Best Onesie Skins For Minecraft (Boys + Girls)

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Many trends have passed through the MC skin making community since the game’s release.

As with all trends, some have been better. Some have been worse.

If I had to choose, I think that the one trend that deserves it’s spot in the Minecraft skin Hall of Fame is the onesie.

Onesies saw a small growth in popularity in the 2010s as quirky, comfortable outfits, but they’ve come to really shine in Minecraft.

There’s just something about the softness, coziness, and creativity that the onesie allows that makes it an all-time great among MC skins.

Don’t believe me?

Come check out these incredible onesie skins, tailored with love by the community.


1. Dino Boy

Dino Boy Onesie Skin For Minecraft

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This entry by creator bunyeet is a perfect example as to the magic of the onesie skin.

While this skin features a sort of oversized hoodie/rolled up onesie instead of the whole body suit that we’ll be seeing more later on, it doesn’t sacrifice any of the comfort or cuteness.

Everything from the pastel colors to the dino head to the one rolled-up ankle furthers this skin’s lackadaisical and cheery vibe, and I for one can’t get enough of it.


2. Gingerbread Onesie (Boy)

Gingerbread Onesie (Boy) Minecraft Skin

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The Christmas season is always the time when people are most likely to put on their coziest clothes and sit around the fire.

Everyone, I don’t care who you are, can get with that comfy holiday vibe.

I don’t get to have those moments too often.

But I get to live them out whenever I feel like with skins like this one by creator IMakeSkins.

One look at this Gingerbread-themed onesie has me dying for cookies and milk and some holiday spirit.

Toss in the little scarf too, and I’m absolutely dead looking at this thing. I love it.


3. E-girl Panda

E-girl Panda Onesie Skin For Minecraft

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I think part of the beauty of the onesie skins is that they have the power to transcend aesthetics.

All of them exist in this fuzzy, wholesome realm, but some like this panda one by creator Eniva dive headfirst into the e-girl/e-boy aesthetics.

I can’t pin down quite why the blend of e-girl and onesie works.

But I would be lying if I didn’t think that this look absolutely kills it.


4. Jake the Dog Onesie (Girl)

Jake the Dog Onesie (Girl) Minecraft Skin

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This is another example of a skin that has heavy gen z influences with the long, dyed white hair on this skin’s model.

Honestly the hair and eyes are so well done that you almost miss the fact that this skin is a giant Jake the Dog onesie from Adventure Time.

I can’t even start to express my love for this design.

If these onesies exist in real life, then I need to get myself one or three ASAP.


5. Spotted Rabbit Onesie

Spotted Rabbit Onesie Skin For Minecraft

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I love how bold and different this onesie feels from lots of the others.

Plenty of Minecraft skins in general tend to stick to base colors or colors that read well in video games, like reds and blues, black and white…

But this one feels like it does so much more.

The spotted rabbit aesthetic of this onesie skin is phenomenal from the cool greens to the cute bunny face on top of the onesie hood.


6. Pink Stitch Onesie (Girl)

Pink Stitch Onesie (Girl) Minecraft Skin

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This is a pro-tip for all of you in the neighborhood for e-girl/Gen Z aesthetic skins. Look for skins on namemc by creator Giovanka; you’ll thank me.

This creator knocks every skin they touch out of the park and this is no exception.

The all pink and white look here is a triumph by itself, but then you notice the detailing on the onesie and see that it’s Stitch from Lilo & Stitch.

Just like that, it’s already downloaded.


7. Purple Dragon Onesie (Boy)

Purple Dragon Onesie (Boy) Skin For Minecraft

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This skin is so endearing it almost hurts.

Creator FruityCakes has made a onesie design that’s simplistic in the best ways possible.

There aren’t too many fussy details or rough textures.

This skin is just a guy with dark hair in a purple dragon onesie.

It’s adorable, clean, and everything I want in a skin.

Plus, I love the way the dragon teeth frame the skin’s face.


8. Steve x Axolotl Onesie

Steve x Axolotl Onesie Minecraft Skin

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Most models for these onesie skins are meant to look like players, you or me, who happen to be wearing onesies.

