Best Panda-Themed Minecraft Skins (All Free To Download)

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From pole to pole (North and South, that is) bears are one of the coolest and most frightening animals on planet Earth.

I don’t think there’s any way anyone hasn’t gone through a phase where they loved bears, whether that be in the form of teddies or Discovery documentaries.

However, not all bears pose the threat that grizzlies do. In fact, perhaps the most recognizable bear doesn’t do much other than laze about all day.

For this reason, the Panda is (clearly) my favorite bear.

Considering you’re here, I imagine that you are too. So what are you waiting for? Get scrolling and let’s check out some panda-themed skins ready for the wonderful world of Minecraft!


1. The Panda Bear

The Panda Bear Skin For Minecraft

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Is there any animal that is quite as beloved and iconic as the panda bear? I guarantee that anyone could spot one a mile away, stop what they’re doing, and gasp, “it’s a panda.”

I’m not afraid to admit I did just that when I saw this skin by creator Forgotten_Uchiha.

I adore the rounded, panda shape of the head on this panda skin.

It’s cute and just realistic enough to get me signed on in a heartbeat.


2. Panda Beanie (Boy)

Panda Beanie (Boy) Minecraft Skin

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The Minecraft community’s love for pandas is not merely limited to skins of bears themselves.

A panda’s black and white aesthetic is also timeless and adds life to pretty much any skin it touches.

Take this fairly standard and clean boy skin by creator marphys. The black shirt and jeans are cool and classic. But that panda beanie on it?

That’s a whole ‘nother level.


3. Panda Bear (We Bare Bears)

Panda Bear (We Bare Bears) Skin For Minecraft

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I didn’t think there’d be any way that a Minecraft skin could capture the essence of a We Bare Bears bear, but creator Allergy_Man clearly has the vision.

They managed to capture the round and warm nature of panda bear in Minecraft’s square pixels.

Beyond being a flawless rendition of an S-tier cartoon character, this is also a stellar Panda, perfect for any occasion, survival, adventure, and beyond.


4. Panda Onesie

Brunette Girl in Panda Onesie / Minecraft Skin

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Pandas look so darn cozy and comfy.

It’s no wonder the Minecraft community loves making cozy outfits in the bear’s image.

I mean, take one look at this Panda Onesie by creator ChanelRhombus. Is it humanly possible to not want to wear that suit on the spot?


5. (Panda) Bear

(Panda) Bear Skin For Minecraft

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I love how completely normal and totally Panda this Panda bear looks…

The creator of this skin deserves an award. As if I didn’t love the panda onesies enough, putting an actual brown bear inside of one is an act of sheer and utter genius.

It’s bear-ception.


6. Pandaren (WoW)

Pandaren from World of Warcraft / Minecraft Skin

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World of Warcraft has to be up there among the most influential video games of all time.

While it may not be the size of Minecraft, it ushered in a whole new era of PC gaming.

With designs like the Pandaren, it’s not that hard to see why WoW popped off like it did.

It’s an RPG where you can play a war panda.

Does it get any better than that?

The answer to that question is yes, by the way. It’s by playing a war panda, but in Minecraft.


7. Giant Panda

Giant Panda Skin For Minecraft

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How in the world did creator Norway_Lover manage to make a panda skin actually feel giant like a giant panda?

It blows me away.

The oversized shoulders and head, the detailing on the legs: this skin almost feels like an optical illusion, making this normal skin size feel gigantic.


8. Showman Panda

Showman Panda Minecraft Skin

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I cannot be sure what the reasoning behind this carnival baker-esque Panda skin is, but I love the energy it gives off.

The straw hat and the vest make the skin adorable and showy, a perfect standout to add to your collection if you’re attempting to put together a panda crew in your next server.


9. Iridescent Panda

Iridescent Panda Skin For Minecraft

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It takes very little for me to love an iridescent Minecraft skin.

But this Iridescent Panda does a lot.

I love the added texture of the pudgy panda face and snout, and of course, I adore the way the white fur of the panda is dyed in a technicolor gradient.


10. Upscale Panda

Upscale Fancy Panda Minecraft Skin

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Whether this panda is serving drinks in a fancy lounge or a world class hitman, it’s clear that this is one upscale panda.

Genuinely, this skin does feel upper-class and refined from the white textured, rolled-down sleeves to the panda vest and trousers.

The design even has a little white collar on the inside of the vest. That’s A+ detail.


11. Swag Panda

Swag Panda Skin For Minecraft

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Swag Panda makes this list purely off of energy.

How could anybody who looks at this skin not be taken away by how much swagger this panda has.

The sunglasses, the hoodie, the style, the grace.

It’s all the cool I wish I had in middle school condensed into a perfect (and free) panda skin.


12. Red Panda

Red Panda Minecraft Skin

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Yeah, yeah, I know that they’re technically not pandas. But Red Pandas are just as cute, if not cuter, and creator DemonARTZ gets that.

Red pandas are like all the cuteness of a panda bear condensed into the shape of a raccoon, and if they aren’t currently, they should be your favorite animal.

If you’re still not convinced that the red panda should be your favorite animal, then at the very least, this red panda skin could be worth a try in Minecraft. That’s just obvious.

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