Top 20 Scariest Minecraft Skins Worth Checking Out

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I know that horror is not everyone’s style, but I firmly believe that everyone likes being scared, at least a little bit.

There’s nothing like the exhilaration of being scared, the adrenaline rush, the creeping feeling at the back of your neck. Okay, maybe it doesn’t sound the best, but people have always enjoyed being spooked.

If you’re a horror-fiend like me, I’m going to ask you to trust me as we look through some of the scariest skins that the MC community has put together.


1. Transplant

Transplant Minecraft Skin

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We’re starting off this list with a freaky one, aptly called “transplant” by creator Roobus.

This skin is straight up horrifying as it’s a messy conglomerate of different body parts, namely an eye, a heart, and an old thumb slammed together to make one scary skin.


2. Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis Skin For Minecraft

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If you’re creeped out by this skin’s style, I’m afraid to say you’re going to have to get used to the big smile skins.

This sleep paralysis demon is hard to look at with its eyes that follow you and unnatural, toothy maw. Fortunately, you can force your friends to look at it while you’re busy mining and crafting!


3. Scary Elmo

Scary Elmo Minecraft Skin

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Elmo is one of the most beloved children’s characters from Sesame Street – maybe even the most beloved character of all time.

Seeing Elmo with this wide-eyed, horror struck expression is so uncanny its bound to give you the shivers.


4. Mr. Smile

Mr. Smile Skin For Minecraft

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If you’ve been on the scary side of the internet for some time, you’ve probably at least come upon a creepypasta.

These horror short stories meant to act as factual stories have birthed many urban legends like the Slenderman, the inspiration for Enderman, and this lovely character, Mr. Smile.


5. Shadow Herobrine

Shadow Herobrine Minecraft Skin

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As if the jumpscaring legend that is Herobrine wasn’t scary enough, this shadow Herobrine is creepier and even harder to see.

I can’t imagine a worse fright than digging deep underground and turning a corner to face this evil version of Steve.


6. Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head Skin For Minecraft

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It blows my mind that this Pyramid Head skin is from way back in 2012.

The level of quality on this skin holds up considering how good it looks but also how scary it is just to look at.


7. Muriel

Muriel (Courage the Cowardly Dog) Minecraft Skin

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While you may not recognize her at first glance, Muriel Bagge is the old lady from the show Courage the Cowardly Dog.

And she has to be up there for the creepiest characters I’ve ever seen.

Courage terrified the mess out of a whole generation of kids, and just one glance at this old lady sends chills down my spine purely by association.


8. Ghostface

Ghostface Skin For Minecraft

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Scream (1994) has to be one of the most iconic horror movies of all time, in no small part because of how scary and scarily attainable the Ghostface killer costume is.


9. The Old Moldy Doll

The Old Moldy Doll Minecraft Skin

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There’s little I like more than when creators make original content and give them cool backstories.

I would highly recommend reading through wldscarlet’s Old Moldy Doll story in the skin description to learn more about this creepy monster in the closet.


10. Half Creeper, Half Herobrine

Half Creeper, Half Herobrine Skin For Minecraft

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If you were around in 2011, this skin was literally your worst nightmare in Minecraft.

Even today, I can’t think of many things I’d want to run into less than a creeper/Herobrine combo.


11. Nosferatu

Nosferatu Minecraft Skin

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This skin isn’t the scariest on this list, but creator Nighthearted made such a flawless Count Orlok that I felt like it would be a sin to not put this on a list of scary figures.


12. Scarecrow

Scarecrow Skin For Minecraft

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I can’t tell if it’s because of the oversized mouth, the strange proportions, or the uncanniness of the scarecrow itself, but there’s something about this skin that makes your skin crawl just looking at it.

I love it.


13. Animatronic Steve

Animatronic Steve Minecraft Skin

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Steve put together in the same fashion as the FNAF animatronics, falling apart and inorganic, has got to be up there with the most nightmare-fueling things I’ve seen today.


14. SCP

SCP Skin For Minecraft

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The SCP games are one of my favorite horror series of all time, and the point of those games is practically to show off weird ideas for creepy monsters like this one, specimen 096.


15. TLOU Clicker

TLOU Clicker Minecraft Skin

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The Last of Us has to be one of my favorite games of all time, and I’m willing to say there aren’t scarier default enemies in a game than these blind, fungal-growing clickers.


16. Scary Patrick

Scary Patrick Skin For Minecraft

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Children’s characters turned into creepypasta versions of themselves = utterly terrifying.

Although if you want some happier SpongeBob-style skins then we have a list for those too.


17. Joker

Joker Minecraft Skin

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This skin is probably the easiest to look at on this list, but that doesn’t make the Joker, or clowns in general, any less scary.


18. Amnesia

Amnesia Skin For Minecraft

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Though the games are fairly old now, there’s a reason that Pewdiepie got his following from screaming at the top of his lungs while playing Amnesia.


19. Stephen

Stephen (Scary Steve) Minecraft Skin

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Looking at this nightmare version of Steve is so frightening it makes my teeth hurt.

This must be up there for the scariest Minecraft skin that’s been released.


20. Chucky

Chucky Skin For Minecraft

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And let’s wrap up with a classic.

Being right up there in the charts of “most horrifying stuff”, right next to clowns, I don’t think anything is quite as frightening as dolls.

Chucky, from the Child’s Play series, is a cult favorite figure. But especially when I was young, there wasn’t anything worse in my brain than a haunted doll.

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