Minecraft: The Best Red-Colored Skins (Boys + Girls)

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Red is a bold color, no matter the shade.

It can be associated with terrible violence, soft sunsets, and vibrant life.

It’s beloved by many – and for good reason.

That popularity makes it an obvious choice for cosmetic creators in games, Minecraft included.

After all, what player doesn’t like being able to dress characters in their favorite color?

Fortunately for those of you who favor red, skin creators have made an abundance of high quality skins with this color all its glory.

So whether you’re looking for a new skin to try, or just want to see some works of Minecraft art, here are some of the best ones that make solid use of the color red.


15. Red Cheerleader

Red Girl Cheerleader Character / Minecraft Skin

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Red is a common choice for cheerleading uniforms in movies, shows, and games.

It’s bright and energetic, though in the real world the uniforms tend to be based off of the school or team colors, rather than which ones look like a cheerleader would wear them.

All that aside, generic cheerleading outfits and costumes need something unifying. And that unifier tends to be the color red.

This skin is a bit less vivacious than one might expect, but the skirt design makes smart use of movement animations to give it more volume and realism.

In the end, this is a solid choice for people who want a cute and simple skin with good attention to detail.


14. Santa

Santa Claus Outfit / Minecraft Skin

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Christmas may not be a year round festivity.

But red is one of its trademark colors – so there’s no reason not to include a couple of holiday skins on the list.

Santa skins are also quite popular, but this is the one that balanced the finer details the best.

His eyes may be a little lacking, but his glorious outfit—the star of the show—most certainly is not.

The red is lively, the trim is adequately fluffy, and the completed look is absolutely iconic.


13. Mrs. Claus

Cute Mrs. Claus Female Character / Minecraft Skin

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The only reason these Christmas skins aren’t higher on the list is because of how little time you get to wear them without feeling a bit seasonally inappropriate.

That being said, skins like these are great to have in the wardrobe. Just so you don’t have to go looking for one when the holiday season rolls around.

This skin in particular is full of Christmas spirit, with a crown of mistletoe and adorably festive apparel.

If you aren’t bothered by the prospect of looking a little strange for three quarters of the year, then this is a lovely skin worth considering for everyday use.


12. Zuko

Zuko Firebender Character / Minecraft Skin

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I mean, this list just wouldn’t be complete without a firebender, would it?

Zuko has one of the best redemption arcs in history – which is something that writers still struggle to get just right.

The depth and strength of his character makes him a fan favorite from the Avatar series, as well as an inspiration to children and adults alike.

As for the skin, it’s a loving recreation of the young exile from book three.

It’s shaded well, nothing is missing, and his scar is definitely not on the wrong side.


11. Demon Slayer Kitsune Mask

Demon Slayer Kitsune Mask / Minecraft Skin

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Fans of darker colors will definitely appreciate the palette for this skin.

Aside from the details on the mask and the gold hair ornaments, this appears almost faded and dull.

That dullness is far from a bad thing, though.

It makes the bright white and red mask stand out far more than it otherwise would.

Overall the skin has a serious vibe to it, and should be a top choice if you’re looking to intimidate, or to just look cool and mysterious without drawing too much attention.


10. Mario

Super Mario with Gradient / Minecraft Skin

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He’s quite possibly the most well-known video game character in existence.

Mario’s red hat and shirt are plain, yet iconic.

This specific skin is well made, easily recognizable, and packs a nostalgic punch for anyone who grew up on Mario games.

Considering how long Mario has been around, that’s probably a lot of people.

And if you want even more Mario characters in your Minecraft game then check out our list of Mario-themed skins too.


9. Deadpool

Deadpool Red Outfit / Minecraft Skin

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Given the crimson base of this foul-mouthed anti-hero’s outfit, his likeness is a perfect fit for this list.

So are a lot of comic book characters, actually.

The creator of this skin did a fantastic job of shading Deadpool’s costume – especially the black portions that could easily look flat in comparison to the boldness of the red.

