Top 18 Best Realistic Texture Packs For Minecraft

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You look at your Minecraft brick wall. It looks good.

You look at a real-life brick wall. It looks good.

You look at your Minecraft brick wall again. That’s when it hits you: this game looks super unrealistic. You might be okay with that… but maybe you’re not.

Well, I’ve got quite a few realistic-styled texture packs you might like.


18. Round Trees

Round Trees Minecraft Texture Pack

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If you’ve ever been outside, you’ve probably seen trees.

And if you’ve seen trees, you’ve probably noticed that the trunk is round.

Well, in Minecraft, they’re extremely square-y.

What if you’re running in a forest and you hit your knee on the edge? Ouch. This default Minecraft texture is far scarier than any horror texture pack could ever be.

Round trees will make tree trunks round, the way God intended, while also bringing calmness to your knees. All you have to worry about now is slamming your knees against every single other block.


17. Pixelbos

Pixelbos Minecraft Texture Pack

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Pixelbos is a resource pack that stays true to the feel of Minecraft while still being realistic.

It’s cartoonish but, still quite realistic.

This is because the textures in this pack contain a lot of depth. The shades and contours make for 3D-appearing textures.

The 64x version is free, but if you end up liking it and want to see even more shades and contours, that’s an option. You can pay a small fee for a higher resolution.


16. Silent Hill

Silent Hill Minecraft Texture Pack

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This is a resource pack that’s based on the video game franchise by the same name.

It captures the gloomy and grimy atmosphere that permeates the game’s scenery well.

Even during the daytime, the world is darker. It’s fitting for a realistic texture pack list, because, face it… the world can be a dark place!

If the textures aren’t enough, the pack also brings in sounds from the game.

This Silent Hill resource pack is well-made, and I will not stay silent about it!


15. Ordinary Wonders

Ordinary Wonders Minecraft Texture Pack

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Ordinary Wonders is a great pick if you want a realistic texture pack that’s also vibrant.

This pack makes Minecraft’s color palette more colorful.

As a result, playing the game with this texture pack feels much more lively.


14. Monsterley HD Universal

Monsterley HD Universal Minecraft Texture Pack

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This pack is essentially an upgrade to the original Monsterley resource pack. It features semi-realistic and sharp textures.

Monsterley HD Universal doesn’t just stop at textures – this pack also adds in new animations to keep your eyes intrigued.


13. Cubed Textures

Cubed Textures Minecraft Texture Pack

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This is a resource pack that’s great for building modern structures.

Buildings, skyscrapers, you name it.

Do you have a build that you’d rate as maybe a 7/10? Install Cubed Textures and it’ll probably jump to at least a 9/10, unless it’s really bad.

The pack makes sure that anything you build looks clean and well-defined.


12. Battered Old Stuff

Battered Old Stuff Minecraft Texture Pack

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Have you ever wondered what it was like to grow up as your mom or dad?

Battered Old Stuff is a resource pack with 60s and 70s vibes.

The textures look old and dark, but in the best possible way.

Show your parents this pack and watch them get nostalgic about their younger years.

Alright, maybe this texture pack isn’t exactly like those times. I doubt everything being made up of large blocks was a key feature of the 60s and 70s.

But anything that the texture pack can do for immersion, it does phenomenally.


11. RomeCraft

RomeCraft Minecraft Texture Pack

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Rome wasn’t built in a day.

And this texture pack clearly wasn’t either.

RomeCraft is a texture pack that makes Minecraft look like Ancient Rome. With this texture pack, you’ll feel more ancient than your great-grandmother.


10. Relaxed Default

Relaxed Default Minecraft Texture Pack

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the plethora of hyper-realistic resource packs out there. Sometimes, you want a more familiar experience.

Relaxed default gives you a bit more realism than vanilla Minecraft, while still feeling just like vanilla Minecraft.

This pack is also a good pick for those who are unable to adequately run some of the higher-resolution resource packs.


9. Wolfhound

Wolfhound Minecraft Texture Pack

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Wolfhound is a gorgeous texture pack.

