Best Pokémon Hoodie Skins for Minecraft (Boys + Girls)

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It’s hard to believe that the Pokémon franchise has been around for more than a quarter-century.

Decades have passed since Pokémon Red and Blue first released & became the coolest games on Game Boy.

From there, wild Pokémon began to take over the small screen, then the movie industry, then the world.

The concept of pocket monsters is now a billion-dollar franchise – and it shows no signs of slowing the churn of new generations to endear the world.

So for Minecraft fans who want to show off their Poké love, here’s some must-have themed hoodie skins with unique Pokémon designs.


1. Pikachu Hoodie Boy

Pikachu Hoodie Boy Skin For Minecraft

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There’s no doubt that Pikachu is the face of The Pokémon Company, and the most well-known pocket monster of all time.

Its iconic yellow fur and lightning bolt tail has been a mainstay in the franchise’s merchandise and media platforms.

And now we can bring it to Minecraft in hoodie form, all thanks to skin designer Buster1122.


2. Charmander Hoodie Boy

Charmander Hoodie Boy Minecraft Skin

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Even if you aren’t a die-hard fan of Pokémon, Charmander’s fiery appearance would still probably be familiar.

I mean, you’re looking at a Generation I Pokémon – and one of the first few to be introduced in the whole franchise.

So yeah, Charmander’s pretty recognizable.

Especially his signature flame-tipped tail.

Big thanks to PokeBirds209 for this blazing hoodie skin!


3. Tyranitar Hoodie Boy

Tyranitar Hoodie Boy Skin For Minecraft

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At the core of these games, Pokémon battle other Pokémon, driving the search for the most powerful monsters of all.

And like any other ecosystem, Pokémon have different levels of strength & abilities.

In the case of Tyranitar, his unique traits have classified him as a” Pseudo-Legendary”: a term coined for a group of powerful monsters who aren’t officially recognized as legendaries.

But don’t let that title fool you.

I mean, not every Pokémon gets a Minecraft hoodie skin of their own.


4. Mewtwo Hoodie Boy

Mewtwo Hoodie Boy Minecraft Skin

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Speaking of legendary Pokémon…

This hoodie design by FCbarcfox takes on the likeness of the Mewtwo.

But with all that power comes great irresponsibility – and so birthed one of the franchise’s most iconic (former) villains.

Put on Mewtwo’s colors and purple tail with this male hoodie skin by FCbarcfox.


5. Gengar Hoodie Boy

Gengar Hoodie Boy Skin For Minecraft

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Truth be told, Gengar looks like every kid’s monster under the bed.

Its shadow-like appearance, huge red eyes, and creepy smile are classic markers of a scary bedtime character.

When all of these features are applied on a hoodie, though, we’ve got ourselves a pretty horrific skin to spook the mobs.


6. Mudkip Hoodie Boy

Mudkip Hoodie Boy Minecraft Skin

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Ah yes, the unfortunate protagonist of the “so i herd u liek mudkipz” meme.

The Internet really did a number on this Pokémon.

But like all memes, it peaked, then died out, and then sometimes resurges every once in a while.

Mudkip deserves better, though, because it’s a legit great water starter.

And this hoodie skin shows how cool it would be to have official merch based on the Mudkip line.

Well, that, or I’m just a sucker for the gorgeous cyan color.


7. Totodile Hoodie Boy

Totodile Hoodie Boy Skin For Minecraft

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Continuing the epic line of hoodies inspired by water-type starter Pokémon, we get this skin by GizmoTheSenpai.

It shows Totodile’s razor-sharp teeth on the hood, reptilian texture at the back, and its signature V-shaped marking across the chest.

Add this to your skin collection and you’ll be surely recognized in your next PvP session.


8. Groudon Hoodie Guy

Groudon Hoodie Guy Minecraft Skin

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If there’s a Pokémon that embodies cataclysmic destruction, it’s Groudon.

This Gen 3 legendary can expand continents, cause volcanic eruptions, and summon intense droughts.

And for such an immensely powerful monster, it’s only fair to produce an equally badass hoodie.


9. Squirtle Hoodie Boy

Squirtle Hoodie Boy Skin For Minecraft

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I remember choosing Squirtle as my very first Pokémon in Gen I.

The reason behind this is pretty shallow:

It’s because Squirtle was the cutest compared to Charmander and Bulbasaur.

As a kid, I didn’t really care about the stats.

So I don’t regret having Squirtle as my companion starting out my Kanto journey – and I also don’t regret keeping this hoodie skin ready-to-roll.


10. Poke Ball Hoodie Boy

Poke Ball Hoodie Boy Minecraft Skin

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If I could choose my Trainer outfit in the next gen games, this skin would be at the top of my list.

What’s more representative of the whole Pokémon franchise than the Poké Ball design?

