Best Minecraft Skins with Horns (Boys + Girls)

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Ever since we were children, we were always taught to fear the devil.

It was so ingrained in us that adding horns to characters became a sure-fire way of letting us know who the villain is.

Of course, there are horned characters like Sully and Mike from Monsters Inc. that are actually good guys, but let’s not forget the likes of Malificent, Darth Maul, and Hela from Thor: Ragnarok.

Along the way, though, horns became a positive symbol of rebellion and freedom. For proof, look no further than the universal hand sign that rock and metal fans throw up every chance they get.

However you feel about horns, you can’t deny that Minecraft players know how to use them to make excellent skins.


1. Basic Devil

Basic Devil Skin (with horns) For Minecraft

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If you’ve lived long enough, you’d know that a person wearing a suit has more devil-like qualities than someone dressed in rags.

Our collective consciousness of the devil as more of a power-hungry businessman than a red-skinned imp was also cemented in pop culture by shows like Reaper and movies like The Devil’s Advocate.

Having said that, this skin by Entity0815Skins may be the most accurate depiction of the devil himself in this list.


2. Demon with Horns

Demon with Horns Minecraft Skin

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Despite how cool the whole devil-in-a-suit-thing is, nothing beats the classic form of a demon.

I’m talking about that red skin all over with the small horns and the pointed tail. It’s probably the first image that pops into anyone’s head when they hear the word “demon”.

Partyface1 did a fantastic job translating this look into Minecraft with this skin. Now all it needs is a pitchfork!


3. Red Demon Lady

Red Demon Lady Skin For Minecraft

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It looks like it gets cold in hell too because this Red Demon Lady skin seems to like cozy hoodies.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but the way her hoodie’s drawstrings and pockets look like a screaming face is a very nice touch.

It’s like the face of the last soul she damned got imprinted onto the front of her hoodie for all to see.


4. Angelic Demon

Angelic Demon Minecraft Skin

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Some people are pure angels, and some are filthy devils.

Most of us, though, have a bit of both.

I don’t mean in a literal sense, obviously, but in a figurative way. We have the capacity to do both good and evil. It’s just a part of being human.

But I’m guessing none of us looks as cool as this Angelic Demon skin by Zrose90.


5. The Cute Devil

The Cute Devil Skin For Minecraft

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“Cute” and “Devil” are two words that shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath unless we’re talking about Jack-Jack Parr from The Incredibles.

However, that didn’t stop SunsetFireWolf from creating this brilliant skin.

This devil girl seems cute in a way that you’d maybe want to go out with her, but maybe only for one date because I wouldn’t want Satan as my father-in-law.

Nope, not even those blushing cheeks are worth an eternity of damnation.


6. Deceivingly Sweet Horned Devil

Deceivingly Sweet Horned Devil Minecraft Skin

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I’m sorry, SugaryDiamond55, but this demon isn’t deceiving anyone.

Sure, she’s got pink hair and an awesome fit, but she reminds me too much of Ai Enma from Jigoku Shoujo.

I’d maybe ask about the products she used to dye her hair, then get the hell out of there.


7. Rainbow Devil Girl

Rainbow Devil Girl Skin For Minecraft

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I’d be more willing to convince myself into believing that this devil girl is sweet mainly because she looks like a snack.

I don’t mean she looks attractive, I mean she looks like a literal piece of candy.

With neon rainbow-colored hair and a very Riddler-esque outfit, she’d fit right at home in either a super villain’s lair or an underground rave.


8. Demon Knight

Demon Knight Minecraft Skin

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Even though it looks like a Lego figure I would have loved as a child, I would really hate meeting this Demon Knight skin by DeadEndTheUnicat in person.

Dressed in a heavy suit of armor with blazing red eyes, this knight would crush me using his stare alone.

Become the Underworld’s fiercest soldier with this skin!


9. Demon Boy with Gold Horns

Demon Boy with Gold Horns Skin For Minecraft

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If a demon somehow became a world-famous rapper, he would probably look like this skin by LordRassilon.

Decked out in a white long-sleeve, jeans, skate shoes, and gold horns, you could easily picture him spitting rhymes about codeine in a Lyrical Lemonade music video.

Just don’t show this to Lil Uzi Vert. We don’t want to give him any more bad jewelry-related ideas.


