The Best Minecraft Skins With Glasses (Boys + Girls)

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Once upon a time, I fretted getting glasses.

I was afraid that schoolmates, peers, and strangers alike would ridicule my face for being covered by two pieces of harnessed glass connected by a thin frame.

After getting glasses, I realized that not only did no one make fun of me, but glasses look great.

Sunglasses and glasses sans sun have both form and function.

Now after many years of glasses-loving, I’ve taken it upon myself to bring this style of spectacles into my favorite pixelated world, with a whole bunch of customized character skins.


1. Sweater Girl

Striped Sweater Girl With Glasses / Minecraft Skin

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Lots of skins can be outlandish and over-the-top, and sometimes you just want a skin that looks plain good.

This sweater-clad girl by creator Mewko_ is exactly that.

The skin boasts a design with ripped jeans, long trendy hair, and some stylish frames to top of the look. Oh, and of course, the long-sleeved striped sweater finishes what is a demonstrably cool outfit.

In the immortal words of one Mr. SquarePants: “the best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time”.


2. FBI Agent

FBI Agent with Sunglasses / Minecraft Skin

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Approaching the other end of the glasses spectrum, here we have an FBI agent in full FBI apparel.

He has side-swept hair, a navy jacket embroidered with “FBI” on the back, and the mandatory pair of all-black sunglasses.

They must be government issued, right?

Maybe you can put together a squad of crime scene investigators with your friends wearing this skin, or simply walk through your survival world knowing the harsh rays of that square sun won’t be hurting your eyes.

Just know, those shades are looking great.


3. Street Fashion Girl

70s Style Street Fashion Girl / Minecraft Skin

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If you’re looking for a skin with a fit to make the rest of your Realms jealous, look no further.

Walk into your server in a pitch-black long sleeve shirt with yellow cargo pants, and some 90’s retro tinted glasses.

Between the outfit, the hair, and the glasses, you’re guaranteed to be feeling great. Whether you’re looking to build your next base or dive into PvP.


4. Nerd (Male)

Classic Nerd with Glasses (Guy) / Minecraft Skin

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When it comes to glasses-wearing figures, the stereotype is always a nerd boy.

So if you’re looking to rock the nerd aesthetic, creator Snowball4u1 has you covered.

This nerd skin has the complete look: from the short-sleeve white button-down, to the pen inside a pocket protector, to the all-important thick glasses that make this guy’s eyes look huge.

While the pen may be mightier than the sword, that doesn’t mean this skin can’t dive into the End, diamond sword in hand.

It simply means they’d rather write a report on the End.


5. Cool Melon

Watermelon Man with 3-D Glasses / Minecraft Skin

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For years, the pinnacle of cool was thought to be sunglasses: symmetric, opaque, and downright slick.

However, creator Kefka has blown that idea out of the water by placing red and blue 3D glasses on… a melon.

This skin’s grinning melon rocks a pair of movie-going glasses, and a shirt adorned with a slice of fresh watermelon.

Just when I thought I knew what cool was, this melon comes in and throws the rulebook out the window.

And he did it while looking great.


6. Grunkle Stanley Pines

Grunkle Stanley Pines from Gravity Falls / Minecraft Skin

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I’d be willing to fight anyone that say Gravy Falls isn’t a fantastic show. And with this Grunkle Stan skin by Dutch_Emperor, I can!

I wouldn’t actually fight anyone. But that’s because I’d be too busy enjoying playing as Stan to cover this skin with any armor, much less swing a sword or raise a shield.

With this installed, you can capture all the curmudgeon hilarity of Grunkle Stan, along with his giant eyes behind thick glasses with this skin.

And this is just one of many awesome Gravity Falls skins that we’ve covered.

If you can get two friends onto your Realms to be Dipper and Mabel, you’ll have the whole GF squad complete.


7. Steampunk Adventurer

Steampunk Adventure Girl with Goggles on head / Minecraft Skin

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I feel like the Steampunk genre doesn’t get as much love as it deserves these days. So I’m glad that skin creator Mcholypotato put love into this custom adventurer design.

With goggles atop her blond-haired head, this skin fashions all of the grimy Victorian aesthetics of the Steampunk genre into pixelated perfection.

And if you really want more steampunk skin ideas, we’ve got you covered.


8. Squirtle

Squirtle Squad with Sunglasses from Pokemon / Minecraft Skin

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I’m so glad this skin exists.

When I think of glasses, if I don’t think of my own.

My brain immediately goes to cool Squirtle from the Squirtle Squad, with his sleek sharp-edged sunglasses.

Between the sheer swagger dripping from this skin, and the adorable Squirtle design (curly tail included), I can’t recommend this enough.

And for an added bonus: I can’t even imagine how cool this shades-wearing Squirtle would look in full diamond armor.


9. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga with cool sunglasses / Minecraft Skin

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When it comes to glasses-wearing icons, I’m not sure anyone can beat Lady Gaga.

This skin from her early era depicts the pop star with platinum blonde hair, and giant visor-like sunglasses.

Over the years, Gaga has had dozens of looks – and rocked them all.

But this may be her most iconic.

Even rendered into blocky textures, she still looks incredible.

And with this skin, you can too.


10. Greasy Mechanic (Female)

Colorful Greasy Mechanic Character / Minecraft Skin

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While Minecraft is a 3D game, everything is designed to have a 2D affect in mind.

All the textures are blocky and meant to be rendered flat.

I think that’s why I’m so impressed by creator Michiru’s mechanic skin.

I don’t know if I’ve seen a Minecraft skin that can appear so distinctly three-dimensional.

The detailing on this skin is immaculate, from the bionic arm to the sweater tied around her waist, to the mechanic’s goggles pushed above her eyes.

When it comes to customized and unique skin ideas, this is the cream of the crop.

And on top of that, this character makes goggles look cooler than they ever have before.

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