Best Minecraft Pirate Skins (Boys + Girls)

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While wandering the world of Minecraft, you may occasionally stumble across a shipwreck or underwater ruins.

Pillagers and illagers may be found raiding villages every so often – or simply guarding their mansions and outposts. But the open seas of vanilla Minecraft remain home only to monsters and undead.

It seems a shame to let so much potential space and loot go to waste.

Besides, if no one else is even going to try, why not embrace a life of piracy and liberate the goods yourself?

If you’re planning a seafaring adventure, you’ll want to look the part first. This list is here to help you find the perfect skin for your nautical journey.


1. Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow Pirate Attire / Minecraft Skin

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We’re starting off strong with a popular fictional pirate.

And Captain Jack Sparrow certainly seems like the kind of guy who might accidentally stumble into an entirely different reality.

That reality being Minecraft, of course.

As for the skin itself, the creator did a great job of translating the little details of the beloved pirate captain into the world of Minecraft.


2. Pirate Queen

Brunette Pirate Queen with Hat / Minecraft Skin

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Intimidating as well as beautiful, this lovely lady clearly means business.

The shading is wonderful across the entirety of the skin, but it’s by far the most impressive on the hat.

Aspiring rulers who want a noticeably feminine skin should try this one on for size.


3. Pirate King

Male Pirate King with Eyepatch + Crown / Minecraft Skin

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Not only is this skin rugged, charming, and commanding, but it also has a hidden feature.

In-game it’s possible to remove the outer layers of individual sections on the skin, so if ever you get tired of walking around in a black jacket, you can simply disable the outer layers on the arms and torso to reveal the red shirt underneath.

If you want to go incognito, you could also take off the crown and eyepatch by disabling the second layer on the head.

Pretty cool, right?


4. Captain’s Call (Female)

Blonde Girl Pirate with Hat / Minecraft Skin

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This pretty pirate captain is strategic as well as stylish.

With an outfit consisting of sturdy leather boots, classic white shirt, and a well maintained overcoat, it may come as a surprise that the most practical part of this skin is the hair.

Although the hairstyle of a skin doesn’t actually change anything in game, the added immersion of a pragmatic braid will still be worth it to a fair number of players.

If you’re one such player looking for a good balance between fashion and function, this is worth downloading.


5. Captain Fox

Arctic Fox Pirate Captain Minecraft Skin

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In a fantasy world like Minecraft, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from being anything you want to be.

That includes a human-sized bipedal arctic fox who is also a pirate captain with a love of bow ties.

Besides, who doesn’t like fluffy foxes—especially ones with such a magnificent sense of style?


6. Fae Pirate

Fairy Pirate Girl with Dark Hair / Minecraft Skin

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If you enjoy high fantasy but want to look a little less out of place than an anthropomorphic fox, elves tend to be a safe bet.

A strong connection with nature is really just a bonus in this case.

When you’re planning a seafaring adventure, it certainly couldn’t hurt.

In addition to the mostly human appearance, this skin is far from flamboyant, and would be perfect for anyone in the market for something on the simpler side.


7. Drowned Pirate

Blonde Pirate Covered in Seaweed / Minecraft Skin

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Here’s one for players who want their skins to have a story behind, them but would prefer to write that story themselves. You could go pretty wild here.

After all, only a specific type of zombie in Minecraft can be cured. And that type can’t be transformed into drowned.

And yet this girl is clearly of monstrous underwater origins, but no longer seems to be undead.

So how did this anomaly come to be?

That’s up to whoever’s wearing this skin to decide.


8. Blue Pirate Girl

Bright-haired Girl Pirate Minecraft Skin

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Here’s a pirate skin that’s high fantasy in all the best ways.

The coat is obviously the star of the outfit, with all the other clothing and accessories being well executed but bland.

Royal blue with bronze detailing and an embroidered motif on the back as well as perfect shading, it’s clear that a lot of time and effort went into the creation of the cloak.

Even the colors of the hair and eyes help accentuate the overcoat.

Evidently made by a very skilled creator, this skin is beyond reproach.


9. Pirate Blaze

Flame Man in Pirate Outfit / Minecraft Skin

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Although it seems unwise to embark on a nautical adventure in the overworld as a creature harmed by simply standing in a shallow pool of water, I’m not here to tell you how to live your life.

That being said, a ship made of metal would probably be a good idea.

You could try sailing the lava seas of the Nether – but even a metal ship wouldn’t cut it for that.

The skin itself is quite nice. A reasonable reimagining of an ordinarily less than humanoid mob.

As far as the outfit goes, there’s an impressive amount of attention to detail noticeable in the suit. Just the shape of and wrinkles in the clothing are quite hard to pull off in such a limited format.

All in all, this is a skin worthy of any player’s wardrobe.


10. Serpent Dragon Pirate

Red Dragon Pirate Character (Female) Minecraft Skin

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When it comes to high fantasy pirate skins, this custom design really takes the cake.

From the ornate dragon adorning the back of her coat, to the flames glowing beneath her clothes, this serpentine sailor is not to be messed with.

Seriously, the coolness factor of this skin is off the charts.

Those of you in the market for something high quality and intimidating that really stands out in a crowd should definitely take this skin into consideration.

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