Minecraft Rick & Morty Skins: The Ultimate Collection

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If any adult animation show has taken the world by storm, it’s The Simpsons.

But we’re here to discuss a close second.

Rick and Morty has been a favorite in the world of adult animation for years now – and it’s well-deserved attention. The hijinks of each season get bigger and better, and they’re not showing any signs of stopping anytime soon.

While we could just stick to sharing MC skins of the main characters and have a good roster here, what fun would it be to skip over all the alternate personas?

So let’s take a look at some of the best Minecraft skins designed around the most memorable Rick & Morty moments.


1. Pickle Rick

Pickle Rick Character / Minecraft Skin

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I’m Pickle Rick!

You should’ve seen this coming, folks. Pickle Rick is probably one of the longest living memes from the show, and it definitely earns its place.

As a way for Rick to get out of going to therapy with Beth, Rick decides to turn himself into a pickle.

What starts out as a funny little joke, turns into an episode of intense combat and gory battles. Pickle Rick even takes pieces of rats that he battles, and creates a body for his pickle self to traverse a facility that he eventually escapes as he built and ever growing body of destruction.

And now you can try re-living the adventure in your own Minecraft world.


2. Mr. Meeseeks

Mr. Meeseeks from R&M / Minecraft Skin

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I’m Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me!

But really, Mr. Meeseeks is here, and he’s here to be just as helpful as ever.

A creation of Rick, a Mr. Meeseeks box will pop out Mr. Meeseeks, and they won’t disappear until your request has been accomplished.

The first episode Mr. Meeseeks arrives in, the whole family uses the box to accomplish things they’ve been wanting done. That is, until Jerry gets ahold of the box and asks Mr. Meeseeks to help him take two strokes off his golf game.

A simple request turns into an impossible task, and you can guess how the rest of the episode goes.

And if you want a Meeseeks skin dressed in that golf attire, the Minecraft community has one for you.


3. Evil Morty

Evil Morty / Minecraft Skin

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At one point, Rick and Morty travel to an alternate reality where all of the Ricks and Mortys gather, called the Citadel. During a period of elections, one singular Morty wins over the hearts and minds of all of the Ricks in the Citadel.

Evil Morty becomes President Morty – and one of the main antagonists of the series.

After Evil Morty kidnaps C-137 Morty, he explains that all he really wants is to live in a dimension where Rick isn’t the smartest man alive.

A dimension where he can live without being tethered to a Rick.

His current whereabouts are unknown in the show (as of this writing…) but at least we know how to add him into Minecraft.


4. Rick Sanchez

Basic Rick Sanchez / Minecraft Skin

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Yep, one of our simple entries is just Rick. The man himself.

The legend.

The drunk genius.

Rick is the smartest man in any dimension, ostensibly. He’s a man that hides under his intellect, all while avoiding attachments and responsibilities for his actions.

While little is truly known of Rick’s past, Rick has shown that he does love and care for his family.

Yes. Even Jerry. Sometimes.


5. Snowball

Snowball from Rick & Morty / Minecraft Skin

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Snowball is Morty’s beloved dog.

Cute and cuddly Snowball, but this isn’t the cute and cuddly version…

Snowball is the main antagonist in his own episode, where Jerry technically creates this thing. Go figure.

Snuffles is the family dog that urinates all over the house. So Jerry asks Rick for a device to make the dog smarter.

Of course it doesn’t go as planned.

The collar Rick gives him does make Snuffles smarter, but Snuffles intelligence creates a monster.

And if you want to bring him into Minecraft, here’s the perfect skin to do it.


6. Jerry Smith

Jerry Smith from Rick & Morty / Minecraft Skin

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Another basic entry, but Jerry barely needs an introduction.

He’s the less-than-popular husband of Rick’s daughter, Beth. A man of little intelligence, his antics eventually cause most of the hijinks that the shows characters find themselves in.

While Beth had left Jerry at one point, the two always end up finding their way back to each other – and they’re currently living as a happy family.

Well, at least as happy as anyone that has Jerry as a husband.

The design above is a bit quirky, but if you want a simpler design then check out this skin instead.


7. Summer

Summer Smith from Rick & Morty / Minecraft Skin

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Summer starts out as the uninterested sibling that’s too caught up in her own teenage drama to be bothered with Rick and Morty’s adventures.

But eventually, Summer reaches out as a way to connect with her grandfather – and she’s included in more adventures over time.

While she’s no substitute for having a good Morty by your side, there’s something refreshing about having a cold blooded teenager by your side.

She shows her influence on many accounts, and one of those times is when they travel to a Mad Max-like dimension.


8. Squanchy

Squanchy Minecraft Skin

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Squanchy is Rick’s good friend, and he loves to squanch.

He squanches all night long, and when he’s not squanching, he’s squanching.

If you squanch the show, you know what I mean.

And hopefully other people in your Minecraft server will get it too.


9. Scary Terry

Scary Terry from Rick & Morty / Minecraft Skin

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Scary Terry is that random entry in this list where he’s definitely obscure, but there was no way we couldn’t include him.

Clearly being a parody of Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm’s Street, Scary Terry is actually one of the antagonists from the same episode as Snowball.

While Rick and Morty are hopping through people’s dreams in an attempt to get to Mr. Goldenfold’s dream, they come across Scary Terry in a dream.

As they run from Scary Terry, we find out that he really just wants someone to care about him. Go figure.


10. Phoenix Person

Phoenix Person from Rick & Morty / Minecraft Skin

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Phoenix Person was actually originally known as Birdperson before he died.

He’s considered to be Rick’s best and longest friend.

In the show he eventually marries Tammy, Summer’s best friend, but as it turns out she was a spy that was sent to kill Rick.

After Birdperson’s death, he was resurrected as Phoenix Person. And here’s the best skin out there to bring him into your game.

But if you really want to play as Birdperson, there’s also a great skin for him too.

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