17 Best PvP And Multiplayer Mods For Minecraft (All Free)

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Winning is fun. But winning at the expense of someone else is even more fun.

That’s what multiplayer Minecraft is all about.

These mods will help you do that and a whole lot more.

Note: some of these mods are a little too helpful, and therefore forbidden on certain servers, so use them at your own discretion!


17. AutoGG

AutoGG mod for Minecraft

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Supported Versions: 1.8

The usefulness of this mod really depends on how much you care about sportsmanship.

On supported servers, this mod will automatically have you say a selected phrase after a game ends. Usually, it’s “gg,” shorthand for “good game.”

On some servers such as Hypixel, saying “gg” after a game ends will get you karma points.

These karma points are super useful because you can then look at how many karma points you have and feel good about them.

What a wholesome way to start a list dedicated to helping you brutally murder your enemies.


16. DirectionHUD

DirectionHUD Minecraft mod screenshot

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Supported Versions: 1.4-1.8

DirectionHUD displays a compass at the top of your screen so that you’ll always know what direction you’re facing.

You could press f3 to get the same information in vanilla, but who really wants to look at that ugly debug screen? Not me.

I already write Minecraft articles.

I don’t need to feel like even more of a dweeb.


15. ArmorStatusHUD

ArmorStatusHUD Minecraft mod

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Supported Versions: 1.5-1.8

There’s nothing more frustrating than going into a fight with all your armor on, only to be completely naked by the end of it.

If only you knew how much damage your armor was taking and you retreated!

ArmorStatusHUD displays your armor status without you having to go to the inventory.

Because let’s face it, that’s enough time for your enemies to strip you naked.

This mod is especially useful in overpowered PvP, a type of PvP where everything hinges on who’s armor breaks first.


14. Xaero’s Minimap

Xaero's Minimap MC mod

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Supported Versions: 1.7-1.8, 1.12, 1.14-1.17

With Xaero’s Minimap, no one can surprise you.

This mod displays a small minimap in the corner of your screen, which you can use to see any entities around you, including other players.

But people don’t need to surprise you to kill you…

If this happens, Xaero’s Minimap also allows for deathpoints, so you’ll be able to go and kill them right back – provided you have some spare gear.

The mod also has plenty of other features for you to try out, such as waypoints, so it’s absolutely worth downloading and testing out.


13. Keystrokes

Keystrokes mod for Minecraft

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Supported Versions: 1.7-1.12

Your mother probably hears click, click, click, click, click coming from your room when you PvP.

That’s understandable, because any PvPer worth their weight does not click sparingly.

There’s plenty of smacks to go around!

Have you (or your mother) ever gotten curious about how fast it is that you click?

Keystrokes is a mod that lets you see that.

And it also lets you display your movement keys and other miscellaneous items on your screen.


12. Impact Client

Impact Client Minecraft mod screenshot

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Supported Versions: 1.11-1.16

Huge disclaimer: this mod is so good at giving you an edge over your opponents that it’s considered cheating on almost all servers.

Still, some servers allow it. Particularly anarchy servers where there are no rules forbidding hacked clients.

Impact gives you the classic hacks. kill-aura, aimbot, Jesus (that’s the one that lets you walk on water), etc.

I wouldn’t recommend using this on most servers, but if you do happen to know a server where you won’t end up on the banlist for using it, then go wild.


11. Arrow Trails

Arrow Trails Minecraft mod

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Supported Versions: 1.7

You find yourself losing health.

“Maybe I’m starving,” you say to yourself, and your stomach replies, “you just shoved four pieces of bread in me. You’re not starving, idiot.”

Someone must be attacking you.

You look around and realize that this is not the work of a swordsman, no. This is the work of a bowsman.

He could be anywhere!

In the trees, over the hills. He could even be a she!

The thing about fighting back is that you need to know who to fight back against.

Bows can be tricky because sometimes those archers have a direct shot on you, but they shoot it in the most indirect way possible:

They shoot it while in hiding.

Understandable, because if you’re reading this list, you’d probably destroy them in sword-to-sword combat.

Arrow Trails allows you to enable trails that appear behind arrows (or really, any projectile) so that you’ll know where they’re coming from.


10. OofMod V3

OofMod V3 mod for Minecraft

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Supported Versions: 1.8

OofMod originally made it so that when you kill someone, you hear the Roblox “oof’ sound effect.

Over the years, the mod has progressed to becoming a full-on custom kill sound mod. You can choose whatever sound you want and it’ll play when you kill someone.

This is particularly useful in PvP game modes that involve knocking enemies into the void.

There are times when you’re not quite sure if they actually died, or if they could have pearled to safety.

You’ll know it’s over when the fat lady sings – or if the Roblox characters oofs in pain.


9. TNT Time

TNT Time Minecraft mod

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Supported Versions: 1.8

If you’re into terrorism (in the game Minecraft, of course), this mod will make your life so much easier.

And if you’re a Minecraft suicide bomber that just wants to be a Minecraft regular bomber, this mod will let you achieve your dreams.

TNT Time displays how much time TNT has before it detonates.

Basically, it shows you how much time you have to either a) run away, or b) text your loved ones your goodbyes.

Hope you have fast fingers!


