Minecraft: Best Purple-Colored Skins (Boys + Girls)

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There’s an unfair distribution of people’s favorite colors if you ask me.

If you ask anyone around, they’ll give standard picks like “red” or “blue” or whatever, but there’s more color to the world than those boring bases.

Mix those two together, and you’ve got a whole new color with a thousand shades that work in as many situations.

I’ve loved purple for as long as I can remember. And I think you should too.

Let me show you some of the more notable purple-colored Minecraft skins around, and let’s see if we can’t convert you into a purple lover.


1. Karl Jacobs

Karl Jacobs Purple Skin For Minecraft

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For all those familiar with the Minecraft YouTube space, Karl Jacobs is probably a familiar figure.

The man has over 3 million subscribers and produces massively popular content.

Aside from discussing the YouTuber’s success, this speedpaint skin by creator elfie_ is a flawless example of just how well purple can be used.

Even without attachment to the influencer, this skin presents a futuristic & almost steampunk look, with goggles and layers of multiple shades of purple with slightly iridescent features.

Not only do the deep purples look regal and gorgeous, but the color blends well with the whole look.

Purple’s a triumph of a color. The proof’s in the pudding.


2. Purple Flowers (Girl)

Purple Flowers (Girl) Minecraft Skin

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Creator Erlam took inspiration from Encanto’s Isabela for this skin.

The light purple dress with little textured layers on it gives the whole look a flowing, spring vibe.

The dozens of flowers also give the skin a spring vibe, but I’m giving all the credit to the purple here.

There’s something about pastel purple that feels so light and breezy, so bright and Easter-y, that I can’t help but love it to death – just as I’ll love this skin to death.


3. Spyro the Dragon

Spyro the Dragon Skin For Minecraft

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Purple works so well as a color because it manages to be so versatile.

In the previous skin, it was bright and evoked spring on a flowery dress.

Here, it’s Spyro the Dragon.

I loved the Spyro series growing up.

But beyond that nostalgia, this skin by master creator Kefka is a monument to not only high-quality skin-making but also the depth and reach of the color purple.


4. Purple Guy Fit

Purple Guy (Fit Cop) Minecraft Skin

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If you’ve been on the Internet for a few years, I’m sure you remember the fanaticism that surrounded Five Nights at Freddy’s in the 2010s.

And if you’re familiar with FNAF, then you most likely know the mysterious and spooky Purple Guy.

While this skin isn’t the enigmatic character himself, it takes the desaturated purple outfit and turns it into an eboy skin. And a great one at that.

I don’t know if I’d ever see an outfit like this on someone walking around in public… but considering how good it looks meandering around in Minecraft, I think someone could pull it off in real life too.


5. Purple Eboy

Purple Eboy Skin For Minecraft

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We’re stepping a bit further away from the realm of video games and pop culture references and into the traditional realm of eboys.

That means lots of black, lots of shredded materials, funky patterns, and emo-inspiration: all things that creator ImOnly’s skin has loads of.

Who’d have thought that purple would be such a smooth and tasteful addition to an eboy aesthetic?

That’s a rhetorical question. The answer is me. I knew that purple would work perfectly with an eboy fit.

Purple works with everything.


6. Kawaii Purple Girl

Kawaii Purple Girl Minecraft Skin

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While purple looks great in plenty of deep, lavish hues and in cartoon or video game applications, it has such a wide array of lovely shades that it can work just about anywhere.

Take creator MissEurope’s egirl skin for instance.

The purple is so light and pleasant that the skin feels like a breath of fresh air.

Granted, the skin feels light like that because

  1. It’s a pale and bright egirl skin, and
  2. It’s made exceptionally well

Like, this is a masterfully made skin.

This outfit would be a head-turner just about anywhere. MissEurope loaded it full of cute details like the blush and beret that make the purple shine and my heart soar.


7. Periwinkle Purple Boy

Periwinkle Purple Boy Hoodie Skin For Minecraft

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Among the shades of purple that really stand out, this skin’s style of pale purple (also known as periwinkle) might be my favorite.

