The Best Minecraft Prince & Princess Skins (All Free)

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Like many open world games, Minecraft offers a way for players to become whoever they want to be in a world of their own design.

What many games don’t have is a hugely accessible set of out-of-game tools and a community that takes the already stellar content to the next level.

Builds and mods made by the Minecraft community are impressive in both quantity and quality.

Entire worlds can be built, downloaded, or simply joined through multiplayer.

So why not rule one yourself?

Of course, you’ll probably want a skin that properly conveys your new royal status. Given the popularity of medieval fantasies, it’s no surprise that a range of royalty-themed skins exist to fit the needs of anyone and everyone.

And as nice as it is to have options, too many can certainly get overwhelming.

Fortunately this list can help you find the perfect prince (or princess) skin to fit your monarchy’s needs.


10. Fallen Prince

Dark fallen prince skin for Minecraft

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Who doesn’t like a good ol’ tragic backstory?

The skin’s angsty undertone makes it perfect for anything, from a coolness factor in casual everyday use to dark lore potential in serious roleplay servers.

While the monochrome look might not be for everyone, it serves to really bring out the slightly tinted bangs – and makes for an appearance that’s refined and mysterious, if a little plain.


9. Evil Demon Princess

Evil demon princess skin for Minecraft

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Well, no one said you had to be a benevolent leader.

Then again, maybe you’ll subvert some expectations and behave angelically.

For those of you looking for something a little edgier, the red and black theme of this skin certainly delivers.

The hair and outfit are shaded well. And the timeless design of the boots is accented by gradient laces.


8. Red Prince

Red Prince Skin for Minecraft

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Now this one is straight up adorable.

Cute but regal, this skin is undoubtedly charming.

It may not be bold or imposing, but it’s definitely not any worse for it. It has a very sweet, almost innocent appearance.

Of course, not all royals seek to inspire fear or awe in their subjects.

Some prefer to be approachable, even friendly.

If that’s the vibe you’re going for, this is the skin for you.

Featuring a simple white tunic beneath a classic red and gold jacket, the quality of the skin leaves very little to be desired. While there are more sophisticated ones out there, this one does its job and does it well.


7. Witch Princess

Witch Princess Female Skin for Minecraft

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Absolutely stunning. Magical, even.

This one is for all you witches out there who employ a more mystical touch in the ruling of your kingdoms. This is a fantasy game after all.

Wearing an asymmetrical plum dress and pale gold accessories, this green-eyed beauty looks ready to put the world under her spell.

Really, she’s quite enchanting.

I’ll see myself out now.


6. Royal Shiba

Royal Shiba Dog Prince Skin for Minecraft

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Aww, who’s a good dog? Royal Shiba, of course!

Not everyone who wants to rule a kingdom wants to do it as a human.

Fortunately, that’s not a problem in Minecraft.

This delightfully fluffy skin will surely inspire loyalty in even the most reluctant and cold-hearted subjects. Who wouldn’t fall in love with that fluffy face?

If the persuasive power of this skin isn’t enough to convince you, it’s also well shaded and makes good use of the layer options available.


5. Twilight Princess Zelda

Twilight Princess Zelda Skin for Minecraft

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The Legend of Zelda series doesn’t offer many opportunities to actually play as Zelda.

So if you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at being the princess of Hyrule, now’s your chance.

This impressive recreation of Zelda’s design from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is something any fan of Zelda could wear with pride.

The creator of this skin clearly paid close attention to detail, incorporating the unique hairstyle and dress design of the original game near flawlessly.

She even has her elven ears!

Even if it’s not Hyrule you’re looking to lead, this Zelda skin is absolutely worth considering in your royal endeavors.


4. Basic Prince

Basic Prince Skin for Minecraft

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Now that is a crown fit for a king!

Or a prince, in this case.

The crown itself is gold with purple velvet underneath.

Fun history fact: crowns with fabric in them were worn to keep the monarch’s head warm. As of right now, there’s no penalty for cold temperatures in Minecraft, so all the purple fabric does is make you look extra regal.

Of course, if your kingdom is set up in a chilly tundra biome this skin might be just the thing to add a little extra immersion.

As for the rest of the skin, the navy blue and gold outfit is extremely well crafted. And the creator wasn’t slacking on the face or hair either.

When it comes to generic prince skins, this one is a solid ten out of ten.


3. Princess Peach

Princess Peach Custom Skin for Minecraft

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Quite possibly the most well-known princess in existence, it’s no surprise that there are an abundance of Peach skins out there.

It wouldn’t make sense to include more than one on this list though. So I picked the one I liked the most stylistically.

While it’s hard to make a dress look poofy on a Minecraft skin, the other elements of classic Peach are all there.

Maybe someday we’ll be able to make an adequately poofy princess dress for our Minecraft skins, but today is not that day.

Whether you’re a fan of the Mario games in general or just a fan of Peach, this skin is the one to try out.


2. Wither Prince

Wither Prince Fancy Skin for Minecraft

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One of the more frightening mobs in Minecraft is the Wither.

Although attempting to rule a kingdom full of them is certainly less than advisable, this skin might help if that’s what you’re after.

The unique appearance of this skin makes it both intimidating and enticing.

The black and white getup with gold accents and a positively snazzy plum vest combine to create a pretty awesome look.

Of all the skins I found for aspiring princes, this was by far my favorite.


1. Tiana

Tiana Disney Princess Skin for Minecraft

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This list simply wouldn’t be complete without at least one Disney princess skin.

Really, how many girls out there haven’t wanted to be a Disney princess at one point or another?

That being said, this one is truly something special in its own right.

Everything in this skin, from the bun on her head to the flower on her dress, all flawlessly use color shading and layer tools to portray depth.

It’s quite possibly the closest you could get to recreating Tiana within the limitations of a Minecraft skin.

It’s hard to find anything about this skin that isn’t on point—so it is well and truly deserving of the number one spot.

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