Skin creator TheVenux said, “Nah, Steve deserves a onesie too.”

Based on how good this skin looks, that was an absolutely correct call.

Just seeing how hilarious Steve in a pink onesie is makes this skin worth downloading. Then, you see that Steve isn’t just in any pink onesie. It’s an axolotl.

Honestly, just take my money already.


9. Penguin Onesie (Girl)

Penguin Onesie (Girl) Skin For Minecraft

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I have two things to say about this skin.

One, I don’t know why other skins don’t add the animal face to a small window on the front of it.

This penguin skin is absolutely elevated by the little square penguin face.

Two, the penguin might be the ultimate animal for a onesie outift, based on its overall body shape and coat color.

When you put on the penguin suit, you become the penguin.

Sign me up.


10. Fox Onesie (Girl)

Fox Onesie (Girl) Minecraft Skin

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Maybe this skin is a bit older than the others and comes from a different website with a different creator community because it looks vastly different than most of the others on this list.

The way the hair falls and the fox onesie fits don’t have the baggy 3-D texturing that’s popular now.

This skin’s flattering look gives it a pixelated vibe, like something out of Stardew Valley – and I adore it.


11. Kirby Onesie (Boy)

Kirby Onesie (Boy) Skin For Minecraft

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I guess I’m hitting the pink base color onesies pretty hard…

But that’s because I think they’re awesome.

I always go through a roller coaster of emotion seeing the pink.

First, I’m slightly off put by the approaching-flesh tones of the pink. Then, I’m relieved that it’s a cute pastel color and a onesie.

Then, I see Kirby’s face on the dang onesie and I lose my dang mind.


12. Cool Unicorn Cat (Girl)

Unicorn Cat Onesie (Girl) Minecraft Skin

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The animated pastels on this skin were honestly enough for me to include it on this list.

I don’t know why, but I do have a particular bias for the pastel colors.

Then you add on the fact that the pastels are tying into an e-girl aesthetic, and I’m further in.

Then you show me those tiny cat slippers and show me the tag on the skin that says “Unicorn Cat,” which must be the coolest animal that Minecraft has come up with in all its history.

And THEN, you hit me with the fact that this cutesy pastel design has a pair of hilarious, fully-opaque sunglasses.

It’s layer after layer after layer of genius.


13. Galaxy Onesie (Boy)

Galaxy Onesie (Boy) Skin For Minecraft

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I need to shout out creator didiswig for pulling together this onesie skin. Because it’s so far removed from the others on this list.

Get it? Far removed, like, because it’s space. Anyway…

I really do love the concept of this galaxy onesie with its spacey influences.

I particularly like the way the skin incorporates stars and colorful nebulas in subtle ways. The space clouds don’t pop off the screen with color, but they rather add a quiet depth to the skin as a whole.

The quiet colors of the space clouds make it seem less like tie-dye and more like the vast infinity of space.

I like both, but the vast infinity of space is cooler.


14. Slime Onesie (Boy)

Slime Onesie (Boy) Minecraft Skin

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The color palette on this skin is pure 100% e-boy, and I’m here for it.

It’s not the edgy chain-dripped e-boy vibe that you might be familiar with.

But rather it’s the softer e-boy alternative with fluffy, light brown hair.

I think it works incredibly well as a stand-alone onesie skin with the pastels and the white sneakers.

But if you tilt the skin in the viewer and look at the top of its head, you’ll discover that it’s a slime onesie.

I’ll tell you now; I gasped when I saw that slime face.

Really, this skin is criminally cute.


15. Charizard Onesie (Girl)

Charizard Onesie (Girl) Skin For Minecraft

Check Out This Skin

It’s hard to tell if this skin flat-out looks incredible, or if Pokémon just happens to be on my brain all the time.

Realistically, it’s probably both.

But this girl wearing a Charizard onesie is a slam dunk by any measure.

While the base colors on it may seem a little flat, it’s done purposefully to look startlingly like an actual Charizard.

I mean, look at the eyes and the tail on this skin.

That right there is a triumph in Minecraft skin-making.

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