Best Pink-Colored Hoodie Minecraft Skins (Boys + Girls)

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Believe it or not, there was a time when pink was considered lame.

But thanks to pop culture phenomena like “Hotline Bling” and rose gold iPhones, pink is back in business.

No longer is the color attached to Y2K artifacts like Legally Blonde and Paris Hilton.

If it’s good enough for Champagne Papi, then it’s good enough for everyone.

Stay pretty in pink while playing Minecraft with these adorable pink-colored custom hoodie skins!


1. Pink Creeper Hoodie

Pink Creeper Hoodie Skin For Minecraft

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I remember the first time Minecraft made me want to rage quit, and it was all thanks to those green jerks: Creepers.

But when I found out that they were a good source of gun powder, I began to appreciate their ugly faces.

Now I’ve discovered a new reason to like them:

This Pink Creeper Hoodie, courtesy of Mollie_Rose26.


2. Mac Miller Hoodie

Mac Miller Hoodie Minecraft Skin

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Mac Miller’s passing was a huge blow to the rap community.

It’s even sadder considering that his final non-posthumous album, Swimming, came out just a month before his death.

While we may never know how Mac would’ve evolved as an artist, at least we have this Swimming-inspired hoodie from shaeerick to honor his legacy.


3. Pink Hoodie Boy with Snapback

Pink Hoodie Boy with Snapback Skin For Minecraft

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One of the easiest ways to pair a hoodie is with a cap or snapback.

Sure, it may not be the most logical thing in the world (what’s the hood for if you’re covering your head with a snapback?)

But it looks really cool.

Now you can pull off the awesome hoodie-and-snapback combo thanks to MC skin creator Juanito-Rangel.


4. Bomber Jacket Boy

Bomber Jacket Boy Minecraft Skin

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As someone who lives in a tropical country, wearing a bomber jacket over a hoodie sounds like torture.

Wearing a hoodie alone in this part of the world is terrible enough, and I can only imagine what a layer over it would feel like.

Good thing I don’t ever have to know, except in Minecraft.

Credit to creator PensilDesu for this awesome design.


5. Gamer Boy in Pink Hoodie

Gamer Boy in Pink Hoodie Skin For Minecraft

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Hoodies are some of the most essential items for a gamer.

They sit for hours on end so they need something super comfortable to wear, especially when they’re in air-conditioned rooms that are lined wall-to-wall with RGB lights.

The same is true in the world of Minecraft.

And that’s why you should snag this skin made by Blazeo4321 – it even has matching headphones.


6. Pink Hoodie Girl (Blonde)

Pink Hoodie Girl (Blonde) Minecraft Skin

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Unless you’re too young to have gone to Warped Tour, the colors pink and black will surely remind you of the 2000s emo era.

Like almost every millennial, I had my emo phase, but I didn’t have the pink highlights this skin has because my mom wouldn’t let me.

Good thing epicgirl204 created this black & neon pink skin design, so I can finally reach my full emo form.


7. Pink Dreads with Pink Hoodie

Pink Dreads with Pink Hoodie Skin For Minecraft

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It took a while for the world to take Soundcloud rappers seriously.

The ridiculous rhymes and over-the-top personalities were just too much for both old heads and new-school fans alike.

Fortunately, artists like Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty are now being mentioned in the same breath as modern mainstays like J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar.

Before we welcome another wave of young rappers, let’s celebrate our favorite multi-colored emcees with this skin by strawbs_yogurt!


8. Pink Nike Hoodie Girl

Pink Nike Hoodie Girl Minecraft Skin

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In the world of athletic wear, there are only two names that people care about: Nike and Adidas.

The war between the two giants has been going on for as long as we can remember, with big names like Kanye and Michael Jordan backing each side.

If you’re checks over stripes, then hurry and grab this design by Brenzi.


9. Pink Dragon Hoodie

Pink Dragon Hoodie Skin For Minecraft

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While the last season of Game of Thrones disappointed many fans, the HBO series’ cultural impact is undeniable.

The fact that I thought of it when I saw this Pink Dragon Hoodie simply proves that point.

George R.R. Martin didn’t invent dragons, but the mythical creature became synonymous with his long-running franchise and book series.

Feel like the all-powerful Mother of Dragons in Minecraft, all thanks for creator PersonWhoPlaysMinecraft.


10. Deadpool with Pink Hoodie

Deadpool with Pink Hoodie Minecraft Skin

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Why is Deadpool wearing a pink hoodie?

I have no idea.

What I do know is that the Merc with a Mouth should seriously consider getting a pink hoodie, because this skin would look amazing covered in blood.


11. Troy McClure in Pink Sweater

Troy McClure in Pink Sweater Skin For Minecraft

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The Simpsons is one of the most iconic series of all time (with plenty of its own Minecraft skins).

But the show’s popularity is in large part due to its many running gags, with Troy McClure being one of them.

So it’s only fitting that he finds his way into Minecraft – this time wearing a bright pink sweater.

OK, it may not exactly be a hoodie… but it’s close!

And who would forget this icon?


12. Doge with Pink Hoodie

Doge with Pink Hoodie Minecraft Skin

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Dogs are already huggable in their own right.

But just imagine how they can be even more huggable with a pink hoodie?

Actually, you don’t have to imagine it – just get this skin and you can live out the vision in your own virtual Minecraft world.


13. Pink Supreme Hoodie (Boy)

Pink Supreme Hoodie (Boy) Skin For Minecraft

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I’ll never understand people who line up for hours and hours just to shop at brands like Supreme.

This is true especially if it’s for as simple a hoodie as this one, with the streetwear brand’s logo at the center.

Good thing you don’t have to line up for this skin, huh?

Just a few clicks and you can become your server’s resident hypebeast.


14. Sleeveless Pink Hoodie

Sleeveless Pink Hoodie Minecraft Skin

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Another thing I’ll never understand is sleeveless hoodies.

Hoodies were made to keep people warm, so why take away their basic function by cutting off the sleeves?

But this Sleeveless Pink Hoodie design gets a thumbs-up from me, because of the lush color and the gay pride bracelet.


15. Pink Squid Game Hoodie

Pink Squid Game Hoodie Skin For Minecraft

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The second I saw the guards’ outfits on Squid Game, I just knew that millions of people would be wearing them for Halloween.

When October came, I was right.

No wonder this Netflix show was released in September.

While there will probably be another trendy costume for next Halloween, you can at least continue to ride on the Squid Game hype train with this bright pink skin design.

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