Best Pokémon Trainer Skins For Minecraft (Boys + Girls)

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It’s hard to believe that Pokemon only started back in 1996 with the release of Red and Green in Japan.

Within 5 years, it would become a best-selling video and massive media franchise.

Within 10 years, it would be a worldwide hit.

Nowadays the cultural behemoth of Pokémon is undeniable.

The cute creatures, the fun battles, it’s a perfect recipe that has kept generations of kids entertained – and will surely entertain generations more.

I love all things Pokémon, and I consider it a delight that I’m alive to be able to mesh the worlds of Pokémon and Minecraft together.

For this list we’re looking at a compilation of Pokémon Trainer skins, mostly all various main characters from the various games – and yes, they’re all totally free to download.


1. Ash Ketchum (Galar)

Ash Ketchum (Galar Outfit) Skin For Minecraft

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I think any Pokémon list regardless of topic has to include Ash Ketchum on it.

Ash has been the face of Pokémon in the original games (well, technically Red but still) and in the anime.

And that’s likely not going to change.

The red hat and vest are as iconic as it gets.

Just one look at this skin will have you itching to boot up your switch, DS, Gameboy, whatever you’ve got around and hear that iconic Pokémon company twinkle.


2. Misty (Anime Version)

Misty From Pokemon Anime / Minecraft Skin

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When we’re talking about iconic Pokémon characters, Ash is at the top by most metrics.

But Misty is right up there without a doubt.

Her upbeat attitude, iconic outfit, and water-themed party made her one of the most recognizable characters in the anime, and in gaming history.

It’s not hard to see why a Minecraft skin of Misty deserves its spot on this list.

I only wish the skin came with a Starmie.


3. Marnie (Sword & Shield)

Marnie (Pokemon Sword & Shield) Skin For Minecraft

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Alright, Ash and Misty are as classic as Pokémon trainers come.

But we need some newer entries, and Marnie can kick things off.

With the Switch’s debut Sword and Shield, Pokémon got a kick into the modern realm, and I suspect no small part of that was due to everyone’s favorite idol rival, Marnie.

Moreso than most other Pokémon trainers, Marnie’s design itself solidifies her in your mind.

The black jacket, the hair, and the pink dress combine to make a look that transcends games, literally. Like, you can play as her in Minecraft.

It’s pretty great.


4. Serena (X & Y)

Serena Trainer Skin (Pokemon X & Y) for Minecraft

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I think fans will always have a bias towards the first Pokémon game they play.

Whatever that generation was for them, it’ll define the feel of Pokémon and set the standards for all the games they play afterwards.

For folks who started their Pokémon journeys with X and Y, it goes without saying that they’d be biased towards Serena.

But with a character design this good, and with a great custom skin by creator PikaOlivia, I’d find it difficult for anyone to not have a bias for Serena.


5. Dawn (Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl)

Dawn Trainer Skin for Minecraft (Pokemon BDSP & DPPT)

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For fans of the games and anime alike, I think Dawn is a no-brainer for a favorite Pokémon trainer pick.

Whether you feel strongly about the Diamond/Pearl generation or not, everyone agrees that Dawn pops off (along with the entire Sinnoh region).

Combine that with the fact that skin creator euganah made this Dawn skin to truly mater her design.

It’s really spot on, complete with the loose-fitting scarf.

This is a favorite in my books.


6. Lucas (Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl)

Lucas Trainer Skin for Minecraft (Pokemon BDSP & DPPT)

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Lucas, the male counterpart to Dawn in the D/P/Pt & BDSP generation, feels like the perfect middle ground for playing as a Pokémon trainer in Minecraft.

While Lucas doesn’t have the bold designs of characters like Marnie or Brock, the red cap and blue jacket make him an undeniable Pokémon trainer – even at a glance.

I love this custom skin in part because I loved Gen 4.

But mostly because Lucas is the typical ideal for a Pokémon trainer look.


7. Brendan (Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire)

Brendan Trainer Skin for Minecraft (Pokemon ORAS)

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I adore the Gen 3 RSE games from top to bottom.

My reasons are too many to list here (but that list starts with the one and only Mudkip).

But another big reason is the design of the trainers.

How can you not like the sleek athletic looks of Brendan and May with their biking-inspired designs?

This skin by creator Seth_Reed shows Brendan in the original Emerald design – and it is glorious.


