Best Minecraft Parkour Maps: The Ultimate Collection

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In real life, parkour is a dangerous hobby.

Even if you don’t fall on your face, you can still mess things up with bad technique!

Minecraft parkour though? Completely safe and fun.

The only problem is that there are just so many parkour maps that it’s hard to find one that gets your heart racing!

Well, it’s hard for other people. Not you. Because I’ve compiled the best parkour MC maps so you don’t have to go through the hassle.

Let’s jump right into it, shall we?


15. Biome Run 3

Biome Run 3 Minecraft Map

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This is a great map if you want some novelty in your parkour.

It involves eight biome-themed levels, so it gives you the change of scenery you might need.

If you have friends that you know you can out-parkour, you can set the map to race-mode, where you can go toe-to-toe with them. If you have friends that you know can out-parkour you though, you can set it to freeplay so that they don’t even get the chance.


14. Get the Dinner

Get the Dinner MC Map

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You know what they say about hunger – if you don’t eat, you will die an excruciating death.

In this multiplayer map, an alien race has trapped you and your friend, effectively stopping you two from eating dinner.

Guess evolution didn’t give these guys moral reasoning, because preventing hungry people from eating a nice dinner is about the meanest thing you can do.

Like, just waterboard the person or something.

To get to your dinner, you’ll need to complete a lot of parkour. I know, it’s cruel of them to make you parkour on an empty stomach, but that’s what you need to do.

It’ll all be worth it when you sink your teeth into the delicious foodstuff item at the end of the rainbow. If you want to burn the carbs you get from eating your dinner, you can always play the map again!


13. Invisible Parkour

Invisible Parkour Minecraft Map Screenshot

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If you like to look before you leap, Invisible Parkour might be daunting.

The blocks are invisible, so this map doesn’t let you look before you leap. You’re basically parkouring blind.

Well, that’s not completely true. You can still see the outlines of the invisible blocks if you hover over them. So it’s more like parkouring partially blind.


12. Elytra Rush

Elytra Rush Minecraft Map

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Do you think Superman flies around and saves people because he cares about them?

I think he just does it for the rush. Flying is fun, after all.

Disagree with me? Still believe in the goodness of DC’s poster child?

Try playing Elytra Rush.

This map will have you flying through rings with an elytra. It puts an aerial twist on the parkour genre. You’ll feel just like Superman (and by that I mean, you’ll feel thrilled – not compassionate).


11. Race For The Crown

Race For The Crown MC Map

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You want the crown.

Maybe you like the power it brings with it. Maybe it’s Crazy Hat Day at your school. Either way, you want it.

The only problem is that the AI wants it too.

It’s just like Black Friday – you’re in a great race to get the item you want.

Please don’t let the AI win. I’ve watched enough science-fiction movies to know what happens when robots get power.


10. One Chunk Parkour

One Chunk Parkour Minecraft Map

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This is a nice map if you want something quick.

It won’t take a huge chunk of your time – just one chunk!

To win, you’ll need to navigate your way to the bottom of the chunk, get the hearthstone, and bring it back up to the surface. Don’t get distracted by the beautiful aesthetics either!

You see, this chunk isn’t just some naturally generated regular Joe chunk. This chunk was man-made, and like most man-made things, it’s way prettier than nature.

I know that’s controversial to say, but come on. Would you rather look at a majestic skyscraper or a dead decaying bird corpse that’s being feasted on by a horde of flies? If you pick the dead bird, you scare me.


9. Swirl Parkour

Swirl Parkour for Minecraft

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The hardest part of this parkour map isn’t the jumping – it’s finding out the path.

You’ll need to mix your parkour abilities with your creative thinking abilities to complete it.

After all, how can you do long jumps if you don’t even know where to jump?

Even the shape of the map is unusual. It’s not a tower or a line or some other straightforward map shape. This one’s a swirl!


8. Black And White

Black And White Minecraft Map

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This map is as tricky as chess, and it’s got the same color scheme too.

It’s a parkour-puzzle map that plays tricks on your eyes using illusions.

This map taught me that viewing the world in black and white can cause you to see things that aren’t really there. Or, in many cases, it can cause you to miss things that are there.

