Best Minecraft Scientist Skins To Download (Guys + Girls)

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While studying physics and chemistry isn’t for everybody, you have to admit: the lab coat look, complete with bubbling test tubes and buzzing computers, is great.

And no matter how much you try to deny it, you know you want to achieve that aesthetic.

So what are you waiting for?

Craft yourself a brewing table, get some nether warts growing, and take a look at this highly-curated list of some awesome scientist skins ready to join your next Minecraft session.


1. Professor Oak

Professor Oak From Pokemon / Minecraft Skin

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When it comes to icons in lab coats, the top spot arguably belongs to the first, the greatest, and certainly the finest Pokémon professor out there.

Professor Oak has been educating the likes of Ash, Gary, and whole generations of youths (myself included) for over twenty years now.

Creator Michiru somehow managed to imbue this skin with all the steadfast and stalwart charisma Professor Oak has been emanating since 1996.

And now you can harness that power and begin your own Pokémon laboratory.

Or, pigs, whatever animals you have on hand.


2. Bearded Scientist

Male Bearded & Bald Scientist / Minecraft Skin

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In my professional and incredibly well-researched opinion, not enough scientists have big, bushy beards.

That’s what creator Shiro nails with his custom skin here.

Not only does he have the formal white-lab coat attire we’ve come to expect, but he also has a burly grey beard.

The skin exudes confidence and authority. It just gets everything right.

It’d be the perfect addition to your server’s modern city, or to your friend’s latest Realm.


3. The Scientist (Girl)

Girl Scientist with Goggles / Minecraft Skin

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What can only be dubbed as “The Scientist,” this skin is the epitome of the evil scientist character.

With glasses pushed up above her eyes, and a white lab coat flowing about her, this captures the essence of the likes of Dr. Octavia from Into the Spiderverse.

How can you tell she’s evil, you ask?

That’s easy.

You can tell she’s evil by her one faded-out eye.

While we’ll never know how she came to lose that eye, it can’t be denied that it adds a ton to the evil science aesthetic.


4. Rick Sanchez (Rick & Morty)

Rick Sanchez from Rick & Morty / Minecraft Skin

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In popular media, there’s no scientist figure as beloved or despised as Rick Sanchez.

And in this skin you get the “Rick” in Rick and Morty, clad in his classic white coat and blue shirt.

He’s setting off on ill-advised adventures, and now you can too!

This skin nails Rick’s fine details too, including wild poof to his hair, a bald spot, and the ever-so-important dribble of spit on his chin.


5. Stalker Scientist

STALKER Video Game Scientist Character / Minecraft Skin

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Taken from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series of FPS games, this Stalker Scientist skin brings all the edge you could hope for into Minecraft.

Gone is the white lab coat and loose pen. There’s no time for a trivial pencil-pushing outfit like that in the radiation-filled world of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

No, instead here you’ll get a scientist in an orange and black head-to-toe radiation suit, fully equipped with a futuristic helmet behind stained glass.

This has all the coolness of a scientist, without any of the boring work.


6. Winston (Overwatch)

Winston from Overwatch / Minecraft Skin

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I know what you’re thinking, and you better not say it.

For the last time, he’s not a monkey. He’s a scientist.

And now, he’s a Minecraft skin waiting for you to download him.

You can get all the gorilla goodness of your favorite Overwatch scientist with Fireburrito5651’s Winston skin.

And I mean all the goodness.

There’s no detail left out here. From his intricate and awesome white suit, to the orange helmet, to Winston’s too-small reading glasses.

It’s all here.


7. Ice-Blue Scientist

Ice-Blue Long Hair Scientist / Minecraft Skin

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Imagine taking all the cool crispy blue colors of Rick’s skin, but ridding it of all traces of pop culture & edgy nonsense.

Now stop imagining, and take a gander at NiceGFX’s scientist skin.

Between the pristine scientist outfit and the gorgeous ice-blue hair, I’m not sure I could ask for anything more from a scientist design.

All that’s left to do is build yourself a pixelated laboratory and get to work!


8. SCP Scientist

SCP Scientist / Minecraft Skin

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At first glance, this skin seems unassuming.

It’s a plain, prototypical example of a scientist: lab coat, tie, and all the trimmings.

But on the coat’s back sits a curious logo.

The logo of the mysterious SCP Foundation.

The purpose of the organization is to track down, capture, and contain creatures that we’d consider paranormal or unexplainable.

This organization is fictional.

But the fact that this skin exists, and that you and those like you could be wearing it in your Minecraft servers, begs the question:

What else is out there? What hidden alien or Herobrine secrets does your Realm contain? I don’t know.

That’s for you to discover.


9. Corrupt Scientist Eve

Corrupted Female Scientist / Minecraft Skin

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Here marks a rare double-entry into this skin list:

While my pick for #3 above depicts the ultimate form of a cartoon’s evil scientist, this entry shows what that character looks like after her experiments have gone horribly wrong.

Her eyes have changed to blood red as a pitch-black corruption has begun spreading over the right side of her body.

As I mentioned above, who knows what these skins’ backstories are.

But you’ve got to admire all the cool in-depth details for these evil scientist designs.


10. Rainbow Factory

Girl Scientist with Rainbow Hair / Minecraft Skin

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One thing the classic scientist design has always been missing is a pop of color.

Skin creator dreamCritting agrees, and thusly fashioned this truly unique girl scientist design.

With sparkling blue wings, rainbow-dyed hair, and so much detail that she looks three-dimensional, this skin just has to be included – at least on uniqueness alone.

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