Fans of Deadpool or Marvel in general should definitely give this skin a chance.


8. Spider-Man

Red & Blue Spider-Man / Minecraft Skin

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Knowing Deadpool, this entry would probably be his favorite.

He’s a big fan of Spider-Man, after all.

It’s also a really nice skin. Sadly it doesn’t let you shoot webs in game…

But you can always just use Silk Touch to grab some webs to put down.

The skin itself has impressive shading, intense colors, and a very cool looking end result.


7. Iron Man

Red Iron Man Outfit / Minecraft Skin

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Just like with the last skin mentioned above, the person who would probably enjoy it most wouldn’t be the inspiring character himself.

Instead it would probably be Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

Regardless, the skin here is an impeccable recreation of Iron Man in his suit.

The shading is somehow more dramatic than Tony Stark as a character, and it looks pretty awesome.

Fans of any iterations of the Avengers should keep this skin in mind when looking to expand their wardrobe.


6. Scarlet Witch

Red Scarlet Witch / Minecraft Skin

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Not all red Marvel superheroes are men, of course.

Seeing the Scarlet Witch gain popularity has been great for people like me who love the character and Elizabeth Olsen’s portrayal of her.

It’s also been a nice boost for the superheroine Minecraft skin scene.

This gorgeous skin is based off of the Scarlet Witch’s outfit in Wandavision, a faithful recreation that would make a wonderful addition to any Marvel fan’s collection.


5. Cinder Fall

Cinder Fall RWBY Red Outfit / Minecraft Skin

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If there’s one thing the art team of RWBY does extremely well, it’s character design.

Even this hotheaded maiden’s volume 1 look is absolutely stunning.

The creator of this skin did an exceptional job of transforming the gorgeous villain into a dazzling Minecraft cosmetic.

Cinder’s fiery red dress is very much a reflection of her personality earlier in the show: flashy, fearless, and a little bit reckless.

Any RWBY fans out there who like Cinder a little too much for their own good should definitely give this skin a try.


4. Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose RWBY Character / Minecraft Skin

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True to her name, Ruby wears a fair amount of red.

Her bright dress and cloak serve as both pops of color for her outfit, and references to the inspiration behind her character—Little Red Riding Hood.

Long time watchers with a particularly good eye for detail will notice that this is Ruby’s volume 8 design, and a remarkable replication of it.

The colors are soft but bright, vibrant without being overwhelming.

It can be a delicate balance.

But it’s a balance that the artists behind RWBY (as well as the one behind this skin) maintain beautifully.


3. Red Knight

Red Knight Character / Minecraft Skin

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Stepping away from skins based off of existing characters, here’s one that’s a bit more general.

The creator of this skin really goes above and beyond at highlighting the intimidation factor possessed by the color red.

Although the black base of the skin is far from neglected, this skin places a lot of emphasis on the crimson patterns applied masterfully across the armor.

If only this level of care and detail was applied to vanilla armor, or at least netherite.

Oh well. There are always texture packs.


2. Chaos Drifter

Red and Blue Chaos Drifter Gradient / Minecraft Skin

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While this skin is a little less corporeal than the others on this list, it’s also one of the most difficult to pull off.

Applying a shaded gradient to a skin is no easy task.

But the creator here did a fantastic job of it.

As undoubtedly one of the most impressive entries, this is a skin worthy of inclusion in any player’s wardrobe.


1. Red Wither Angel

Red Wither Angel / Minecraft Skin

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Withers and wither skeletons are extremely dangerous enemies…

But one with angelic powers would likely be feared by even the strongest players.

Considering the less than divine nature of the Nether, not to mention the actual wither mobs themselves, the corrupted appearance of this angel makes sense.

This skin is detailed, well made, and easy to build a story around.

Players looking for a serious, threatening, or mysterious skin should definitely keep this one in mind.

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