10. Turquoise Twilight

Turquoise Twilight Minecraft Skin

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Turquoise is usually a color associated with peaceful thoughts and calm emotions.

For better or for worse, Dviiii just changed that completely with this Turquoise Twilight skin.

The color of her skin may remind you of calm waters and idyllic days at the beach, but her eyes mean business.

And by business, I mean death and destruction.


11. Soul Fire Girl

Soul Fire Girl Skin For Minecraft

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Soul fire is very helpful for repelling Piglins in the Nether. Apparently, the blue-colored flame makes for great hair dye as well.

Shikova5499 contrasts the luminous blue hair of this skin with a spare black dress, which tells us that this skin probably listens to a lot of goth and post-punk.

Either that, or she’s a metalhead and Spiritbox is her jam.


12. Horns with Pink Hoodie

Horns with Pink Hoodie Minecraft Skin

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Years ago, men who wore pink got clowned a lot because pink is widely considered to be a feminine color.

Fortunately, the world has become far less ignorant since then, so much so that even demons can wear pink.

Look like the most blooming hellion with this skin by Gobbiio!


13. Rose Gold Demon

Rose Gold Demon Skin For Minecraft

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Back in 2016, Rose Gold was all the rage among millennials, reigning side-by-side with the so-called Millennial Pink.

That explains why this skin by Anthropophobia is colored head to toe with Rose Gold.

Zoomers may be taking over the world as we speak, but you simply can’t kill this trendy hue.


14. Sleep Paralysis Demon

Sleep Paralysis Demon Minecraft Skin

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Sleep paralysis demons come in many forms for different people.

I guess the one that Uglycrybaby sees looks like a back-up dancer in a Billie Eilish video.

I’m not trying to minimize their terror though, because even if this skin can dish out sick moves, I really don’t want to get a private concert from her in the middle of the night.


15. Emo Boy

Emo Boy Skin For Minecraft

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I remember when emo music started to get really popular in the mainstream.

My parents were worried sick because they thought I’d start cutting myself and putting on eyeliner.

The truth is, all I did was write bad poetry and lip-sync to My Chemical Romance in front of the mirror.

Grown-ups unfairly demonized this subgenre of alternative music, and it seems that Skelly1belly took that injustice to heart with this Emo Boy skin.


16. Red Horns E-Boy

Red Horns E-Boy Minecraft Skin

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Remember that Eboy that you thought was the love of your life but ended up cheating on you? Yeah, I dated one too, and it ended exactly the same way.

I swear, if the devil isn’t wearing a suit and stealing your hard-earned bucks, he’s breaking your heart and posting thirst traps on Tiktok.

Do your heart a favor and run the next time you meet a boy with a Yung Lean shirt and 90’s Leonardo DiCaprio hair. He is literally the devil.


17. Dragonborn

Dragonborn Skin For Minecraft

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More than a decade later, and we’re still talking about Skyrim. How could we not, though? It’s the best open-world game ever!

I don’t care if there are objectively bigger and better open-world games out there, because this fifth installment to The Elder Scrolls will forever be my favorite, with Minecraft being the second.

Now I can play both of my favorites (sort of) thanks to this skin by Troy2005.


18. Hellboy

Hellboy Minecraft Skin

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You can’t talk about horns without bringing up Hellboy!

Summoned by occultists in an effort to win World War II, he instead served the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (B.P.R.D) to fight all sorts of baddies, including the very same monsters who brought him to Earth.

He actually broke his horns off to reject his devilish nature, but that doesn’t stop him from being one of the most iconic horned characters ever.


19. Devil Jin

Devil Jin with horns / Skin For Minecraft

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I can never turn down an invitation to a Tekken battle – because I absolutely love the series more than any other fighting game.

But if I’m being honest, the reason why I started playing Tekken in the first place is because I had a huge crush on Jin Kazama.

His shirtless human self was already enough to keep my imagination going, but when he grew out those black wings and horns, I was done.

Sadly, I’ll never find a Jin Kazama in real life. But I can have one in Minecraft with this skin by creator GreenArrow66.


20. Loki

Loki Minecraft Skin

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What better way to end this list than the God of Mischief himself?

Loki has gone through so many ups and downs throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe that it’s almost impossible to predict his next move.

Now that the Loki series has an alternate version of him travelling across timelines, it looks like we’ll never see the end of Thor’s prodigal brother.

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