The Best Minecraft Shield Mods & Modpacks

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They say that the best defense is a good offense.

But I say the best defense is a great big piece of wood and metal attached to my arm.

That’s why we’ve collected some of the best shield mods, all available now for Minecraft & easy to install.

Take a look!


6. Better Shields

Better Shields Minecraft mod preview

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Better Shields is a small vanilla-friendly mod which expands the range of available shields to include iron, gold, diamond, and netherite versions.

This gives shields the same level of upgradability as other weapons and armor in the game.

Other mods may try and completely overhaul Minecraft’s entire shield system, but for the Minecraft purist who simply wants to have multiple tiers of shields to complement their diamond armor and sword, Better Shields is the perfect mod.


5. Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2

Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2 MC mod

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This one’s an older mod, but it makes it to the list by being a lot of fun.

Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2 introduces a number of combat enhancements to the game, including shield changes.

This includes the addition of a new stamina bar system when using shields, which prevents you from shielding indefinitely & forcing you to constantly be planning your next move.

Plus this mod adds a shield bash move that lets you knock your enemies back, at the cost of briefly being rendered more vulnerable.

Plus, any arrows that hit your shield will also stay stuck to it – and can be extracted later to be used against your foes in battle.

Other improvements include the introduction of a quiver, which lets you stack four times as many arrows per slot as without one, and the ability to duel-wield melee weapons.

New weapons include maces, spears, daggers and the mighty war-axe.

So yeah, there’s a lot to go around.


4. More Shields Mod

More Shields Mod for Minecraft

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The More Shields Mod is another vanilla-friendly choice to try out, which expands the range of shields available to include higher-tiers of shield including iron, gold, diamond and netherite…

Wait, didn’t we see this earlier.

Well kinda.

Where “Better Shields” sticks with one type of shield per material, this More Shields Mod goes one step further: by offering both a standard shield type (in which the material lines the edges) and the more glossy plated equivalent, where the shield is entirely covered by the material of your choice.

The More Shields Mod offers a good balance between offering a recognizable Minecraft experience, while still giving you a few choices about how you want your shields to look.


3. Apple Shields Mod

Apple Shields Mod screenshot

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This mod makes it to our list by virtue of the simple fact that it’s pretty strange.

Apple Shields, as the name suggests, lets you craft shields with configurable durability and auto-repairing… which are shaped like apples.

The shields on offer include the Red Apple Shield, the Golden Apple Shield, or the Enchanted Golden Apple Shield – all of which look like oversized versions of their standard equivalents.

Not to mention you also get the Apple Pie Shield, a giant apple pie (if you hadn’t guessed), and the Apple iShield… yeah, it’s an enormous piece of product placement in the form of a white Apple logo.


2. Spartan Shields

Spartan Shields mod for Minecraft

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Say goodbye to your standard single-tier Minecraft shield.

Because Spartan Shields gives shields the ability to be crafted from wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond, and obsidian.

This means you can now upgrade your shield over time in the same way you would any other weapon, tool, or piece of armor.

Shields also now come in two varieties:

The tower shield, a larger variant similar in size to a standard Minecraft shield, and a smaller regular-sized shield more akin to a buckler.

This mod also implements a new shield-bashing mechanic, which can be used to attack enemies with your shield, as well as offering integration with other mods such as Botania, Abyssalcraft, and Thaumcraft.


1. Mjolnir + Captain America’s Shield

Mjolnir + Captain America's Shield Minecraft mod

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Ever watched a Marvel movie and wished that you could be like your favorite heroes?

Well, so long as your favorite hero is either Captain America or Thor, this data pack will be right up your alley.

In this mod, Captain America’s shield is a versatile weapon.

Held in the left hand, it can be used as a regular shield, with the added bonus of being able to repel enemies, deflect enemy projectiles, and even block creeper explosions from harming you – all while simultaneously amplifying the explosive effects for all enemies around you.

In the right hand, the shield can be used to hit nearby enemies.

Or it can be used as a reusable projectile, which has a chance of ricocheting off a second enemy before returning to your hand.

However, if you instead choose to wield Mjolnir, you’ll also gain some impressive abilities there.

Which ones?

Well, the ability to summon lightning to destroy swarms of enemy mobs, summon a hurricane to launch your enemies into the air, and you can even use it to launch yourself over huge distances.

Also, it can be used as a regular hammer. Which is pretty great too.

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