8. Combo Display Mod

Combo Display Mod screenshot

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Supported Versions: 1.8

What do Minecraft PvPers and Popeyes regulars have in common?

They both strongly agree with the statement: “there’s nothing better than a combo.”

Combo Display Mod displays how many hits you get on someone in a row without being hit yourself.

When it comes to combos, Minecraft PvPers and Popeyes regulars eat that stuff up!


7. Labymod

Labymod mod for Minecraft

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Supported Versions: 1.8, 1.12, 1.16

If you’re into PvP, your favorite Minecraft version is probably 1.8.

This is perfectly logical and isn’t just some purist elitist nonsense.

Players using this version have an inherent advantage due to many little details in the 1.8 combat system.

Labymod allows you to use future versions of Minecraft while still retaining the 1.8 combat system.

How many times have you wanted to go PvP, only to realize you’re on the latest version of Minecraft?

Labymod also has really interesting voice chat features. You can use TeamSpeak while playing the game without having to switch between tabs. You can also use your microphone to talk to others in-game that also have the mod installed.

If you’ve ever been in a Call Of Duty lobby, you know how…fun…voice chat in video games is!

And finally, Labymod improves FPS quite a bit.


6. Perspective Mod Redux

Perspective Mod Redux MC mod

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Supported Versions: 1.8, 1.10-1.12, 1.14-1.17

In Minecraft PvP (and in life, really), you should always watch your back.

Perspective Mod Redux was clearly made by someone just as paranoid as I am because this mod allows you to do exactly that.

With Perspective Mod Redux, you can enable 360 rotation mode, which allows you to rotate your camera while in third-person mode.

You can look behind you, to the sides of you, above you, below you.

I mean honestly, you can look in any direction that falls within 360 degrees. And lucky for you, that’s literally every direction.

Even owls will be jealous of you.


5. Block Overlay Mod

Block Overlay Mod Minecraft

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Supported Versions: 1.8

Block Overlay Mod allows you to enable an overlay on the block you’re looking at.

You can choose between the overlay options of none, default, outline, and full.

So for example, let’s say you’re about to place a block.

This mod can display an outline of where that block would be placed.

Or let’s say you’re looking at a block. This mod will shade in or outline the block you’re looking at, depending on how you chose to configure it.

Okay, so you might be thinking: cool story bro, but how does that help me PvP?

Well, have you ever heard of speed-bridging?

All the pros are doing it.

It’s essentially using blocks to bridge but uncrouching until you get to the very edge of the block. It’s all very technical, but what it looks like is a scary player charging at you full-speed with blocks magically appearing below him.

You can be this scary player.

Block Overlay Mod is known to help nooby PvPers (like you and me – or, at the very least, me) learn how to speed-bridge. If you’ve ever tried to speed-bridge before, you know how hard it is.

Many almost-great skywars games have ended because someone got a little too cocky after getting five kills in a row.

So download this mod, pull up a speed-bridging tutorial video, and unleash your inner scary-player-charging-at-you-at-full-speed.

Just don’t unleash it on me!


4. HitDelayFixMod

HitDelayFixMod Minecraft mod

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Supported Versions: 1.8

There’s a bug that was introduced in 1.8 Minecraft that sometimes causes a small delay between when you click, and when that click registers as you hitting in-game.

This is a small window of time – but big enough to allow your opponent to gain the upper hand.

HitDelayFixMod fixes this bug.

Take back your power. Hit your enemies on your terms, not on the bug’s terms.


3. OptiFine

OptiFine Minecraft mod screenshot

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Supported Versions: 1.7-1.17

Wow, will you look at all those supported versions?

This mod is so supportive that I told it all my problems immediately after downloading it. And then I fired my therapist because unlike her, OptiFine is supportive for free!

This is a must-have mod.

Although it’s not meant for PvP specifically, it undoubtedly helps.

OptiFine helps improve performance. That’s why it’s called OptiFine.

It aims to give you optimal performance.

It also lets you zoom your camera in by pressing a hotkey, which is super useful for PvP situations where you see a figure in the distance and you wonder, “is that a person or a tree?”

I love OptiFine because it instantly helps me feel less distant from people.

Who needs introspection when you have a zoom hotkey?


2. Damage Indicators

Damage Indicators Minecraft mod

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Supported Versions: 1.5, 1.7, 1.12

To hit or to run – that’s the question that has plagued PvPers for ages.

Of course, you can do both, but that’s a crime.

Damage Indicators lets you see the health of other living creatures.

So hit if they’re lower than you, and run if they’re not!

If they have the same health as you, definitely don’t do both. Just flip a coin or something.

Yes, it takes time – but it takes more time to complete a prison sentence.


1. Better PvP Mod

Better PvP Mod for Minecraft

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Supported Versions: 1.6-1.15

This mod really makes PvP so much better.

And the most beautiful part?

It only makes it better for the person who downloads the mod: You!

The Better PvP Mod feels like more than just one mod because of the number of features it adds.

These features include (but are not limited to) minimaps, toggle sprint, and various interfaces (such as a potion effect interface and an armor status interface) that are visible without having to check your inventory.

Having this mod also just makes you feel cooler in battle.

I felt like a real PvPer after installing it.

That effect was quickly undone after I tried to speed-bridge.

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