventually build a small trading town.

But in case you want to direct their efforts, you can also put up some signs that will influence their behaviors. Now that’s what I call a real building squad!


12. Delivery Merchants

Delivery Merchants for Minecraft

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Trade makes the world go round, even in the virtual worlds of Minecraft.

Delivery Merchants makes it possible to add 12 different merchant types with a unique store for each merchant.

While this mod isn’t of great use to everyday play(as it is intended for modders) I do think it offers something so good and versatile that it needs to be mentioned.


11. Doctor Who NPCs

Doctor Who NPCs Minecraft Mod

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I see the Tardis in the distance.

Is that you, Doctor Who?

This Doctor Who NPC mod pack introduces the 9th, 10th, and 11th doctor from the long-running show by the BBC. All into Minecraft.

These new mobs don’t do anything different from your common NPCs. But can you really resist the call of these legendary time travelers? I don’t think so!


10. MCU Custom NPC Mod

MCU Custom NPC Mod for Minecraft

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MCU doesn’t stand for Marvel Cinematic Universe anymore.

Here it stands for Minecraft Cinematic Universe.

The MCU Custom NPC Mod introduces over 100 characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ranging from heroes, villains, and even secondary characters who usually don’t get a lot of time to shine.

You do need a few other mods to use this NPC pack. But the effort will be worthwhile, since you can walk among gods and heroes.


9. CommandNPCS

CommandNPCS Mod screenshot for Minecraft

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With this mod, all(and I really mean all mobs) in Minecraft will answer to one master only.


CommandNPCS is a simple plugin that’s extremely lightweight and easy to use.

Just install it and use the console to issue commands to all mobs.

If you ever wanted to control the minds of those around you and become the ruler of the universe, this is your chance.


8. NPC Variety

NPC Variety Mod for Minecraft

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Villagers and Pillagers will never be the same after you install the NPC variety mod.

This mod introduces 8 skin tones and 5 eye colors for villagers, making it so they sport a realistic skin tone depending on the biome(very nice).

But it also adds some variations that will make everyone look more mean than ever.

I’m not sure anyone asked for this specifically, but hey, this is the price to pay for true advancement.


7. Custom NPC Spawner

Custom NPC Spawner Minecraft Mod

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By itself, the Custom NPC Spawner doesn’t seem to do a whole lot.

It only shows its true potential in conjunction with other mods.

This makes it easy to spawn any type of NPC on any server, meaning that it’s possible to have NPCs synched to every world on the server.

Use this together with any of the other mods on this list to let other unaware players know the joys of NPCs modding. Or maybe check out our list of mob mods, there’s quite a few.


6. Cosmic NPCs

Cosmic NPCs for Minecraft

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If you ever wanted to set trends in your Minecraft world, the Cosmic NPCs mod is waiting just for you.

Thanks to this mod, it’s possible for you to record yourself performing any task and then spawn an NPC that will replicate exactly what you did. Automation for the win, right?

And if one single NPC is not enough to satisfy your ego, press those hotkeys multiple times to spawn an army of blocky clones to help you conquer any world.

Just virtual worlds, I hope.


5. Minecraft Comes Alive

Minecraft Comes Alive Mod

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All it takes is one mod to bring new life to a world.

Minecraft Comes Alive completely overhauls the human NPCs mechanics, introducing new ways to interact with them.

This includes the ability to build relationships, marry, and even have children, who will eventually grow up and help on your quest.

Whatever this quest may be: just don’t make them do evil. Or if you do, at least record it and put it on YouTube.


4. Better Questing: NPC Integration

Better Questing: NPC Integration for Minecraft

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Better Questing mod: a Minecraft story.

Better Questing: NPC Integration makes it possible for you to create full-fledged RPGs inside Minecraft.

This means complete with new dialogue, quests, and all those mechanics that make role-playing games fun.

And if you’re really ambitious, why not make an MMORPG?

Sure, it will take you a humongous amount of hours. But think of the glory you’ll achieve on the interweb!


3. Ancient Warfare 2

Ancient Warfare 2 Minecraft Mod

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It’s no mystery that true technological advancement is mostly achieved through war.

And things are no different in Minecraft.

Ancient Warfare 2 is a complex & modular mod that introduces new automations, new structures, and the thing we’re interested in here: new NPCs.

These NPCs are combat characters who specialize in different fighting styles, from melee to ranged. They’ll make sure you’re safe and sound at all times, even while venturing in the most dangerous parts of the Nether. And beyond.


2. Millènaire

Millènaire Mod for Minecraft

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Welcome to the year 1000 A.D., where villages were simple but full of blocky life!

Millènaire truly overhauls the NPC behavior of the vanilla game by introducing villages and NPCs based on 11th-century cultures.

These villagers do not waste their time like the vanilla ones. They build and upgrade buildings, and have their own stories.

Many of those stories you can influence if you so decide, just by helping them solve their troubles.

Not a proper RPG, but something that gets pretty close to it.


1. Custom NPCs

Custom NPCs Mod for Minecraft

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Do I really need to tell you what Custom NPCs does?

This mod is definitely something all Minecraft players need to try out at least once.

It gives the chance to create customized characters and change pretty much every trait, from dialogues to jobs to roles, and so on.

With so much power comes complexity. So it may take some time for you to learn the mod and use it to its full potential.

But once you get things going, the NPC train will be running full steam ahead.

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