The Best Minecraft Skyrim Skins (All Free)

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Skyrim – a vast land of wonder, adventure, and many memorable NPCs.

And along with those NPCs, Minecraft skins of fan favorites will come along one way or another.

So grab a mug of mead and some seared slaughterfish while we got through some of the coolest Skyrim-inspired Minecraft skins on the Internet.

Fus Ro Dah!


1. M’aiq the Liar

M'aiq the Liar / Minecraft Skin

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Nobody can talk about Skyrim without mentioning the most infamous of all the NPCs in the game:


This Khajiit has seen and done it all, as have all his fathers before him in games beyond Skyrim.

And now you can adopt the mantle of M’aiq and set forth on a new adventure in Minecraft, just to add to his repertoire of feats and ventures.

This Khajiit skin is perfect for travelling around the world, gathering stories to tell to future adventurers, and to entrhall curious tavern patrons who are never certain if your words are truth.

But that shouldn’t matter, should it?


2. Vex

Vex from Skyrim / Minecraft Skin

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Among the Thieves’ Guild’s more iconic members, Vex is the master of lockpicks – and the best infiltrator across Skyrim.

This small blonde Imperial is full of attitude, spunk, and a tendency to flash her dagger at someone for making an inappropriate compliment toward her.

Adopting the visage of this spunky thief won’t grant you the same abilities over stealth and combat. But other players who recognize the face will know to stand clear as you walk by in a server.

Nobody messes with or replaces Vex – she’s among the best in the Guild, after all.


3. Daedric Armor

Daedric Armor Character / Minecraft Skin

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Being among the most prestigious and iconic of armor sets in the Elder Scrolls series, Daedric armor is the favorite for heavy armor warriors – and the bane of all others.

From combative integrity to artistic design, Daedric armor is something all Elder Scroll players aim to craft or collect.

And you can now wear that armor with pride across the lands of Minecraft while intimidating everyone you pass by.

And you don’t even have to collect all the components to make the thing first!

All the street cred and none of the effort. Worth it.


4. Cultist

Cultist Character from Skyrim / Minecraft Skin

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Among the DLCs of Skyrim, the most expansive in pure content was Dragonborn. This introduced a new region, new items, and new enemies in the form of a partly Daedric cult.

Miraak Cultists are mostly faceless with only brass masked of tentacled faces serving as their symbol for the master they serve.

Strong in magic but not much else, these guys became a common sight throughout the Dragonborn DLC.

And now you can join Miraak’s cult to go explore the world of Minecraft in the name of the First and True Dragonborn.


5. Whiterun Guard

Whiterun Guard from Skyrim / Minecraft Skin

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“Let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll?”

Whiterun guards are what they are. Skyrim players either love them or hate them, but they will always be around.

These memeable NPCs of Whiterun Hold are known to anyone even vaguely familiar with Skyrim, mostly due to the memes created around them.

These valiant soldiers patrol the lands of their hold with the duty to protect and serve.

And since you can don their uniform in Minecraft, you’re able to forge your own path – and then hopefully return home for some rest and a belly full of mead.


6. Stormcloak

Stormcloak from Skyrim / Minecraft Skin

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Being the great and loyal soldiers of the Stormcloak army, these blue-clad guards are most common in Windhelm.

They swear loyalty to Ulfric Stormcloak, wear the blue ensemble, and carry the mark of the bear with pride.

While a player might not wear this skin with equal pride due to the issues stemming from aligning with the Stormcloaks, it’s interesting to realize some people do agree with the ideals of the Stormcloaks.

Regardless of those views, this skin’s design compared to the models in the Elder Scrolls game itself is impressive enough to give it a try – at least once.


7. Dark Brotherhood Assassin

Dark Brotherhood Assassin Character / Minecraft Skin

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Sitting in the infamous assassin guild in Tamriel, the Dark Brotherhood is draped in mystery and lore.

Their agents are equally draped in mystery as well, while bearing the colors and style of their guild, donning tight leathers of black and red.

This iconic style makes the servants of the Night Mother – elusive yet memorable to the few that do see them, recognizing the colors but never the faces behind them.

To don this armor is to honor the Five tenants, revere Sithis, and serve the Night Mother and all who call to her for aid.

By blade and blood, the Dark Brotherhood thrives.


8. Cicero

Cicero from Skyrim / Minecraft Skin

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Following the attire of the guild members themselves, Cicero of the Dark Brotherhood is an iconic member with contrasting opinions among fans.

Some love him, and many loathe him, but that’s simply part of his charm.

Cicero is a childish yet sadistic man in jester attire, who speaks in the third person and is heavily loyal to the Night Mother.

This witty and dutiful fool can also be deadly to an enemy or companion, depending on your own choices.

And with this skin you can enjoy the madness of the most loyal assassin to the Dark Brotherhood, and go seek out your own Listener.


9. Aela the Huntress

Skyrim Aela the Huntress / Minecraft Skin

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Aela the Huntress is considered to be one of the most popular “Skyrim waifus”, and one of the few female members of the Companions.

She’s a fierce hunter and warrior, and also happens to be a werewolf too.

But most ignore that due to her personality and… revealing armor design.

Aela’s translation into a Minecraft skin is fairly accurate here, complete with her iconic war paint and brilliant armor.

Embrace Hircine’s moonlight and hunt for prey in the forests and plains, dolled up as this veteran hunter.

And remember – none can escape the tip of her arrow.

Take up arms in the name of the Companions!


10. Ebony Warrior

Ebony Warrior from Skyrim / Minecraft Skin

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Here we have the infamous Ebony Warrior of Skyrim, the NPC to prove a player has reached the pinnacle of strength in their game.

Only appearing after achieving level 80 in a single game file with the Dragonborn DLC, this character is feared and sought after equally as the Skyrim incarnation of Umbra.

Being able to defeat and don the armor of this hardened warrior is an honor.

But now anyone can embrace the prestige of this mighty warrior themselves – in Minecraft.

Wear the dark armor with pride and face your challenges head-on, whether PvE or PvP. Either way you’ve got nothing to fear if you’re wearing this skin.

To live as a miner is a fair dream, but to live as a warrior is an outstanding journey to undertake.

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