The Best Shrek Skins For Minecraft (All Free)

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If no one’s going to come out and say it, then I will.

Shrek is one of the best animated films of all time.

Between its widespread Internet meme-dom and the cascade of sequels it produces, Shrek is often thought of jokingly or irreverently. I say, we must do this no longer.

The cultural impact Shrek has had really can’t be understated. The original is a masterpiece of animation. It spawned a whole generation of Dreamworks series and films.

And if you want to bring some of that into your game, I’ll be sharing some of the best Minecraft skins to prove why Shrek should be (and is) among the greatest movies of all time.


1. Original Shrek

Original Shrek Skin For Minecraft

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I’m well aware that my increasing praise for Shrek might be a hard sell, especially in the realm of Minecraft, but hear me out.

This Shrek skin by creator floffypus is among the most viewed and downloaded on PlanetMinecraft – in no small part due to the fact it was made way back in 2012.

Look at the detail to the outfit and the surprising accuracy to Shrek’s face given from way back before Minecraft even had an official release.

If this is where our list of Shrek skins starts out, you know it’ll be exciting where they’re headed.


2. Infinity Shrek

Infinity Shrek Minecraft Skin

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And so it begins.

Shrek lies deep within the Internet meme culture. And oftentimes, many memes tend to merge, fuse, and become something new.

Everyone is familiar with the infamous Thanos snap from Infinity War. Everyone is familiar with Shrek.

Of course it makes sense to combine the two.

The first time I saw this skin, I laughed out loud. As I’m writing this, I laughed out loud again. I think that’s enough said.


3. Business Shrek

Business Shrek Skin For Minecraft

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Despite his appearance and regular demeanor, Shrek is not just some smelly ogre who resides in the swamp.

Shrek can be an apt businessman when he needs to be.

The aptly named GamerBoiShrek created this Business Shrek skin. And I must say, it’s astoundingly clean.

The business suit and the tie somehow mesh perfectly with Shrek’s rotund, ogre face, to make a skin that’s both hilarious and quite serious at the same time.


4. Detailed Shrek

Detailed Shrek Minecraft Skin

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I know that some of you reading this have been perturbed by the lack of detail on the Shrek skins, how the skins have been out of proportion, or didn’t get Shrek’s energy right.

Well, for those of you looking for a skin with a keen eye for detail, creator Grimdark’s Shrek design is here to help.

Grimdark somehow managed to create highlights on the skin that give it a round, fatter appearance and places a lovely emphasis on Shrek’s angry, distorted face.

On a side note, I love Shrek’s pants in this skin.


5. Flawless Shrek Suit

Flawless Shrek Suit Skin For Minecraft

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I’m not even sure what I’m looking at with this design.

Minecraft onesie skins are quite popular, wherein a base model like Steve will be wearing a full-body onesie like a giraffe or shark pajama.

But this is a girl wearing a perfect Shrek onesie – where the hood is Shrek appearing to consume the girl’s head.

It’s terrifying.

It’s hilarious.

It’s Shrek.


6. Princess Fiona (Human)

Princess Fiona (Human) Minecraft Skin

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We can giggle while looking at Shrek skins all day, but Shrek the movie has a treasure trove of characters that deserve some love here too.

I understand that Shrek is an animated film, so it makes sense that its characters would translate well to Minecraft.

But I’m still shocked at how good this Princes Fiona skin is.

Creator HeroineIncognito knocked this human Fiona out of the park. This design looks exactly like Fiona does in the movie. It’s so close it almost freaks me out.

I could not sing higher praises for this skin.


7. Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots (Shrek) Skin For Minecraft

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Here’s another testament to the popularity and impact of Shrek.

Puss, a side character in Shrek’s second movie, became so popular that he received his own spinoff film.

It’s easy to see why, since the big-eyed swashbuckler was equal parts cute and charismatic.

This skin of Puss made by creator Deenergy is an amazing recreation. The detail on the fur is incredible and miraculously faithful.

I can’t wait to see how hilarious a full human-sized Puss in Boots looks in game.


8. Princess Fiona – Ogre

Princess Fiona Ogre Form / Minecraft Skin

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Princess Fiona’s beautiful arc would not be complete without her Ogre form. And just like the human skin above, this looks incredible.

Creator LawrenceExeter made this one. And somehow, it manages to be faithful to the films as well – and it’s so clean it’s ridiculous.

How does Fiona look so good as a Minecraft skin? I don’t think I’ll ever know the answer.

But that doesn’t matter so much since I can just play as her.


9. Shrek Pepe

Shrek Pepe Skin For Minecraft

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You’d forgotten about Pepe the frog, hadn’t you?

Like I said before, the memes are deep within the Shrek fan base.

And what comes out of those Internet rabbit holes are funny, terrifying things – like this skin by creator Old Potato Logic.

The detailing on the skin is actually really good, but it’s easy to miss the way the vest and pants look when you’re stuck on the giant Pepe the Frog eyes atop Shrek’s body.


10. Lord Farquaad

Lord Farquaad from Shrek / Minecraft Skin

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Never in a million years did I think I would so thoroughly enjoy Lord Farquaad.

But this skin is so amazing that it’s blown my mind.

Creator Septembr has managed to capture all the arrogance and humor of Lord Farquaad, and place it all within a Minecraft skin that I have to say is charming.

This skin is so well-done.

It’s impossible to say anything but “you have to give it a download.”

Wear this skin into your next Realm, and it’s a guarantee you’ll be the talk of the town.


11. Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man from Shrek / Skin For Minecraft

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Oh Gingy.

Your character is as tragic as you are hilarious.

Creator Daft-Vader is keeping the streak of miraculously good Shrek character skins alive with their depiction of the Gingerbread Man (do you know him).

I’ve seen plenty of gingerbread men skins before in the context of Christmas skins. But somehow this skin, when done to emulate Gingy in Shrek, totally blows all the other ones out of the water.

I love how the facial features stick outwards from the rest of the skin, like they’re icing that’s been added to the cookie.

It’s genuinely impressive to see the detail put into this.


12. Cool Shrek

Cool Shrek with Sunglasses / Minecraft Skin

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I wish I had better taste. But I love what I love.

And let me say that I love when a normal skin stays the exact same, but just adds sunglasses on top of it.

This Shrek outfit design is much like all the other ones we’ve seen above. But somehow, with the addition of some sick shades, Shrek is now infinitely cooler.

I love it.


13. Templar Shrek

Templar Shrek (Medieval Design) Minecraft Skin

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I don’t know if the Templars were something I ever envisioned Shrek to have a crossover with, but I can’t say I’m mad at it either.

Creator sab2003’s Templar Shrek actually has some of the best medieval armor on a Minecraft skin that I’ve seen.

The royal blue hues of the Templar robe alongside the chainmail look incredible. Especially in the hooded bit.

This is an impressive piece of work.


14. Maid Shrek

Shrek Wearing French Maid Outfit / Minecraft Skin

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You know, I don’t even know why I’m surprised any more.

Just as I was talking about not envisioning any Shrek crossovers, the universe drops a French Maid Shrek skin in my lap.

Credit where credit is due: creator kusarichan made one heck of a Shrek-as-a-Maid skin.

It looks incredible from the socks to the frills to the headband.

The only thing throwing me for a loop is the fact that the skin is Shrek.


15. Mask on Shrek

Mask on Shrek / Minecraft Skin

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Despite the overall levels of gross in his swampy abode, even Shrek cares about cleanliness to some degree.

Creator AlarmClockSwitch’s Shrek skin is taking some extra precautions for his health and well-being by donning a mask and gloves.

And to be honest, he looks real good doing it.

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