It was hand-tailored from scratch by the artist, and with the level of detail present in this pack, it shows!

What’s special about this pack is the level of customizability it offers. There are many variants of this pack, including Asian, Fantasy, Fairy, Dungeon, and Heavenly.


8. CMR Extreme Realistic

CMR Extreme Realistic Minecraft Texture Pack

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You wanted a realistic resource pack? Well, this is it.

No, this is more than it.

This is extremely it.

This pack is so extremely realistic that you’ll forget that you’re even playing Minecraft. You’ll think you’re just outside. The level of detail in this pack is truly something to marvel at.


7. The Arestian’s Dawn

The Arestian’s Dawn Minecraft Texture Pack

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The Arestian’s Dawn is an iconic must-have RPG resource pack for anyone that loves that genre of video games.

It’s also a great pack if you plan on playing an RPG adventure map anytime soon.

It’s also a great pack if you simply just like nice-looking packs.


6. PleadiaCraft

PleadiaCraft Minecraft Texture Pack

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If you’re the type of person that plays Minecraft in a dark room, maybe you need some more light in your life.

You could go outside. That would be the healthy thing to do.

But who needs vitamin D when you have vitamin LED?

PleadiaCraft is a very sunny resource pack for Minecraft. Your world will be looking bright and dandy, and you’ll probably even feel optimistic just looking at it!


5. Enficraft

Enficraft Minecraft Texture Pack

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Minecraft resource packs fall on a spectrum.

On one end are the completely cartoonish packs that make you feel like you’re somehow playing a children’s book. On the other end are the hyperrealistic packs that make you feel like you’re somehow playing in a photo album.

Looking across this whole spectrum, Enficraft doesn’t quite fall in the middle.

It kinda falls on both sides of the spectrum at the same time.

The textures look realistic yet cartoonish.

My favorite texture definitely has to be the Endermen. Something is unsettling about the cartoonish realism when applied to that mob, specifically.

They also have third eyes.

That means another eye you need to avoid looking at.


4. ModernArch Realism

ModernArch Realism Minecraft Texture Pack

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ModernArch Realism is a pack that uses real images in its textures.

That’s right – real images of wood, stone, and brick are used.

If there’s one way to ensure realism, it’s by doing that!

The pack also makes it a point not to use an excessively colorful palette, instead opting for a more subdued look. Very professional, ModernArch Realism.


3. Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack

Misa’s Realistic Minecraft Texture Pack

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Misa’s Realistic is a very elegant-looking pack. It makes the game feel like a realistic RPG.

It uses a lot of darker tones and earthly colors to get that nice, crisp realism.

Encountering a monster with this texture pack is genuinely unsettling, in the coolest possible way. While many aspects of the crisp realism make the game feel cozy and safe, the monsters feel like grave disturbances to this safety.

The undead truly look undead.

I might just give them the enderman treatment and avoid looking at them altogether! But then I’d miss out on the terrifying beauty of the zombies and the skeletons.

Spiders are also very interesting in this texture pack.

While a lot of the pack is earthy, the spiders stand out. They’re colorful but in a creepy way.

Even though they’re not cave spiders, the instinctual part of my brain still interprets these colorful critters as being extremely poisonous.


2. Patrix

Patrix Minecraft Texture Pack

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I’m not even sure if I can call this a Minecraft resource pack, because it doesn’t even look like Minecraft!

Patrix is an incredibly realistic pack that makes Minecraft feel like a new game.

Textures are completely redone, and there are even sizing changes to certain blocks.

If you’re growing tired of the same old graphics that Minecraft offers, maybe it’s time to make your game unrecognizable!


1. Realistico

Realistico Minecraft Texture Pack

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Realistico provides players with highly realistic Minecraft textures through the use of lighting, shading effects, and bump mapping.

Bump mapping is a computer technique used to make things look bumpy. Realistico uses this to make textures look more realistic.

With this pack installed, you’ll be constantly stopping in your tracks just to admire the bumps on the cobblestone ground!

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