20 Skater-style Skins for Minecraft (Boys + Girls)

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Skater culture feels so large it’s hard to imagine that it’s only been around since about the 90s. Skateboards as we know them today didn’t even exist until the 70s when polyurethane wheels started being produced.

Nowadays, skater culture has blown up from the niche that it once was in the 90s. Everything about it from the attitude to the fashion has infiltrated the mainstream, including Minecraft.

I, for one, am here for it.

If you are too and want to find some of the most rad skateboarding skins out there, look no further.


1. SkatE-girl

SkatE-girl Skin For Minecraft

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E-boys and e-girls have been co-opting skater fashion trends for a long time now, and I kind of dig it.

Creator Giovanka’s skater e-girl is over the top and too edgy, but it all works together to make a sick skater skin.


2. Skater E-boy

Skater E-boy Minecraft Skin

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The skater style, especially when meshed with e-boy fashion, doesn’t need to rely on checker print or popping colors.

There’s nothing wrong with pulling off the skater vibes while also leaning into some emocore.


3. Red Sleeves (Boy)

Red Sleeves (Boy) Skin For Minecraft

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I love that creator Giovanka made a boy twin for the first skin with the red, checkered sleeves.

The hat and the layered long sleeves somehow scream skater to the point where I feel like this person would be too cool for me to approach.


4. Night Mode

Night Mode Minecraft Skin

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The chain, the loose belt, and the cargos make for a classic skater look, but this skin sticks out because creator pinkh doused it with a dark shader.

The result is that this skin looks like it’s on night mode, ready to skate down empty city streets with street lights on.


5. Grunge Skater

Grunge Skater Skin For Minecraft

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Another huge trend that’s been co-opted by the skater stylings of today is grunge fashion from the 90s.

This Cobain-inspired look with oversized everything and a striped jumper is peak grunge, and I’m all about it.


6. Checkered Sleeves Outfit

Checkered Sleeves Outfit Minecraft Skin

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Creator Hoppity_Hip’s skin with heavily checkered sleeves and high-waist jeans is a much more modern take on the skater look but equally as valid.


7. Masked n’ Edgy (Boy)

Masked n’ Edgy (Boy) Skin For Minecraft

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This skin by creator poqqy really puts the E (as in emo) in this e-boy skater skin.

This one is edgy to the core and so dark it’s difficult to even see. I’m a little embarrassed to say how much I like it.


8. Rosy (Boy)

Rosy (Boy) Minecraft Skin

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This skater skin stands out because it doesn’t wash or darken itself to add edge.

Creator Blume softened the skin and gave it a rosy hue all over, making this the most approachable and pleasant skater skin I’ve ever seen.


9. One Eye Bangs

One Eye Bangs Skin For Minecraft

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Just to give an idea of how long the skater-style skins have been around, here’s a great example from 2014 that was taking late 2000s stylings into play.

Do you remember the one-eye fringe look? Pepperidge Farm remembers.


10. Langa

Langa Minecraft Skin

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Sk8 the Infinity is a great anime, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen.

Langa’s style is unlike much of the skater stylings just like this skin by creator Juggie is unlike many of the others we’ve seen.


11. Anime Skater Girl

Anime Skater Girl Skin For Minecraft

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It’s so cool to see different art and skin styles within the umbrella “skater” term.

The anime stylings and over saturation in this skin are totally unique to the e-boy/girl designs but still distinctly skater.


12. Skater Duck

Skater Duck Minecraft Skin

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If you don’t love Skater Duck, I don’t think we can be friends.

It’s a duck who just wants to do some skateboarding.


13. Tomboy Skater

Tomboy Skater Skin For Minecraft

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Are tomboys still a trope these days?

I remember the 2000s was littered with tomboy characters who all looked like this and who all skateboarded. And I mean, all of them. It was a prerequisite rule for tomboys to be able to skate.


14. Graphic Tee (Boy)

Graphic Tee (Boy) Minecraft Skin

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Probably because of the fashion and culture that Thrasher magazine introduced, graphic tees and sweaters are super skater.


15. Middle Part Hair

Middle Part Hair Skin For Minecraft

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Creator brzyy gets it with their modern skater with a middle part skin.

I’m not mad at the resurgence of the 90s middle part, and I’m not mad at this skin either.


16. 2000s Skater (Boy)

2000s Skater (Boy) Minecraft Skin

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As much as I prefer the modern renditions of skater style, I have to credit the skater styles of different eras, including this one from my youth.

The bandana, the wallet chains, and the hoodie: those hit home for me.


17. Cargo Pants (Girl)

Cargo Pants (Girl) Skin For Minecraft

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How is it that cargo pants have made such a strong resurgence?

They used to be the pinnacle of uncool, but every time I see them now, I can’t help but think they look totally rad.


18. Beanie Skater (Boy)

Beanie Skater (Boy) Minecraft Skin

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Creator keelss’ skater skin hits the e-boy angle hard from the earrings down to the chest bag. No matter how much I may try to disagree with it, I have to admit this skin and this style is just too darn cool.


19. Kick Buttowski

Kick Buttowski Skin For Minecraft

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Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil is a deep cut from Disney XD around 2010. The show was about a kid daredevil and is super underrated to this day.

I’m glad to see both Disney XD and daredevil representation among the skater skins in Minecraft.


20. White Hair Skater Girl

White Hair Skater Girl Minecraft Skin

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It’s frustrating how good the dyed hair and ripped jeans look on these skins.

Creator yazmyn here pulls off the most centralized of the skater styles we’ve seen on this list. Despite its edginess, all of it works so well together that it just makes sense.

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