Granted, I love purple and all of these skins so much that I’m bound to say that plenty of them are my favorite.

But I truly love how creator Forums_ put this skin together.

Rather than put too much detailing on or make the skin too busy, the outfit is a classic hoodie skin with a popping color that serves as its statement piece.

Something about this skin feels so timeless and clean like it would be used by a Minecraft YouTuber for the intros of their videos.


8. Purple Wizard

Purple Wizard Cloak Minecraft Skin

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Alright, that’s enough of the realistic cute and fun aesthetics.

It’s time to get back to the world of video games.

What is the Purple Wizard, you ask? Well, I’m not really sure.

It appears to be some sort of wizard with red eyes and a purple cloak, but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten.

Creator MINERROR’s skin hits all the buttons for a great skin though from the way it looks like a villain in an 8-bit game to its ambiguous origins.

Let your imagination run wild and become the purple antagonist of your dreams in your next server.


9. Purple Fighter

Purple Fighter Boy Skin For Minecraft

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I’ve always been a sucker for fighting games.

Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Street Fighter, you name it.

While I don’t think this skin is a specific character from any of those franchises, it takes the style of a classic figure like Ryu and refines it into a sleek black and purple outfit.

I love those wristbands and the way the pant strings look like a belt a fighter would wear. This skin has some edge and fight to it, and I’m all about it.


10. Purple Steve

Purple Steve Minecraft Skin

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Hehehehe, it’s Steve in a purple shirt.

And I mean… is there anything more to say?

If you like Steve, and if you’re into purple, grab a copy of this for your skins folder.


11. Daft Punk

Daft Punk Skin For Minecraft

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While they may not be around any longer, Daft Punk’s multi-decade run is one for the history books. Heck, they’d make the books if they didn’t even have music but just had their iconic helmets.

Seriously, band aesthetics don’t get much more iconic than Daft Punk’s helmets and cosmic purple themes.

I’m thankful I live in a time where I can relish those aesthetics when they’re recreated by talented creators like kvSketch.


12. K/DA Evelynn

K/DA Evelynn (League of Legends) Minecraft Skin

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For those in the Riot Games/League of Legends sphere, you’re probably well-versed in the massive hit that was K/DA.

Between the banging music and the accompanying skins, it’s no wonder K/DA hit the success it did.

I mean, look at this K/DA Evelynn made by creator Nasu.

I know this is Minecraft, and it’s free, but I’d still pay full price RP for it.


13. Striped Sweater Girl

Striped Sweater Girl Skin For Minecraft

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I’ll preface everything here by saying that creator IMakeSkins can do no wrong when it comes to making skins.

Just when I thought I’d exhausted purples as an aesthetic from all styles of reference and aesthetic, this striped sweater skin comes on my screen and knocks my socks off.

The pastel purples and blues on this skin are genuinely astounding. I think that this style, this outfit, this everything, might be my new favorite aesthetic going forward.

Now, I just have to figure out how to put that cool pale filter over myself and my Minecraft world.


14. Purple Mage

Purple Mage (Female) Minecraft Skin

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I’ve been a longtime fan of creator Felinka’s work and the way it always has high fantasy roots and immaculate detailing.

I’ve never been disappointed by one of their skins, and yet again, I’m thoroughly impressed.

The ombre on the purples and reds of this skin and its dress flow so smoothly and magically that you don’t even need a frame of reference to know this is a mage.

With this skin, I’d recommend brewing some potions, making a beacon, and ascending to the magical heights you’re destined to reach.


15. Off-Shoulder Girl

Off-Shoulder Purple Girl Skin For Minecraft

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To wrap up this celebration of purples throughout all the aesthetic of Minecraft, I thought I’d bring it back home with a classic, modern outfit.

For some reason, there are few things cooler to me than having the confidence to rock an off-shoulder look, but this skin can let me live out that dream.

Seriously though, I feel like a look like this, dark pants and an off-shoulder jacket can work at any time of year.

Make that jacket purple and it’s guaranteed to be a hit spring, summer, winter, or fall.

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