Not to mention the Pikachu on the hood.

Grab ExoticButter_UwU’s awesome creation and be the envy of every Pokémon fan in the realm!


11. Pikachu Hoodie Girl

Pikachu Hoodie Girl Skin For Minecraft

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It’s been years since I got my first Pokémon merch: a Pikachu stuffed toy that only knows how to say “Pika Pika!”

I loved it – until it lost all its cotton.

And I wouldn’t mind owning one more in the form of this hoodie.

But for now I can settle for the Minecraft version.

So if you want a female hoodie skin, be sure to snag this Pikachu design and don’t look back!


12. Charizard Hoodie Girl

Charizard Hoodie Girl Minecraft Skin

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Fire-breathing dragons are always a good idea to win fans.

They’re deadly, chaotic, and are apex predators of myths and legends.

Charizard by design isn’t the most terrifying dragon you’ll meet… but it’s still in the same league with the most powerful Pokémon across most generations.

Now we can pay tribute to the mighty Charizard with this hoodie design by firewolves.


13. Eevee Hoodie Girl

Eevee Hoodie Girl Skin For Minecraft

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Eevee is one of the 151 OG Pokémon we first met in Kanto.

And according to one study, Eevee & its Eeveelutions are hugely popular monsters.

I don’t doubt it, either.

Eevee is downright adorable!

And it really shows in this all-brown girl hoodie skin, created by evilotaku9000.


14. Umbreon Hoodie Girl

Umbreon Hoodie Girl Minecraft Skin

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Pokémon logic:

Let’s turn a cute little brown fox into a majestic black cat/rabbit hybrid who preys at night.

Jokes aside, surely we couldn’t forget about this adorable creature that we first met way back in Gold/Silver/Crystal.

Umbreon is one of Eevee’s eight different evolved forms, distinguished by its black fur, red eyes, and golden markings.

I’m sure it’d be scary to encounter an Umbreon in the cover of darkness in the world of Pokémon.

But this Eeveelution skin would probably be a little more charming in the world of Minecraft – and it’s a truly inspiring hoodie design by skin creator katy_love.


15. Espeon Hoodie Girl

Espeon Hoodie Girl Skin For Minecraft

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Did you know that Espeon is another one of Eevee’s eight evolutions?

I mean, I’d hope so…

But this psychic-type monster is covered in the prettiest shade of lilac – so it really stands out from the pack.

katy_love also offers us this creation, just to help fill up your Eeveelution MC skin collection.


16. Bulbasaur Hoodie Girl

Bulbasaur Hoodie Girl Minecraft Skin

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Charmander may be the most popular choice as a Gen I starter Pokémon.

But Bulbasaur has proven to have built a dedicated fanbase, one Vine Whip at a time.

Dress up in this light turquoise hoodie skin and get ready to draw some attention – especially since it features Bulbasaur’s distinct bulb at the back!


17. Sylveon Hoodie Girl

Sylveon Hoodie Girl Skin For Minecraft

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Yes, just one more Eevee-centric hoodie – because this one’s straight-up adorable.

I know Sylveon’s design leans towards the girlier side of the color spectrum. But hey, I say anyone can wear this skin & wear it proud.

This skin was uploaded anonymously to the Nova Skin gallery, so I’m not sure who originally created this design.

But whoever you are, mystery skin creator, just know that you’re crushing the Minecraft skin design game.


18. Torchic Hoodie Girl

Torchic Hoodie Girl Minecraft Skin

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With its small and fluffy physiology, calling a Torchic “dangerous” doesn’t seem right.

But this fire-breathing chicken is far from weak – as its flame can easily scorch most Gen 3 enemies.

Torchic’s biggest & most notable features are its bright orange plumage and yellow wings, plus the feathers on top of its head.

And let me just say, this hoodie skin by xlingskiwi3 might be one of the cutest on this list.


19. Lucario Hoodie Girl

Lucario Hoodie Girl Skin For Minecraft

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When a Pokémon is based on the Egyptian god of the dead, you know it’s the real deal.

Lucario is a popular monster & fan favorite due to its great moveset, awesome design, plus a whole bunch of other reasons (I don’t want to start a flame war)

Plus according to lore, Lucario is the first Pokémon that could Mega Evolve.

So let’s pay homage to Lucario with this adorable female hoodie skin made by Kybmau.


20. Snorlax Hoodie Girl

Snorlax Hoodie Girl Minecraft Skin

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It’s a known fact that Snorlax is the most relatable Pokémon.

This giant monster is always relaxed, sluggish, and is conditioned to sleep all day until it’s hungry.

Kinda how we humans often spend our time most weeks…

If you love this adorable oaf then be sure to download a copy of ProGamerCam’s Snorlax Minecraft hoodie skin – and be sure to wear it every chance you get.

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