Black And White is what it’s like to live inside a late 1800s film. Maybe without the silence, if you’re prone to rage.


7. 1000 Jumps

1000 Jumps Minecraft Map Screenshot

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This parkour map has one thousand jumps.

You don’t need to count to confirm this either – there’s a counter to do that for you. It counts every single jump you successfully complete.

One thousand jumps may seem daunting but don’t worry. It’s not a thousand 6 block jumps. If you skipped leg day this week, you’ll be fine.

The map was designed to be speedrun, so you probably won’t get stuck anywhere for too long.


6. Parkour Minigames

Parkour Minigames MC Map

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Parkour Minigames is a casual map that builds the skills you need to become an absolute pro. There are 5 parkour-related minigames:

  • Block Clutch
  • Bridging Practice
  • Parkour Dropper
  • Spleef
  • And TNT Run

These minigames will help you build skills to dominate servers.

For example, bridging by yourself is easy. But what about bridging when every other player sees you and collectively decides to blast you with arrows?

This map simulates that lovely experience with the use of dispensers that hate you.

Some of these minigames can be played with friends. You guys can ascend to pro-hood together! Or you can just watch them repeatedly get hit by a swarm of arrows.


5. Parkour Paradise 3

Parkour Paradise 3 Minecraft Map

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If you love parkour, this is heaven for you.

But get yourself some devil horns because you’ll be falling from it!

There are one hundred levels on this parkour map.

Parkour heaven isn’t as eternal as I imagine regular heaven would be though. It’ll probably take you a couple of hours to complete since the levels aren’t super long.

But I bet this map is as euphoric as regular heaven!


4. Whirlpool Parkour

Whirlpool Parkour Minecraft Map Screenshot

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This poor map creator made a beautiful parkour map, only for a whirlpool to suddenly suck the whole thing in. He must have peed in the ocean or something to get Poseidon this upset – or this pissed off, I should say.

To Poseidon’s dismay though, the parkour map ended up being even cooler.

Seriously – it’s so cool that I’m worried it’ll enter its ice age.

Whirlpool Parkour requires you to parkour your way out of the whirlpool. Just be careful – it’s a whirlpool so there will be some blocks moving!

This map is also great for speedrunning since there are various shortcuts you can figure out.


3. Border Line

Border Line Minecraft Map

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Before we knew the Earth was round, we used to worry about reaching the end of it. Here, in Border Line, you’ve got the opposite fear – you’re worried the end of the world will reach you.

You see, the border wants to kill you. And it will close in on you to do it.

Maybe it got bored of standing still all day? Whatever the reason, you need to avoid being its next victim.

It’s not just the border you need to worry about though – gravity wants to kill you too.

“What did I do to gravity?” You may ask.

Well, you see, there are two types of people gravity hates: parkourers and old people.

Your only defense against these opponents are your powerful legs that can jump up 1.25 blocks.

That might not sound like a lot but remember – a block in Minecraft is equivalent to a meter in the real world. You’re basically Spiderman!

That, or you’ve really been working your legs.


2. Ja-Wipeout 2

Ja-Wipeout 2 MC Map

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Call me lowbrow but there’s nothing I love more than watching people fall (as long as they’re under the age of 65, of course. As I mentioned earlier, gravity is not kind to old people.)

Ja-Wipeout 2 is a parkour map based on the game show “Wipeout,” where you get to watch people fall.

The difference between the show and this map is, in this map, you’re the one that will be falling.

Oh? You’re not going to fall? Don’t get so cocky because it’s not easy – you’ve got to complete this map as quickly as possible (or quicker than your friend, if you’re playing with one).

If you have a YouTube channel, you should totally record your gameplay.

As I said, I love watching people fall.


1. Beat Jumper

Beat Jumper Minecraft Map

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If you enjoy listening to beats while studying, why not listen to some while gaming?

Beat Jumper is a great map for people that like music. So, almost everyone.

It requires you to jump to the beat. It’s kind of like Dance Dance Revolution for people who are too shy to dance.

So what do you think? Are your ears skilled enough to beat Beat Jumper? What about your fingers?

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