8. May (Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire)

May Trainer Skin for Minecraft (Pokemon ORAS)

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When it comes to recognizable Pokémon trainers, May definitely surpasses her male counterpart.

It’s not hard to see why:

She’s cuter, she has a fun and distinct hairstyle, and she was a highlighted character in the anime.

Even her Minecraft skin looks fantastic with its design boiled down into its essential components.


9. Ethan (HeartGold & SoulSilver)

Ethan Boy Trainer Skin for Minecraft (Pokemon Gold & Silver)

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The Generation 2 games of Gold/Silver/Crystal are largely slept on, I believe.

But I’m glad that Seth_Reed’s trainer skin series decided to not skip over these awesome trainer designs.

This Ethan skin gets design ideas from the HeartGold/SoulSilver games.

And Ethan perfectly plays up the Pokémon trainer aspect in all manners.

From the backwards hat to the slung-over-the-shoulder backpack to the mid-shin trainer pants, this skin screams “Pokémon protagonist”.

It’s exactly the energy I want to bring into my next Minecraft server.


10. Brock (Anime Version)

Brock Pokemon Anime Outfit / Minecraft Skin

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The first gym trainer that you encounter in the first Pokémon game was sure to leave a mark.

And boy, did Brock leave a mark.

Brock is among the most lovable and recognizable characters in the Pokémon universe – from his genial attitude to his characteristic single line eyes.

On top of that, he’s one of the few Pokémon trainers that rocks an outfit featuring a color palette not revolving around reds and blues.

Anything that’s Brock-related, you can sign me up for.


11. Pokémon Trainer Red (Smash)

Pokémon Trainer Red (Super Smash) Minecraft Skin

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While this trainer was first named in the original Pokémon manga series, the character design made a splash with its entry into the Smash universe – and has become a favorite character to many.

This skin makes the list because of how precise it manages to be in depicting the Pokémon trainer look.

And this skin doesn’t include fancy layering or texturing to give the model some 3D aspects.

It’s a 2-dimensional sprite with boxy pants and a square hat, just like what we got back in the days of Red & Blue.

And it’s perfect.

So this has to get two thumbs up from me.


12. Selene (Sun & Moon)

Selene Trainer Minecraft Skin (Pokemon Sun & Moon)

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Sun and Moon took Pokémon into an entirely new direction, from the characters to the world design.

And I don’t know anyone who didn’t appreciate that big breath of fresh ocean air.

Selene, who’s also called Moon, rocks this fun tropical outfit lovingly designed by skin creator Sylvememer.

I think every facet of this skin looks great – from the hat to the shoulder bag, it all elevates the design to a look that I would use any day of the week.


13. Elio (Sun & Moon)

Elio Trainer Skin for Minecraft (Pokemon Sun & Moon)

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Elio, Selene’s boisterous counterpart, looks absolutely fantastic here in a paired skin by Sylvememer.

I love how this skin manages to nail the cartoonish styling with its big eyes and lack of facial features.

In the realm of Minecraft skins, some of my favorites use exaggerated anime styles like this design – to only include eyes on the character face and give the whole model a rounder appearance.

These softer features make skins like Elio look so endearing and pleasant that I can’t help but download them.


14. Hilbert (Black & White)

Hilbert Boy Trainer Minecraft Skin (Pokemon Black & White)

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Okay, so I might like Hilbert because I think the name Hilbert is hilarious. So what!

It is hilarious, and also this skin looks great.

Like lots of the other trainer skins, this skin from the Gen 5 games focuses on conveying that warm and nostalgic Pokémon trainer vibe.

You know, the one we all remember from cracking open our DS for the first time.

Hilbert here makes me nostalgic for the Sunday mornings I’d spend laying around and playing Pokémon for hours on end. And I didn’t even play Black and White in my youth!


15. Hilda (Black & White)

Hilda Girl Trainer Skin for Minecraft (Pokemon Black & White)

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Along with Hilbert, Hilda is an S tier name.

There’s no getting around it.

Hilbert and Hilda crush Lucas and Dawn.

On top of that, Hilda’s design feels like the ultimate version of the female Pokémon game protagonist.

She combines loads of elements from the other trainers (like the hat with a Poke ball symbol). But she makes them cool and relaxed from casual outfit to the one-shoulder bag.

Maybe I just like the pink, white, and black color palette. I can’t be sure.

Either way, I’m confident this is one skin I’ll be rocking for plenty of time to come.

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